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Stockholm Metro Station - Probably The World's Longest Art Installation

Metro station is normally served as a transportation hub to accommodate passengers in order to travel from one point to another. Hence, it's hard to come across any metro or subway station in any cities or countries that willing to put extra effort to manicure the station. Not until my trip to Stockholm of Sweden where their metro station is definitely one of a kind and sight to behold. 

Majority of the Stockholm's metro stations are spruced up with awe-inspiring statues, mesmerising murals and art installations on its platform, walls and even waiting hall. So spending a day in Stockholm by hopping from one station to another is basically like visiting the world’s longest art exhibition.  

Here’s just a small sample of the beauty my friend and I managed to discover below the ground:  

1) T-Centralen Subway Station 

This station is believed to be the first Stockholm's station to feature artwork installation. Painted the entire station in blue shades together with the simple motifs – stylized flowers and leaf creepers, the idea is to create calming atmosphere for the passengers pause and a chance to clear their mind as this station is where people always in a rush and hurry.  

#1: T-Centralen Subway Station 

#2: Painted in blue shades together with the simple motifs – stylized flowers and leaf creepers to create calming atmosphere

How To Reach T-Centralen Subway Station:
Can be reached by all subway train in Stockholm. 

2) Tekniska Högskolan Subway Station  
Close to the Royal Institute of Technology, the main intention of opening this station is to ease the convenience of the professors and students in order to get to the classes. And the most eye-catching of this station, are probably the five regular polyhedra located on the platform, each one representing one of Plato’s five elements: fire, water, air, earth, and ether. 

#3: Tekniska Högskolan Subway Station  

#4: The most eye-catching are the five regular polyhedra located on the platform

How To Reach Tekniska Högskolan Subway Station:
Tekniska högskolan is on the subway's red line no. 14 

3) Stadion Subway Station
Not far away from T-Centralan, I can say that this is probably one of our favourite where you can spot a colourful rainbow in vivid colours painted against the bright light blue between two platforms. This instantly makes me wanna sing, "Somewhere over the rainbow" song. Not just the platform is pretty attractive, but we also attracted to murals and art installation at the waiting hall.

#5: Stadion Subway Station

#6: One of our favourite metro station in Stockholm 

#7: Even the art installation on the wall is simply gorgeous

How To Reach Stadion Subway Station:
Stadion is on the subway's red line no. 14 

4) Solna Centrum Subway Station
Originally this station were painted solely in green and red only, but over the time, the artist decided to add more details and arts such as houses, rivers and trees. The bright green indicates the forest and the powerful red represents an evening sunset setting behind the treetops. 

#8: Solna Centrum Subway Station

#9: Red and green are the main highlight colour of this station 

How To Reach Solna Centrum Subway Station:
Solna Centrum is on the subway's blue line no. 11 

5) Kungsträdgården Subway Station 
Consider to be one of the city's most stunning stations and unsurprisingly, also to be one of its most photographed stations. Located in the middle of downtown Stockholm, Kungsträdgården is one of the Stockholm's oldest public parks. Hence, almost everything on the station portraits the story of the site above ground where the colour scheme of red, white and green is a reference to old French formal garden.  

#10: Kungsträdgården Subway Station 

#11: This station is painted to portrait Stockholm's oldest public park.

How To Reach Kungsträdgården Subway Station:
Kungsträdgården is on the subway's blue line. It can be reached by taking the no. 10 and 11 trains.

Actually, there are even more subway stations in Stockholm waiting to be discovered but due to limited of time, my friend and I only able to visit and cover 5 as the above. How we wish we could spend longer time in this wonderful city of Stockholm? 

With its extensive subway, the ideal way to travel around Stockholm is by taking metro/subway. The metro system called the Tunnelbana and has exactly 100 stations. Metro is probably the fastest way to travel to many inner suburbs not served by suburban rail, as well as offering a scenic view from the bridge between Gamla stan and Slussen. If you are in Stockholm for a short period of time but want an unlimited access on subways, you can consider to buy a pass with 24-hour just like we did. 

#12: 24-Hour Ticket for unlimited access not only on subways, but it also can apply on bus, trams and commuter trains. 

#13: Wondering when lah we can go travel? I'm freaking miss travelling so much 😭😭

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