Awaiting Gift for Tomorrow Night

"Get ready because tomorrow gonna be the night you'll be remember forever."

Well, I means my colleague and I. Tomorrow is the night for our Company Annual Dinner which will be held in Magellan, Sutera Harbour. Previous year, our dinner was held in Kampung Nelayan. This year annual dinner could be consider more grand compare previous year because the lucky draw gift is more luxury and expensive if comparing previous year annual dinner. Most of the prize was suggest by my manager cum our Advisor for the Company sports club.

So, what's the grand prize for tomorrow event? Let's start from the least to the top.

5th Prize - 5 x iPod Shuffle

Comes with 5 different colours and they are absolutely adorable

4th Prize - 2 x iPod Nano

2 colours; Silver and Red

3rd Prize - Canon Ixus 130

Comes with 4GB memory card, a pouch and handphone ornament

2nd Prize - Canon Ixus 130 with tripod

A complete set of camera. Its almost the same with 3rd prize but this come along with the tripod

Finally, save the best for the last. The grand prize for tomorrow night event is:
iPad with 16GB~OMG~

Looks like my manager loves Apple Company production because most of the prize are i items.

So, which want I wish to get on tomorrow night? The Grand Prize? But I already had one which bought by my dad last month. Or should I wish for the 2nd and 3rd prize? Hey, that's my baby which I'm currently bring her here and there. Initially, the plan for 2nd prize was Sony Cybershoot and 3rd prize is Canon Powershoot but don't know why at the end, comes with different end results.

In between, we even held "Best Dress" competition based on the theme which suggest by one of my colleague; "The Joy Of Spring". So, I guess tomorrow night everyone is fighting to the end to get the best dress award which worth RM300.

Anyway, wish me luck for getting those grand stuff. Stay tune for Annual Dinner 2011 post. Goodnite~
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Osaka at Daytime

Osaka - formerly known as Naniwa. Its part of Kansai region, besides Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.

The places Nicole and I been to when we were in Osaka:

Osaka Castle
This is a classic style of the Japanese castle. Osaka Castle is Osaka's famous landmark and the symbol of the city. The castle even features museum where you can see historical artifact.

osaka 01

osaka 02
Sakura-mon (Gate) Osaka Castle

osaka 03

osaka 04

osaka 05
The magnificent of Osaka Castle

osaka 06
The station we stopby to Osaka Castle but actually the nearby station is Osakajokeon

Castle Tower
Opening hours : 9:00 am - 5.00 pm
Admission : 600 yen
How to get there: The recommended approach to Osaka Castle is through Otemon Gate at the park's southwestern corner. The closest station is Tanimachi 4-chrome Station along the Tanimachi Subway Line and Chuo Subway Line. The closest JR station to Osaka Castle is Osakajokeo on the JR Loop Line, a 10 minute and 160 yen ride from JR Osaka Station.

Means "New World" in English, is a district that was developed before the war but then neglected in the decades afterwards.

osaka 07
Tsutenkaku Tower

osaka 08
osaka 09
osaka 10

In Shinsekai, you will noticed there is a lots of Billiken - cham doll which looks alike elf created by American art teacher. It believes that Billiken has three kinds of luck - good, better and best.

osaka 11
osaka 12

Besides Billiken, Shinsekai also noted for Osaka's local delicacies such Takoyaki - octopus ball and Okonomiyaki - Japanese savoury pancake. Osaka is the first city where Takoyaki being popularised by a street vendor.

osaka 13
osaka 14

osaka 15
Left side is varieties of Takoyaki and right side is Okonomiyaki.
We decided to try on Takoyaki.

osaka 16
Vendor machine to order the foods you want. Put your money and press the button on the foods you want. Come out the ticket and pass to the people in counter. That's so cool.

osaka 17
Takoyaki - It is so delicious. Soft from the inside and outside too..

osaka 18
osaka 19
Few fugu (blowfish) restaurant in Shinsekai.

America Village, a center of youth culture in Osaka. A place full with lots of casual stores with sporting unique fashions.

osaka 20
Triangle Park

osaka 22
osaka 21

A shopping haven in Osaka. Shinsaibashi Shopping Center is the largest shopping area in Osaka which extends 580 meters in a north-south direction and approximately 180 stores including old-established shops, department stores, and those selling major brand products stand next to each other.

osaka 23
A unique and vibrant shopping experience area

osaka 24

We spend most of our time shopping in Shinsaibashi. Well, that's we are ladies. Next, will continue with our Osaka at Night Time. Sayonara.

Finally, done with another travel post. Took me whole day to finish this post.
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He's 50 in Yun Man Steamboat Chinese Dishes

1st February 2011

He is finally 50. Hahaha... So funny when everytime my friend asked me, "How old is your dad?" and when I start to do the maths, I realised my dad not yet reached the middle age. =p

OK, another post dated blog again. Initially, my dad's plan was brought us to have dinner at his favourite restaurant nearby Hilltop but unfortunately, it closed. I keep requesting, "Dad, brought us to Hana leh" but he refused. Then, suddenly in the middle of nowhere, it popped into my mind and said, "How's about having steamboat?". All of them said, "What a great idea!". Gosh, there goes my diet plan failed! But since my sister had never went to these cheap and worth steamboat, so I just go on with their plan. This is my fifth visit.

Located at Taman Dixon, you will see it is totally crowded every night.

See, so many people and sometimes you even need to wait for a seat

You can choose 2 type of soup at a time as there has 2 compartments and my all time favourite would be chicken soup and tom yam soup

It's boiling and now it's time to put into the mouth.

Variety of raw foods. There is prawn, crab, meat, variety of fish products and lots more.

And if you are hungry while waiting for the soup to boil, there is ready cooked dishes like fried rice, chicken wings, roasted pork, fried wantan and lots more.

They even provide dessert such as ice-cream and variety of fruits.

The price list. But beware, for those unfinished foods will be charged RM5.00 per 100gram.
This is to avoid of wasting uneaten foods.

Steamboat buffer is always fulfilled your stomach with satisfaction. We are definitely full that night. A birthday celebration wouldn't complete without birthday cake.

Chocolate Fudge Cake - homemade cake by my sister.

"Happy Birthday to our beloved daddy"

With love,
Mom, Diana, Linda, William & Charles
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Miso Japanese Restaurant @ Karamunsing Capital

As today I plan to search for screen protector for my iPad at Karamunsing, we decided to have our dinner somewhere nearby. Without any doubt, my first choice will be definitely Miso Japanese Restaurant. This elegant Japanese Restaurant caught my attention when me, TTM and his friend were having lunch at Mint Peppermint, Karamunsing Capital last Wednesday. Damn likey likey Japanese foods recently. By the way, so far I'm having Japanese foods for the 4th time.

The first three round that I had were also in this month of February. First round was at the newly opened Sushi Tei, Suria Sabah with my deariest. Second round with my family at Sushi King, City Mall. Still remember on the day of this year Valentine's Day - which I'd had dinner at Recipe House, Damai. Maybe there will be fifth round before end of this month. [=.=]

Back to Miso. Let's the picture do the talking.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (2)
This reminds me of the current drama which I watch lately in Astro on Demand.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (3)
The creative and unique ambiance of the restaurant

Miso Japanese Restaurant (12)

Their black book menu
Miso Japanese Restaurant (4)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (5)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (15)

Starting with appetizer
Miso Japanese Restaurant (10)

Miso Japanese Restaurant (6)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (7)
California Maki (Vinegared rice with cucumber, crabmeat stick, omelette, mayonnaise and fish roe). This is my favourite.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (8)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (9)
TTM's meal; Oyaku Jyu (Simmered chicken and egg with sweet and sour sauce). He asked me to made decision for his meal, so I ordered this.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (11)
My meal; Chicken Soup Ramen

Miso Japanese Restaurant (13)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (14)
Another maki again, Tori Teriyaki Maki (Vinegared rice with cucumber, Teriyaki chicken and mayonnaise fish roe). It's so huge that I can't put it into my mouth for the first bite.

Our dinner ends with dessert.
Miso Japanese Restaurant (16)
Cold barley dessert with peanuts and beancurd. It's so refreshing and sweet.

Overall, the foods are excellent and tasty. Especially the Maki. There are variety of Maki and I almost can't made up my mind which to choose from for our dinner. Besides Inari, Maki is also my all-time-favourite when comes to sushi. So, how much we pay for tonight dinner? It cost us RM72.60 for 2 people. With the attentive services and also not forgeting to mention that the appetizer and dessert are complimentary, it is worth every ringgit you pay. But I'm still consider whether to come back for second visit, unless I hit jackpot.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (1)

Miso Japanese Restaurant
Location: F-0-5 & F-0-6, Karamunsing Capital, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Opening hours: Monday - Fri : 10.00 am - 2.30 pm, 6.00 pm - 11.00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 10.00 am - 11.00 pm

Before I end my post, there is something I would like to post my shoutout for today.

"Karamunsing Capital is the current place for food hunter. Lots of new restaurant opened and lots of foods to try. Can't wait to try all of them! =D"
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