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In-Flight Dining For Japan Flight

I bet most of you don't have any high expectations when comes to in-flight meals, cause majority of them are either mild-tasting or even bland. The reason behind is due to flying at high altitude may alters your sense of taste and smell. Hence, your senses might get a bit confused and mixed up. 

Nowadays not many airlines provide free complimentary food and drinks on planes, especially for low-cost and budget airlines. So when there's a in-flight meal served for free, I'm indeed truly appreciated it and thankfully I'm not that fussy when comes to food. Once again for this post I'm doing a compilation for all the in-flight meals I had for my Japan flight with Malaysia Airlines and also Japan Airlines which I flew with them recently.   

2015 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Kota Kinabalu to Narita-Tokyo 
#1: Early morning flight and they served us omelette. Simple and yet, hearty meal.

2015 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Narita-Tokyo to Kota Kinabalu
2015 MAS Tokyo - KK
#2: Wow! This meal really blew my mind. Not just the main course served in a Japanese-style, they even served soba too 

2016 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Kota Kinabalu to Narita-Tokyo
2016 MAS KK to Tokyo
#3: Another early morning flight to Japan a year later. The meal was almost identical, except this round I chosen local meal instead. 

2016 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Narita-Tokyo to Kota Kinabalu
2016 MAS Tokyo to KK
#4: Seriously, the meals served for both of my flight from Japan back to Malaysia seem to be more attractive, and colourful too. 

For 2017, I flew with AirAsia X to catch my flight to Haneda Airport. I didn't order any flight meals and so, nothing to share for this particular year. Next, ....

2018 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Kota Kinabalu to Narita-Tokyo
2018 MAS KK to Tokyo

2018 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Narita-Tokyo to Kota Kinabalu
2018 MAS Tokyo to KK

2019 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Kuala Lumpur to Narita-Tokyo
2019 MAS KL to Tokyo

2019 - Japan Airlines (JAL) Flight Narita-Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur
2019 JAL Tokyo to KL

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Foodie Friday: Oishii Tokyo

Everytime when I'm heading to Japan, the thing that I always looking forward is Japanese authentic cuisines. It doesn't matter how many times I've been savouring their local food over and over again, I still can't wait to go back for more. It's like saying, "Once is never enough and make you craving for more." Now you know why Japan always remains my top favourite country to visit. 

For this post, I would like to share the food that I had throughout my previous trips to Tokyo. And in case you are wondering what "Oishii" means, it's actually indicates delicious in Japanese. 

Ramen is always on my top list to search for when comes to Japanese cuisines. Wondering why? Oh well, there are two reasons why I love ramen. Firstly, I heart noodles so much. I love noodles more than rice. Secondly, I can't find any Japanese restaurants in Kota Kinabalu serving a bowl of good ramen. Seriously, none of them served as delicious as the one I had in Japan itself. 

#1: Ichiran Ramen

In Japan, the most popular ramen but inexpensive is none other than Ichiran Ramen. To date, there are more than 10 Ichiran Ramen restaurants in Tokyo. From Shibuya to Shinjuku, Roppongi, Ikebuku and even Asakusa, now you don't even have to worry about the long queue just to savour this bowl of pork-based broth ramen. Some even open all-day long. So in case you are hungry in the wee hours, you know where you should hunt for food.

Tokyo Ippudo Ramen
#2: Ippudo

I knew about Ippudo when it opened its first outlet in Kuala Lumpur. So when I was in Tokyo last year, the boyfriend brought me there when I told him about Ippudo. My verdict? Sorry to say this but still, my vote goes to Ichiran. Ippudo wasn't that bad but probably I used to Ichiran's taste.  

Tokyo Tsuta
#3: Tsuta - World's first Michelin starred ramen restaurant

Tokyo Nakiryu
#4: Nakiryu - Tokyo's second Michelin starred ramen restaurant

When comes to those restaurants awarded with prestigious Michelin stars, Tokyo actually has the most. But when comes to ramen, Tsuta is the first one to receive for ramen category in 2015. It then joined by Nakiryu which also receiving the same coveted French honor. I was lucky that I able to saviour both of them as they only served in limited quantity in a day. So if you are ramen lover like I do and happen to be in Tokyo, why don't try go and give a try? I shared about Tsuta and Nakiryu before.

Tokyo Ikebukuro Mutekiya Ramen
#5: Mutekiya in Ikebuku

I came across Mutekiya while walking to Owl's Cafe a year ago. So when I went back Tokyo this year, I told the boyfriend I would love to try this to see how good is it since there were pretty long queue outside the restaurant. The broth was kinda salty, probably because it was added with "Nuchimasu" salt, an additive-free sea salt made from Okinawa seas. But I was enjoying the "char siew" more - it was juicy, tender and absolutely delicious. 

Other than ramen, we also managed to have a bite of both Japanese and non-Japanese food in Tokyo as well, such as:

Tokyo Harajuku Luke’s Lobster
#6: Luke's Lobster in Harajuku. A famous seafood joint for its scrumptious lobster rolls.

I never really into seafood but this Luke's Lobster is really worth for a bite despite the long wait from the queue. The signature lobster roll costs 980 yen for the regular size and 1,580 yen for the US size. Besides lobster, they do serve crab and shrimp roll too. 

Tokyo Harajuku Crepe
#7: Japanese crepes in Harajuku

A trip to Harajuku is incomplete without savouring the soft and creamy Japanese crepes. There are three reputable crepe shops along the Takeshita Street; Angel's Heart, Marion Crepes and Santa Monica Crepes. My dilemma? It's not about which crepe shops to choose from, it's actually the filling is the most crucial decision to make from. Too many choices that making me go gaga. 

Tokyo Roppongi Harbs
#8: Mille crepe at Harbs of Roppongi. One slice costs 830 yen.

I never had the chance to saviour any fine and mouthwatering Japanese dessert whenever I visited Japan. Because if I would love to have it, I would make sure it is worth every calory intake I consume. Not until I came across Harbs, a cafe specialising in cake especially the mille crepe type. Since I was in Roppongi last year, I thought of having a try instead of just visiting the giant Spider statue. Just a bite of Harb's mille crepe, I felt I was in heaven. It's absolutely fresh, delicate and most importantly, it's not overly sweet - this is what I'm looking forward for my kind of a piece of cake. Apart from Roppongi, you can search for Harbs at major stations like Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro too. 

Tokyo Tsukiji Tamagoyaki
#9: Tamagoyaki from Tsukiji Fish Market

Tokyo Daily Chiko Nakano
#10: Daily Chiko from Broadway Nakano - Home of the famous rainbow soft-serve tower cone that stacks all eight layers.

Tokyo Gindaco Takoyaki
#11: Takoyaki from Gindaco

Tokyo Udon & Egg with Rice
#12: Udon

Tokyo Tori Katsu Don & Tori Karaage Don
#13: Tori katsu don and tori kaarage

Tokyo Omurice & Tonkatsu
#14: Omurice with tonkatsu

Tokyo 7-Eleven Sushi
#15: Suhi, yakitori and croquette bought from convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson.

So, what's your favourite Japanese cuisines? Don't be shy to share with me.

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Tokyo: 6D5N Suggested Itinerary

Regardless whether this is your first time or even 6th time visiting the capital city of Tokyo, there is always an endless list of activities waiting for you to discover and explore each and every corner. Even I myself who have been visited this metropolis city for the 6th time, but still this city always has new things to surprise me and captivate my heart. So tell me, how can I even stop to fall in love with this city? 

Tokyo might looks small on the map, but in reality it's actually larger than I could ever imagine. It's impossible for one to cover the major attractions in a day, or even two. Therefore, I would suggest to spend at least 6 days and 5 night to enjoy Tokyo to the fullest. For this post, I have compiled all my previous 6 trips to Tokyo and from there, I handpicked those places you should go and see if you are heading to the city for the very first time.

Note: Places like Hakone, Lake Kawakuchigo, Yokohama, Kamakura and Nikko, I will be sharing on the next upcoming posts as these places are consider to be outside of Tokyo. 


  • Kick off your trip by saying "Konichiwa" to the iconic Hachiko Statue
  • Continue by crossing the famous and busiest intersection in the world, the Shibuya Crossing
  • Shibuya is always on my top list for shopping and dining activities. Ramen-chain restaurant like Ichiran is available here and also for stationery and handicraft lovers, you can dropby shops like Loft and Tokyu Hands
  • If you like to go to Tokyo Disney Park but want to avoid the long queue from buying the entrance ticket, you can go to the Disney Store which is less than 5 minutes walk from Shibuya Station.  
Tokyo Shibuya

Tokyo Shibuya Disney Store

Tokyo Shibuya Community Bus Hachiko
Nearest Station To Shibuya
JR: Shibuya Station under JR Yamanote Line
Subway: Shibuya Station under Ginza Line, Fukutoshin Line and Hanzomon Line.

  • Visit the historical Meiji Jingu Shrine not just for praying purposes but at the same time, to enjoy and marvel at the lush greenery.  
  • Head over to Takeshita-dori Street for anime character stores and weird-looking cafes. Don't forget to try the mouthwatering crepes from Marion Crepes in the middle of the street.
  • Continue by strolling along Omotesando, a zelkova trees line avenue.  
Tokyo Meiji Shrine

Tokyo Harajuku
Nearest Station To Harajuku
JR: Harajuku Station under JR Yamanote Line
Subway: Meiji-jingumae under Fukutoshin Line and Chiyoda Line.

  • Spot the massive Godzilla head on top of Hotel Gracery Shinjuku.  
  • Enjoy a good panoramic views of Tokyo and beyond for free on the 45th floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  • Explore Kabukicho, the liveliest entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku.
  • Shinjuku is Tokyo's main business district and major skyscrapers. Here, you will find wide array of accommodations too such as Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku which is very close to Shinjuku Station. 
Tokyo Shinjuku Kabuki Godzilla Road

Tokyo Shinjuku Night View
Nearest Station To Shinjuku
JR: Shinjuku Station under JR Yamanote Line
Subway: Shinjuku Station under Marunouchi Line, Toei Shinjuku Line and Toei Oedo Line.


  • Start your day by visiting Sensoji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo.
  • Hunt for souvenirs at Nakamise Shopping Street. This is my favourite street if you are looking for traditional crafts, knick-knacks and local treats for family and friends. 
  • Continue by heading to Solamachi Mall and go up to Tokyo Skytree for 360-degree view of Tokyo. 
Tokyo Asakusa Sensoji

Tokyo Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street
Nearest Station To Sensoji Temple & Nakamise Shopping Street 
Subway: Asakusa Station under Ginza Line and Toei Asakusa Line

Tokyo Sky Tree
Nearest Station To Solamachi Mall & Tokyo Skytree
Subway: Oshiage (Skytree) Station under Hanzomon Line and Toei Asakusa Line.

  • Many visitors tend to skip this but Ueno is an area rich in nature and dotted with museums and historic structures. If you happen to be in Tokyo around March and April, take a leisurely walk through Ueno Park to witness cherry blossom in full bloom. 
  • Shop till you drop at Ameyoko Shopping Street as the streets are crowded with stores offering clothes, miscellaneous, goods, fresh fish, dried food and more.
  • If you are animal lover, you can go and visit Ueno Zoo, the oldest zoo in Japan.
Tokyo Ueno Park 2

Tokyo Ueno Ameyoko Shopping Street
Nearest Station To Ueno 
JR: Ueno Station under JR Yamanote Line
Subway: Ueno Station under Ginza Line and Hibiya Line.

  • Head over to Akihabara for the latest electronic goods.
  • Visit Kanda Myojin Shrine as it has been featured in various anime and take a stroll along Kanda Menseibashi.
  • There's a Gundam cafe, abundance of anime shops and you can also spot some cute ladies dress up in maid costume on the street. Kawaii neh!
Tokyo Akihabara 1

Tokyo Akihabara Gundam Cafe
Nearest Station To Akihabara
JR: Akihabara Station under JR Yamanote Line
Subway: Akihabara Station under Hibiya Line.


  • Snapping a photo or two in front of the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, notable for its Renaissance-style red brick building.  
  • Dropby Imperial Palace, the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. Part of the site is opened to the public, such as the Imperial Palace East Park. The Nijubashi Bridge in front of the main entrance is the popular among visitors.
Tokyo Station MarunouchiTokyo Imperial Palace
Nearest Station To Imperial Palace
JR: 10 minutes walk from Tokyo Station under JR Yamanote Line
Subway: Nijubashi-mae Station or Hibiya Station.

  • Two reasons to visit Roppongi; for the gigantic spider sculpture and have a bite of the heavenly mille crepe at Harbs.  
Tokyo Roppongi Maman Spider Sculpture

Tokyo Roppongi Harbs
Nearest Station To Roppongi
Subway: Roppongi Station under Hibiya Line or Toei Oedo Line.

Tokyo Tower
  • End you night by marvelling at Tokyo Tower. Even if you are not feeling going up, just by looking at the outlook of the tower, you will be utterly amazed by it. 
  • If you are big fan of One Piece, one of Japanese popular manga series, there is an indoor park within the Tokyo Tower. (Opens 10am to 10pm daily)
Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower One Piece
Nearest Station To Tokyo Tower
Subway: Akabanebashi Station under Toei Oedo Line.


Toyosu Market
  • Sacrifice your sleep and wake up early for the tuna auction at Toyosu Fish Market. The auction takes place between 5.30am to 6.30am daily. However, it's recommended to arrive there at least half an hour earlier in order to get a perfect spot at the upper floor observation windows. 
  • Saviour the fresh and best sushi at Sushi Dai. Get ready for the long queue cause it's very popular.
Tokyo Toyosu Market
Nearest Station To Toyosu Market
Subway: Toyosu Station under Yurakucho Line.

  • Head over to Tsukiji Market (the market is still in operation) for fresh fish, meats and vegetables, dried food and also food related products such as knives and dinnerwear. Please take note that visitors are allow to visit here after 10am because the trade among professionals will be pretty busy until 10am.
  • Continue your walk to Ginza Yonchome Intersection and have a glance at all the luxury boutiques and stores such as Prada, LV, Hermes, Gucci and more. 
Tokyo Tsukiji Outer Market
Nearest Station To Tsukiji Fish Market
Subway: Tsukiji Station under Hibiya Line.

Tokyo Ginza Yonchome Intersection & Wako Clock Tower
Nearest Station To Ginza
Subway: Ginza Station under Ginza Line, Hibiya Line or Marunouchi Line.

  • Take a train under Yurikamone Line to the manmade island of Odaiba. Here, take a picture of the small replica Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge in front of Odaiba Marine Park. 
  • Next, proceed to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza for the 197-meters tall life-sized Gundam Unicorn statue standing right in front of the mall. 
Tokyo Odaiba Statue of Liberty & Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo Odaiba Gundam Statue & DiverCity Plaza
Nearest Station To Odaiba
Daiba Station under Yurikomome Line. Take a train to Shimbashi first (operated under JR Yamanote Line and metro line), then switch to Yurikomome Line. The Yurikomome is not covered by the JR Pass and Tokyo Subway tickets. A ride between Shimbashi and Daiba Station under Yurikomome Line takes about 15 minutes and costs 320 yen. 


Tokyo Disneyland or Disneysea
Frankly speaking, you can choose either one only if you are pressed for time. It's quite impossible to cover both of these in a day, unless you don't mind the value of money you spend. I've been both of them (Disneysea twice and Disneyland once) and I even blogged about them before. 

Read Here: 

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneysea
Nearest Station to Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea
Tokyo Disney is merely few minutes walk away from Maihama Station which under JR Keiyo and JR Musashino Lines - it's just that pretty simple, right. In case you have Japan Rail Pass, this line is fully covered.


Sayonara Tokyo
I know it's hard to say goodbye but reality bites somehow. On your last day in Tokyo, why not heading to the airport earlier for a last minute shopping? You know, this is the best way to spend all your leftover coins from bringing back home. Get some popular snacks like Royce, Tokyo Banana, Calbee Jaga Pokkuru (Hokkaido premium potato chips), Shiroi Koibito and more cause some of them can only be found in the airport. Limited edition yor!

Tokyo Banana Haneda Airport Limited
This Tokyo Banana Honey Flavour can only be found at Haneda Airport

If you are following my suggested itinerary as above, I would recommend to get the 72-Hours Tokyo Subway Ticket to travel around Tokyo for Day 1 to Day 3. Even on the Day 4, you still able to utilise the ticket until the same time you activate it on Day 1. As for Odaiba and Tokyo Disney Park trips, you can proceed by buying the single-use ticket from the machine.

Tokyo Subway Tickets 1
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