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My Travel Haul & Expenses of Phuket, Thailand (2012)

Most of the time when I travelled, I bought souvenirs was either specially for my family, Boyfie and closest friends. I am not those type will shop until I drop. But for country like Thailand, it's hard for me to resist myself from shopping there, which including Phuket too. I wouldn't shopping so much if we didn't went to the weekend night market. Now let me reveal what did I bought when I was in Phuket for 4 days and 3 nights.

Phuket Haul 02
#1: My shopping and food hauls from Phuket

Phuket Haul 03
#2: Food hauls especially for my family & Boyfie. Most of them bought from 7-Eleven. Hard to resist especially on the Lay's Potato Chips.

Phuket Haul 04
#3: Not just for myself, but for Boyfie too.

Phuket Haul 05
#4:Frame bought from Phi Phi Island trip.

Phuket Haul 06
#5: For friends - Small pouch, keychains, fridge magnets and for myself, cute hair accessories.

 Phuket Travel Expenses 2012
(The rate as at the time I change; RM1 : 9.71 baht)

  1. Stayed for 3 nights. For more information about this hotel, click HERE 
  2. One trip which fit up to max of 4 people is 600 baht whereas for return trip will be 1,000 baht. This is only applies when both trips is with same driver.
  3. Rate for 6 hours per day including the fuel but excluded the parking and entrance fees. Fit up to max of 4 people per vehicle.
  4. The rate for regular seat including shuttle transfer - post here.
  5. The package is including the "Fantasy of Kingdom" show, dinner buffet and shuttle transfer. - post here.
  6. A package including to the world-famous Maya Beach, Phi Phi Island and more and also comes with lunch buffet and shuttle transfer - post here.
  7. Most of my souvenirs and shopping haul are as above photos. Also including postcards and stamps I bought in Phuket.
  8. Taking photo with the ladyboy is not free but I think it's really worth. It's not like I always got the chance to take photo with them especially dress up in elegant and stylish one.


  1. Thank you very much Diana for review =)

  2. i wonder how big is ur wardrobe :)

  3. Wah, u're always buying a lot of snacks! Very informative review :)

  4. I always bring back fridge magnet whenever I travel, like to collect them!

  5. Very nice photos and These are the best travel tips found and very useful for me as travel guide. Thank you very much

    Honeymoon travel

  6. again, love to see the 'damage cost' in table. :)

  7. Thankyou so much for the tips! :) I bet it's very useful for those who are going to phuket hehe

  8. thanks you diana for information haul thailand


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