Top 3 Commentators for Year 2013

Another year has passed and it's the time again for me to reward three blog readers of mine who leave the most trail or comments in this little humble blog of mine - Travel & Living Journal of DT. This year I didn't spend much on souvenirs while I was on the road but mostly on foods instead. So, it's kinda hard for me to courier those foods (I wish I could somehow) and I try to replace with something else. Plus, two of the winners are travel bloggers who had been almost the same places I'd been to and it's really cracking my head what to give to them. Anyway, I hope the three winners will like the little and simple token of appreciation I'm giving.

Now, it's the time for me to reveal the top 3 Commentators for the Year 2013 *drum roll again and again..................*

From the bottom 3

Biqque from Beauty in Darkness (travel blogger) - with 46 comments

  • A set of Travel stationery theme
  • Face masks and fridge magnet from Taiwan 
  •  Keychain from Sarawak
  • Lavera hand cream
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Hong Kong Day 6 & 7: Magical Moments At Hong Kong Disneyland For Second Time

Date of Visit: 22nd & 23rd September 2012

When I visited this fairy-tale theme park for the very first time back in year 2010, the rain poured right after my friends and I bought the entrance tickets. It was so unlucky that we unable to experience most of the outdoor rides and we were completely soaked when the rain refused to stop and poured for the whole day.

Two years later, here I am again back to this Magical Kingdom and this time around, without thinking any longer we bought 2-Day pass and spend two whole days here with all the non-stop of fun and play! They said Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest one compare to the rest but I just can't get enough especially anything relate to Mickey. Regardless how old you are, Disneyland is always dedicated to the young and the young at heart. Hong Kong Disneyland is the third Disneyland Park I visited after Paris and Japan.

#1: Front entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland

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Hong Kong & Macau Day 5: Golden Bauhinia Square, Avenue of Stars & Ladies Market (Mongkok)

Date of Visit: 21st September 2012

#1: As usual, dim sum for breakfast at the restaurant nearby where we stayed in Boyfie's relatives house. #nonhalal

Throughout our 7 days trip in Hong Kong and Macau, Boyfie and I had dim sum for breakfast almost every morning but we couldn't complain much cause all were treated by Boyfie's relatives. I can honestly say that Boyfie and I save a lot for this trip especially in terms of accommodation as well as for most of the foods we consumed. We couldn't ask for more relatively but feeling grateful for all the kind and warm hospitality given by Boyfie's relatives.

Since this is my 4th times to Hong Kong, I tried my best to cover most of the famous attractions and spots which I missed out from the three previous trips of mine. Besides the Big Buddha in Lantau Island, one of them would definitely be Golden Bauhinia Square, a historical and important landmark and symbol to Hong Kong.

#2: Just follow the sign and it took approximately 15 minutes walk from MTR Wan Chai Station.

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Hong Kong & Macau Day 4: Big Buddha, Ngong Ping Village & Citygate Outlets

Date of Visit: 20th September 2012

Day 4 Dim Sum Breakfast
#1: Kick off our forth day by having dim sum as breakfast again. #nonhalal

For my previous trips to Hong Kong, I didn't get the chance to visit Big Buddha in Lantau Island due to time constraint. So this time around, it is mandatory to visit, or else I will hold huge regret for the rest of my life for not visiting this.

Day 4 Ngong Ping Cable Car
#2: Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal

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Hong Kong & Macau Day 3: Impromptu Trip To Macau

Date of Visit: 19th September 2012

Trip to Macau can be claimed to be an impromptu trip for both Boyfie and I. We planned to go Macau either on the fourth or fifth day of our trip in Hong Kong, but out of sudden on the second night, I received message from a very good friend of mine that she and her husband were in Macau. Hence, we had to change our plan to go Macau on the third day without any advance preparation especially for the ferry ticket. But since both of us went there before, guess there won't be any issue for that.

Before crossing Macau, don't forget to bring along your passport cause Macau is designated under Special Administrative Regions operating which they have their own immigration controls, currencies and autonomous governments. I have few friends who eventually forgot to bring their passports along and at the end, either trip to Macau had to be cancelled or even being postponed. 

Where To Catch The Ferry
MTR Sheung Wan Station, Exit D and then head up to the 3rd floor. 

Day 3 Macau 01
#1: Everytime come out from a particular station, make sure check for the right exit. 

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Hong Kong & Macau Day 2: Star Ferry, Clock Tower & Symphony of Lights

Date of Visit: 18th September 2012

Taking public transportation in Hong Kong is one wondrous adventure. Plus, it's one unique and diverse ways to experience the city as well as the local culture and their daily lifestyle. And the best thing of all is you can explore Hong Kong either by sea, land or even air (but of course the air would be more costly). Whether soak into the sky by taking helicopter tour, or take classic street trams or even enjoy the sea breeze by taking the old-fashioned boats, there's nothing like it! 

And for this time around, finally I managed to catch on this famous icon of Hong Kong, Star Ferry. Although operated for more than a century, this charming Star Ferry is still a highly reliable and efficient form of transport . It has been faithfully transporting more than tens of millions passenger from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon each year. Even National Geographic has rated Star Ferry as "one of the 50 places to visit of a lifetime."

Day 2 Central Pier 01
#1: We embarked our journey from the Central Pier.

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Hong Kong & Macau Day 2: Central Post Office & Victoria Peak

Date of Visit: 18th September 2012

Right after we came back from Stanley Market, I told Boyfie that I wanna go post office to buy stamps for the postcards I bought from Stanley Market. Boyfie said there is one general post office situated right in Connaught Place, the Central area. It is very easy to allocate for this post office cause there is a sign everywhere in Hong Kong.

Day 2 Central Post Office 01
#1: First time I went Hong Kong's post office and it was very clean, systematic and efficient.

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My 2013 Year End Trip: Taiwan 台湾 (Sneak Peek)

I'd been to Taiwan before back in year 2010 but nothing beat the feelings of travel by our own or so-called DIY travel compare to travel with tour agency. Plus, another reason I choose to back Taiwan was because this is my birthday treat for my very best friend aka my Boyfie since he never been to Taiwan before. Besides both of us, Boyfie's best friend also tagged along for this trip and many unexpected surprised and shocking adventures happened along the way but for sure by the end of this trip, three of us indeed had a great time in Taiwan. "Whatever happened in Taiwan, stay in Taiwan!"

Taiwan Hello!
#1: 你好 Taiwan! I'm back again to this sweet potato shaped country and also the homeland of Asus & HTC after three years. 

Taiwan High Speed Rail
#2: We started off our trip by taking high speed train to Taichung and the train resembles exactly like the Japan's bullet train - fast, quiet and comfort. Taiwan makes me miss Japan so much!

So far, I know there are three options to go Taichung from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport but we choose the fastest option which was taking the high speed train cause like Hilda Milda said, every minute is valuable.

Taiwan - Taichung Night Market
#3: A visit to Taiwan is incomplete without visiting their night market and one of my favourite markets would be Fengjia Night Market in Taichung. We spend two nights in this market alone where for the first night, we spend more than 6 hours and by the second night, we wandered until midnight. Sounds so crazy, right?

Taiwan - Sun Moon Lake
#4: Sun Moon Lake for the second time and this time, took the ropeway to enjoy the whole scenic view.

Taiwan - Shifen
#5: Went Shifen 十分 for the very first time just for this waterfall. Really worth it eventhough we walked more than 30 minutes just for the sake of this.

Taiwan - Shifen Release Latern & Walk on Railway
#6: Besides the waterfall, done the things I wanna do in Shifen 十分 - like walking on the railway as well as write wishes and release the lantern. Another mission accomplished!

Taiwan - Juifen
#7: Been Jiufen 九份 but still love to return there just to search for this tea house which used as a model for Ghibli's Spirited Away animated film. No surprised to see so many Japanese tourists there for the same reason.

Taiwan - Red House XiMenDing
#8: The Red House Theater in Xi Men Ding - where you can find creative and fashionable ideas and products by the young and talented artists. My favourite place to hunt for vintage items and I went twice throughout my trip there.

Taiwan - Beitou Public Library
#9: One of the recommended places to go in Taipei would be Beitou which is well-known to be one of the largest concentrations of hot springs and spas in the world. Apart for that, Beitou Public Library
is also notable as being constructed to be an eco-friendly green building.

Taiwan - Damshui
#10: Damnshui, a port town to the northwest of Taipei for its mesmerising golden sunset view. 

Taiwan - Taipei 101
#11: And for the final day, the birthday boy said wanna go up to this world famous skyscraper which also to be known as Taipei's well-known landmark, Taipei 101.

So, basically you can see that we skipped most of those historical places like museums, memorial halls, temples and so on cause we can spend roughly more than 5 hours in one particular place. Plus, I went most of them before during my maiden visit and thus, no point for me to do another visit, right?

Taiwan Minsu
#12: Last but not least, as for our accommodation, we stayed in guesthouse or hostel, which commonly known as minsu in Taiwan. Minsu is very popular in Taiwan and you must try to stay there at least once. It's cheaper, clean, convenient and even the room space is much more bigger if compare to the hotel - My Blog on: Minsu I Stayed in Taiwan

And with this, Taiwan wrapped up as my 10th and final trip for this year alone, unless out of of expectation, I have another trip to come...

"Travel to the places you really wanna go and see, not to follow other people footsteps. It's your trips anyway, you're travel for yourself, not for other people!"
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