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4D3N Phuket, Thailand Itinerary (2012)

Here is the compilation for all the post relating to my trip to Phuket, Thailand last year for 4 days and 3 nights.

Day 1 (5th January 2012)

Sawatdee Phuket & Loveli Boutique Guesthouse
4D3N Day 1 - Loveli Boutique Guesthouse

Cashew Nut Factory, Wat Chalong, Karon View Point, Promthep Cape & Seafood Dinner
4D3N Day 1 - Cashew Nut Factory, Wat Chalong, Karon View Point, Promthep Cape & Seafood Dinner
The rate charge for 6 hours tour is 1,500 baht and one car can accommodate up to 4 people whereas for 9 hours tour would be 1,800 baht and this including fuel and driver fee but excluded parking and admission fees. 

Phuket Simon Cabaret - The Ladyboy Show
4D3N Day 1 - Phuket Simon Cabaret
- Available in the evening, with three showtime; 6.00 pm, 7.45 pm and 9.30 pm
- 700 baht for regular seat whereas 800 baht for VIP seat (including shuttle transfer)

Day 2 (6th January 2012)

Patong Beach, Popular Beach of Phuket
Phuket Day 2 - Patong Beach 02

Phuket Fantasea, The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park
4D3N Day 2 - Phuket Fantasea
A package of 1,550 baht including for the "Fantasy of Kingdom" show, dinner buffet and shuttle transfer.

Day 3 (7th January 2012)

Phi Phi Island Day Trip
4D3N Day 3 - Phi Phi Island Day Trip
A tour package of 1,100 baht to Viking Cave, Phileh Lagoon, Maya Beach, Monkey Island, Phi Phi Don Island, Loh Samah Bay and Khai Island. Lunch buffet and shuttle transfer are included as well.

Phuket Weekend Night Market
4D3N Day 3 - Phuket Weekend Night Market
This weekend market is runs on every Saturday and Sunday and is start from 4:00pm until 10:00pm.

Day 4 (8th January 2012)

Last Day in Phuket
4D3N Day 4 - Last Day of Phuket

Extra Features:

All my travel packages were booked through this tour company, Phuket Travel Company. The prices quoted were incredibly cheap and affordable and they delivered their services with excellent and attentive. It's absolutely highly recommended travel's agent in Phuket. 

And once again, this post concluded the final travelogue of my Phuket trip which marked as my first ever and opening trip for the year 2012. Wondering what's will be my next travelogue? Do check out my blog.

For more of my travel updates, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.
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My Travel Haul & Expenses of Phuket, Thailand (2012)

Most of the time when I travelled, I bought souvenirs was either specially for my family, Boyfie and closest friends. I am not those type will shop until I drop. But for country like Thailand, it's hard for me to resist myself from shopping there, which including Phuket too. I wouldn't shopping so much if we didn't went to the weekend night market. Now let me reveal what did I bought when I was in Phuket for 4 days and 3 nights.

Phuket Haul 02
#1: My shopping and food hauls from Phuket

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Day 4 in Phuket & It's Our Last Day

Date of Visit: 8 January 2012

We had to face it that our happy moments in Phuket ended real fast. It's seems like 4 days in Phuket is seriously not enough for us. This trip can be consider as my gathering trip with my besties and so many things we not managed to catch up on each other. But it's ok cause I believe someday we will have another besties trip again.

Since our flight was in evening, therefore we tried to do "some" last minute things before heading to the airport. We woke up quite late as all of us were so exhausted and tired with the island hopping yesterday (Phi Phi Island Day Trip). After done with final packing, we went down and had our breakfast at the food court above the Banzaan Market, which located just few steps away from our guesthouse.

Phuket Day 4 - Phuket Market
#1: Banzaan Market - fresh foods on the ground floor whereas on the 1st floor, this is where foods court located together with some fashion stores.

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Phuket Weekend Nightmarket

Date of Visit: 7th January 2012

We never know about this night market in Phuket until we were being told by our driver and also the guesthouse's coordinator. Guess we were lucky cause this night market only happen on every weekend. You will know how much I love to visit this especially when comes to night market.

This weekend market is runs on every Saturday and Sunday and is start from 4:00pm until 10:00pm. We hired the taxi driver through our guesthouse and he charged approximately 800 baht for both return trip to and from nightmarket. The taxi driver gave us 2 and half hour to wander around the night market.

There are literally hundreds of stalls and each selling their own unique style of wares; from foods to clothings, accessories, souvenirs and more.

Phuket Night Market 01
#1: Our saliva drooled when we saw this - Mango Sticky Rice and instantly bought this

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Phi Phi Island Day Trip

Date of Visit: 7th January 2012

Like they said, if you didn't visited any islands of Phuket, means you never been to Phuket before. Phuket is renowned for its island studded bay of haunting natural beauty. Whether you travel to Phuket or even Krabi, the ultimate reason to touchdown in either Phuket or Krabi or even both is to visit the surrounding spectacular islands. And among of them, the most popular hopping island tours which mostly offered especially for the first time visit would be Phi Phi Island and Phang-Nga. I really wish to cover both but because of time constraint and also due to some of my friends are limited in their budget, hence we chosen the Phi Phi Island Tour.

Just when we decided for Phi Phi Island Tour, we were so surprised that actually this hopping island tour came with many different kind of packages. And of course, the price would be vary as well. We almost got chocked when we saw the pricelist printed on the brochures given by our guesthouse. Thank goodness, we got a very good deal with just 1,100 baht for a day trip to Phi Phi Island including lunch buffet. 

As usual, the package we bought included shuttle transfer and we ready for the pick-up at 7am. Once we arrived the pier, briefing on safety especially were given by a guide which he claimed himself as a "ladyboy". Besides briefing, he suggested to buy breads which are not just for feeding the fishes and the monkeys, but also to feed ourself when hungry. What a funny tour guide!

As for this hopping island tour, there are 7 pit stops:

Viking Cave
Phi Phi Island - Viking Cave 01
#1: Our first pit stop - Viking Cave

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Phuket Fantasea, The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park

Date of Visit: 6th January 2012

Talking about nightlife in Phuket, it offers more than what you can ever think. You don't have to worry that you might get bored when the day turns to night cause there are plenty of things you can do and see. You can either watch Simon Cabaret, the lady boy entertainment show (click HERE), Muay Thai Boxing or even party all night long in the hot spots such as Soi Bangla. Since the first night we had watched the Simon Cabaret, therefore on the second night we opted for Phuket Fantasea, which claimed to be the biggest show in the island.   

We booked the package from our guesthouse which cost 1,550 baht for both of the show and also the buffet dinner. The buffet dinner is optional but my friends and I thought that why don't we give a try, since it is kinda cheap and plus, we won't need to think what should we had for that night.

The package included shuttle transfer from our guesthouse to Phuket Fantasea. It's located in Kamala beach and the journey seems to be quite long, roughly an hour ride. Upon reaching, we went to the counter tickets to redeem our tickets using the voucher given by the guesthouse.

Phuket Fantasea 03
#1: Welcoming all the guests with smile

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My Birthday Celebration 2013

A lil bitsy piece of my personal post but still, it still relate to my travelling life (for some).

Whether the celebration was celebrated with full of blast or even a happening and lively celebration, it doesn't matter to me cause I felt more grateful and blissful surrounding by my beloved family and friends for the past few days before and also during my birthday itself.

But among all my birthday celebration for this year, the most unforgettable was my early celebration in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Seriously, I never thought that my collegemates will eventually went and look for birthday cake with the help of our driver without my acknowledgement. And when I posted the photo below in Facebook, they told me how difficult to buy the cake and at the same time, trying hard to hide the cake so I won't found out. It's indeed so touching but at the same time, I laughed non-stop for their silly actions.
2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 08
#1: Thank you so much my friends and looking forward for our next trip.

Birthday 2013 @ The Glass Grill & Bar
#2: Dinner treat at the newly opened The Glass Grill & Bar by my crazy besties

My dearest crazy bestie will never miss out to celebrate this meaningful day with me almost every year. It's kinda hard for us to catch up with each other nowadays due to our busy schedule especially myself, who always busy with globetrotting here and there but I glad that night, we laughed and talked like no other business.

Birthday 2013 @ Supertanker KK Restaurant
#3: Dinner treat by my daddy in MK Supertanker on the night before my birthday
[Pic: Source from Google]

Birthday 2013 @ Japanese Dream House Restaurant
#4: Brunch with my family in Japanese Dream House Restaurant on the day itself

I guess celebration with my family is exactly the same like every other year, filled with foods. This year my family celebrated my birthday a night earlier cause my dad is going outstation on my birthday itself. Plus, my aunt from Kuching was also around KK for business trip that. Thus, we went to my family favorite restaurant at MK Supertanker Restaurant. This restaurant is quite famous and almost full house every night. Thank goodness my mom managed to reserve in advance, or else it will be a long queue.

Birthday 2013 @ Travel Fashionista
#5: Travel Fashionista on Birthday Night
Blue tops & pink handbag from Bangkok, skirt & choker necklace from Singapore and earrings from South Korea.

Last but not least, a celebration with dearest Boyfie is what I'm looking forward. For this year itself, seriously I ran out of idea where to have our dinner. Just had Japanese cuisine for the past few days and for sure, I banned fast food as my birthday treat. Ended up, we went Secret Recipe which also we celebrated there back in 2 years.
Birthday 2013 @ Secret Recipe
#6: Birthday dinner in Secret Recipe, Suria Sabah

As for the surprised gift from Boyfie, since I had received a bouquet of lilies from him last year, I told him not to waste money from buying flowers again as it doesn't last long. Received once is seriously enough for me. He even plan to buy me a camera, Samsung Galaxy Camera cause I did told him few times that I wanna have that but at the end, I declined cause I just had Sony Nex 5N as my new toy last year August. So at the end, he made me this:

Birthday 2013 @ Origami Blue Bear by Boyfie
#7: A blue origami bear which he made by himself for almost 2 days. ♥♥♥
Blue is my favourite colour and he know I used to like teddy bear.

I realised sometimes we don't have to value our gift in monetary terms but this one specially handmade by him is something that money can't determine at all. This is what I call "PRICELESS GIFT". 

Once again before I end this post, I would like to thanks everyone for the wonderful & lovely birthday wishes. Yesterday was the one and only day of the year where my Facebook, Twitter, Whataaps, SMS even Instagram was showered with the tons of best birthday wishes from you guys. Thanks to all of these bloggers too; Wern Hong, Lily Riani, Dan Arif, Helmi Yusof, Ren/Janggel, Fienuts, Hilda Milda Teo, Charmaine Pua Li Ping, Adam Eben, Aemy Nadira, Caroline Ng May Ling, Sherrie Pui, Daniel Chiam, Nathalie Blue, Wendy Wong, Rayyan Haries, Jeff Chuah, Eudora Priscilla, Fish Szehui, Ivan Chan and many more. (For those who I miss out, I am so sorry cause there are more than 200 birthday wishes I didn't managed to see at all). Till then, may all the wishes and blessings fall upon you guys too. Have an awesome day! Oh ya! I just found out that 10th March is "The International Day of Awesomeness!" What's a coincidence.
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Siem Reap, Cambodia 2013 (Sneak Peek)

Have anyone of you organise a gathering trip with your school/college/unimates after graduated? Yes, I did and I think I did almost every year with different group of friends of mine. Most of my trips since year 2010 until now were either gathering trips with my secondary classmates, collegemates and even my UK unimates. Since ever all of us graduated, it's is so hard and rare to hang out together and in my own opinion, one of the best way is to have a gathering trip. However, it's not easy anyway cause sometimes it's difficult for us to find the suitable date for us to gather for a trip. Take for example for my last year Bali trip, it was supposed to be a gathering trip with my collegemates but turns out to be only 3 people were joining.

Luckily last year I managed to secure airtickets to Cambodia for 7 people at least. Actually this suppose to be my first trip for this year but turns out I went Johor Bahru and Singapore early of this year and also to Bangkok with my family last month for Chinese New Year holidays. Hence, I didn't spend much time to plan well for this trip as I was busy with closing account and setting my own business at the same time. But I glad that everything turns out well despite the scorching hot weather throughout our visit.

So, here's what my friends and I did during our 6 days trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia:

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
#1: Witness the mesmerizing sunset at Angkor Wat

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 01
#2: Bayon Temple, one of famous landmark of Siem Reap 

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 02
#3: Ta Phrom, this is where Angelina Jolie stood for the film Tomb Raider

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 03
#4: Sunset moment at floating village in Tonle Sap Lake

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 06
#5: Watching Aspara dancing show while enjoy our buffet dinner

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 04
#6: Bought some souvenirs such as postcards, fridge magnets, T-shirt for memento at Old Market 

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 05
#7: Almost every night we went Pub Street for dinner and also for night market which is nearby.

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 07
#8: Despite their poor living standard, I was so surprised that Cambodia people tends to be more friendly and love to smile to the tourists. 

For this trip, I really enjoy myself to the fullest - laughing non-stop and talking with my friends and this reminds me of my young, free and bold college life. Now, we are looking forward for our next trip. Wondering where should we heading next? In between and out of my expectation, my friends gave me a huge surprised by celebrating my early birthday in Cambodia. I was so shocked and my tears almost shedding cause I never ever thought they will purposely go and find birthday cake for me. Thank you so much, my friends!

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 08
#9: Celebrated my early birthday while having Chinese cuisine somewhere nearby Pub Street

Oh well, I am feeling kinda exhausted and tired now cause except for November last year, I had travelled abroad every month since last year August until now. But all of these paid off when I received this kind of message:

Cambodia 2013
Looks like I need to change my course to Tourism and become tourist guide. Don't you think so?

So without looking any further, Cambodia concluded as my third trip for this year and also marked as the 27th country I'd visited up to date. 

For more of my travel updates, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.
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