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Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok

After spending three days and two nights in the stylish seaside town resort of Hua Hin, we then proceed back to the hustle and bustle capital city of Bangkok. Not once, not twice but this is my third time visiting "City of Angels". Cheap shopping, scrumptious street food, friendly local, vibrant night markets and colourful sighting which causing me to be back over and over again.

However for my first two visit here, I never make it to visit Asiatique The Riverfront. This waterfront open air night market was opened in May 2012 and I'm wondering, how could I ever miss out this place in the first place. Probably there are too many places to see and to do in Bangkok apparently. Anyway I glad that I finally make it here along with my friends. 

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 01

The best time to visit Asiatique is in the evening - start your journey around 4pm at least cause that's the opening hour. Besides that, you might also enjoy the spectacular sunset view overlooking the Chao Phraya River.

Take skytrain to Saphan Taksin BTS. From there, walk down the stairs on the left side and continue to the water's edge. Then, turn left to the pier and you will see the Asiatique's free shuttle boat. Don't worry, there are clear signboard and you won't get lost one. The ride takes around 10 minutes only and it runs from 4pm until 11.30pm. 

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 02

Previously, Asiatique was an old warehouses before and now have been refurnished and transformed into lively open air night market which houses abundant of shops and restaurants ranging from clothing stores, souvenir shops, creative arts and craft shops, casual dining restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars and more. This is one great place offers a great variety of shopping, dining and sightseeing experience to all the visitors under one roof.  

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 03

The first thing that my friends and I did was had dessert at Mango Tango. Up to date, there are three outlets of Mango Tango in Thailand and two of them are in Bangkok - Siam Square and Asiatique. Since we're in Asiatique, hence we took this opportunity to try this famous and sensational dessert. We ordered the signature dessert - Mango Tango with extra sticky rice which consist of mango pudding, fresh mango, mango ice-cream with additional of sticky rice. And oh boy, the fresh mango is so sweet and juicy whereas both pudding and ice-cream are so refreshing. Why on earth Thai's mango always so sweet one - I'm wondering? 

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 04
The signature dessert - Mango Tango with extra sticky rice. Cost 255 baht (approx. to RM29)

Right after we done with the dessert, we then continue with shopping time - that's what majority of the ladies love to do when in Bangkok right? However, nothing seems interesting to me here cause I found majority of the clothes here are slightly pricey. The only thing that I was looking forward is BKK Original, one of the well-known local designer fashion bags. 

BKK Original

There is another local brand which I guess majority people will familiar with this - namely Naraya is also available here but I decided to shop by end of the trip as it is just nearby the hotel we stayed in Bangkok. 

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 05

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 06

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 07

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 08

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 09

Asiatique's iconic Ferris wheel - 60 metre high Asiatique Sky is a huge Ferries wheel with air-conditioned cabins. Here, you can marvel at the spectacular bird's eye views of Bangkok and city and Chao Phraya River at night. 

Besides from shopping and dining here, Asiatique is also an entertainment complex that features variety of interesting shows such as Muay Thai Boxing stage show, Calypose cabaret and the Thai puppets theater.  

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 10

Overall, my friends and I were indeed having fun and one enjoyable night strolling around Asiatique. Finally one of the places to go and see in Bangkok has finally ticked off from my list. No regret for coming here eventhough nothing much to shop here. Probably the accompanion itself which making this trip a worthwhile - therefore it's best to go with someone you are comfortable with when comes to travelling.

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  1. I have been to Thailand over 100 times since I was born but yet to visit Asiatique. I will take your advice to go there for fun & sightseeing only.

  2. Great place! I've been travelling countries in Asia since last year. After my Han River Cruise in Korea, I think Bangkok will be my next stop. Thanks!


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