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Flower Arrangements & Gardens of Everland Resort

One thing that you shouldn't miss when visiting Everland Resort is the beautiful gardens and gorgeous flower arrangements within the park which have been year-round fixtures since 1985 for the Rose Festival.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 02
The Halloween Garden 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 06

The Four Seasons Garden of Everland is decorated and arranged with beautiful flowers based on European French garden style. Surrounded by Holland-style architecture, the gardens are the stage for four different kind of seasonal flower festivals; Tulip Festivals from March to April, Rose Festival from May to June, Lilies Festival from July to August and Chrysanthemums from September to October.

So, by the time we visited Everland in September, we were being indulged with allure of colourful chrysanthemums. Besides that, it is also celebration of spooking and horror celebration of Halloween in Everland if visit around September to end of October. Therefore, no surprise to see that the garden is filled with mixtures thousand of pumpkins.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 01

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 09
Not big fan of flower but this reminds me of my experience in Taiwan for Flora Expo. It's definitely one place deserve for a visit.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 03
A good spot for taking nice photo with a beautiful background. 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 04

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 05
Holland Village - A place that offers more than 30 European dishes and several types of beer with an amazing and almost look alike decorated Holland style restaurant such as Restaurant Amsterdam.

Before we bid goodbye to Everland, we managed to witness Halloween Party parade for the second time. It's quite hard for us to know what time will the parade being performed cause not being stated in the pamphlet given. Guess we're lucky that not only one but two times of the parade show that we managed to enjoy before leaving this marvellous and pretty awesome amusement theme park. The first time we watched was on the ride of Skyway to another kind of theme area (click here). 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 07
Parade with Halloween theme that attracts everyone who visit the park. 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 08

All of this happens in the European Adventure theme area which I blogged before (click here for more). So, this post marked the final and last episode that I ranted about Everland Resort. Now say goodbye to Everland and let's move on to the other destinations of Seoul. Annyeonghi gaseyo!

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  1. I like natural flowers..
    very nice...

  2. Beautiful and spectacular garden.

  3. Haha Spectacular! I wish I was thereeee~

  4. Wow, so many posts on Everland! There's just too much to talk about I guess..... the rides, the flowers etc, etc. How fun!

  5. I was here back in 2003! Kinda miss being in Korea although I can't really remember much about the trip. :P

  6. I love flowers and I wish I would have had the same experience of seeing all of them in person. Lovely place though I have not been to Korea but sure I am thinking of when I should make a trip here.

  7. malaysia has such fest at putrajaya too, but lacking of varieties.. after seeing your post, im longing to go for trip now! :)

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  8. Everland! Saw the review about the place on TV. I haven't got a chance to go to Korea yet. One day! One fine day. I got attracted with your blog while blogwalking about your Phillipines trip. Tak banyak blogger ke sana. I'll definitely email you if i need further information.

  9. Thank you very much for your detailed posts, i have been looking for such info :)


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