Have A Little Christmas

Wishing all my friends a world of happiness during this special Christmas Season....

I had been away for so long. Just back from my Sarawak tour. After I came back, I'm still busy coz my cousins and relatives came to Sabah. 15 of them. Many right? They from Kuching, Miri, Brunei, Perth and even England. Unexpected all of them will came at the same time. They really love Sabah and almost come every year. They just went back this noon to Miri. Hope to see them again next year.

It's been so long I had never celebrating X'mas at my hometown. I thought I will celebrating X'mas by just sitting at home, watching movie with my family. But with kind of people like me, it's hard coz I don't want to celebrate this festival with lame life. So I called up all my friends including from friend from Tawau to join me and my cousin who came from Perth. She had been staying KK for almost 2 weeks but she never able to have the change to see nightlife. So, I had decided to bring her to see KK night life. Well, by the way, it's my first time too to go out and see KK night life. Here I means was pub, karaouke and club..:P.. I went until 5 am reach home. Luckily my parents not mad at me as my cousin was with me all the time. This is the first time I went out so late. I really hope I can go Bed in the Waterfront there on this New Year Eve. Die! I'm getting to become naughty naughty :P..Merry Christmas everyone..Enjoy ur day on this special season

Last year celebration was at Choon Chiao and Siew Hsia's house at TBR.

2 years ago at Sunway Pyramid. Ponteng Tax tutorial class to go there

My favourite place for X'mas in KL, Mid Valley

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