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Tokyo Disneyland & Its Themed Area Attractions

No matter how many times I've been to Disneyland, yet still it never enough for me.

Tokyo Disneyland Main Lightroom-1

In Tokyo, there are two different Disney theme parks; namely Disneyland and Disneysea. So which is better? In case you are going Tokyo for the very first time, I would recommend to pick Disneysea as it is one and only kind in the world, which you couldn't find in elsewhere. But since I've been Disneysea dating back in year 2010 with my friend, therefore I chosen Disneyland this time around. Plus none of my family members been to any Disneyland yet (even the nearest one in Hong Kong) so this is their first ever Disneyland trip. 

Tokyo Disneyland 01
#1: Tokyo Disneyland situated in Chiba Prefecture, outside of Tokyo. 

Tokyo Disneyland is merely few minutes walk away from Maihama Station which under JR Keiyo and JR Musashino Lines - it's just that pretty simple, right. In case you have Japan Rail Pass, this line is fully covered. 

Regarding the admission ticket, I would explain further details later on. Now shall we get ready to discover and explore more about Tokyo Disneyland? 

Tokyo Disneyland 02
#2: Get ready with the tickets and immerse in the magical journey.

Disneyland is divided into seven different themed areas: World Bazaar; the four traditional Disney lands: Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Westernland; and the two mini lands: Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown. 

1) World Bazaar - located at the main entrance to the park, it is a covered shopping arcade filled with numerous of shops and restaurants. The area is designed similar to an early 20th century American town and serves as the park's primary shopping area where many guests stop on the way out of the park. Guest services like storage lockers, banking services or even stroller and wheelchair rentals are available in this area. 

Tokyo Disneyland 03
#3: A floral arrangement depicts Mickey Mouse right in front of the World Bazaar

2) Tomorrowland - Not far away from World Bazaar is Tomorrowland themed area which showcases more outer space and future technologies. It is home to popular attractions like Space Mountains, Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek as well as Stitch Encounter. Most of the attractions and rides here are pretty popular - so in case you plan to start your trip, start it from here first to avoid the crowd the later on. 

Tokyo Disneyland 04
#4: Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek

Tokyo Disneyland 05
#5: Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Tokyo Disneyland 06
#6: Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters

3) Toontown - a suburban town neighborhood where the Disney characters live, work and play. Targeting for the younger visitor, this is where the visitors can meet and greet Mickey and Minnie at their house, play at Donald Duck's boat, browsing Chip'n Dale's Treehouse and ride a kid sized rollercoaster.

Tokyo Disneyland 07
#7: Toontown themed area

Tokyo Disneyland 08
#8: Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House

Tokyo Disneyland 09
#9: Meet and greet Minnie Mouse

Tokyo Disneyland 10
#10: Toontown is heavily inspired by the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Tokyo Disneyland 11
#11: Major attraction here is Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

4) Fantasyland - It is based on the classic animated films by Disney and i home to the iconic Cinderella's Castle at the center of the park, as well as other characters and rides such as Peter Pan, Snow White, It's A Small World and Pooh's Hunny Hunt, an original Fantasyland attraction unique to Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland 12
#12: Mickey's PhilharMagic - it's a 3D film effects. This is my favourite one but too bad in Japanese language 

Tokyo Disneyland 13
#13: It's A Small World ride - Almost similar to one in Hong Kong and Paris too

Tokyo Disneyland 14
#14: Haunted Mansion - This ride is so fun and cool. I would recommend not to miss out this

5) Critter Country - a small area of the park and is dominated by a single major attraction, Splash Mountain.

Tokyo Disneyland 15
#15: Small area of Critter Country

6) Westernland - a themed based on the US western frontier along the Rivers of America. The area is home to the popular roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain, while Tom Sawyer Island is situated out in the middle of the river.

Tokyo Disneyland 17
#16: Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster ride

Tokyo Disneyland 18
#17: Tom Sawyer Island Rafts 

Tokyo Disneyland 19
#18: Country Bear Theater 

7) Adventureland - it houses of two distinct yet complementary areas; A New Orleans-themed area and a jungle themed area. Adventureland includes attractions that encompass the spirit of adventure such as jungle cruise, explore the Swiss Family Treehouse, ride the Western River Railroad and sail with the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tokyo Disneyland 25
#19: Exploring the Swiss Family Treehouse

Tokyo Disneyland 20
#20: The Enchanted Tiki Room By Stitch

Tokyo Disneyland 21
#21: Sail with the Pirates of the Caribbean

Tokyo Disneyland 22
#22: Mickey in Pirates of the Caribbean costume. So adorable!

My family and I spent entirely a day in Tokyo Disneyland and luckily us, we managed to ride and experience a handful of rides and attractions eventhough the whole themed park is full with crowd. It is best to plan a visit to theme park during the weekday instead of weekend to avoid the crowd and long queue. The only thing that we miss is the fireworks playing over the Cinderella Castle as well as the electrical parade dreamlights which were being cancelled to the heavy rain in the late evening. 

Talking about food, although Tokyo Disneyland apply the policy of "Outside food is not allowed" but the food that we bought from outside managed to get through during the security inspection at the entrance. I guess those small and easily consume food like sandwich and onigiri is easily pass but not too sure those bento type. If you plan to dine-in in the theme park, be ready when looking at the price tag. 

Tokyo Disneyland 23
#24: Mickey colourful lanterns 

Tokyo Disneyland 24
#25: Cinderella Castle is the primary icon of Tokyo Disneyland.

Varying hours. Normally from 8am to 10pm; admission ends one hour before closing. 
As for the admission tickets, I didn't buy from the ticket counter in Tokyo Disneyland itself but bought in Disney Store, Shibuya Koen-dori (3rd floor) instead. The ticket fee is exactly the same as the one sold in Tokyo Disneyland but the reason I bought in Shibuya is just to beat the long queue. The admission fee is vary from time to time. So it's best to check out their office website here.

Tokyo Disneyland 27

My verdict? If I were given another option to be back again, definitely I will pick Tokyo Disneysea over Tokyo Disneyland cause the first one is more attractive and fascinating than the latter one. Guess what? I back to Tokyo Disneysea a year later with my family again - that's make my second visit to Tokyo Disneysea.

How I wish I could celebrate my birthday there as today is my big day? Another year older, another year wiser. 😉😉

Date Visited: 8th July 2015


  1. Wow, I don't even know about Disneysea. Been to Tokyo Disneyland when I was young, all I can remember is I did a lot of rides, my bro had a photo with goofy and I have jars of candies 😂😂😂
    This brings back good memories ❤

  2. Happy Belated Birthday and enjoy your trip in Japan :)


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