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Bangkok, Thailand (2012) Day 3: Grand Palace

Date Visited: 19th October 2012

Besides purely for shopping, at least both my friend and I did spare few of our days for sightseeing around Bangkok. On the third day during my maiden visit to this City of Angels, we decided to visit the spectacular Grand Palace, undeniable one of the city's most visited famous landmark and symbol. Once we done with the breakfast, we walked roughly around 10 minutes from our hotel, The Period Pratunam Hotel of Bangkok to the nearest BTS Skytrain Station, Ratchathewi Station and from there, we travelled to BTS Saphan Taksin Station.

Day 3 Bangkok, Thailand - Saphan Taksin
#1: Explore the city of Bangkok with BTS Skytrain and MRT is pretty convenient and inexpensive.

Of course, there are few options in order to get to Grand Palace; either you could directly take taxi, tuk-tuk or even the public bus but then, we opted for the most enjoyable and fascinating route which was to take BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin and from there, take the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat to Maharaj Pier.

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Around The World in Terminal 21

Date Visited: 18th October 2012
13th February 2013

As it was my maiden trip to Bangkok back in year 2012, I always did a research beforehand to see which attractions and tourist spots should I go and visit. This is where I came across Terminal 21 from one of my favourite food and travel bloggers, Kampung Boy City Gal's blog.

Terminal 21 is a mixed-use complex which consists of two parts - shopping mall and hotel & residence. But what attract most travellers and tourists to visit Terminal 21 was for its uniqueness and mesmerising interior design, even for the restrooms as well. So, when I visited for the very first time, I instantly fall in love with this place and went back again for the second time with my family a year later.

Day 2 Bangkok, Thailand - Terminal 21 01

Day 2 Bangkok, Thailand - Terminal 21 01-1

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Hotel Review: The Period Pratunam Hotel of Bangkok, Thailand

When talking about Bangkok's accommodation, you can easily find abundant range of accommodation, from the cheapest one to the most splurge type, and yet it doesn't burn a huge hole for one's wallet. It's just the matter of location that most tourists would be concerned of. For backpackers, most of they prefer to stay in Khao San Road whereas for those whose main intention to Bangkok solely for shopping just like me, the recommendation would be in Siam Square, Silom or even Pratunam area. My friend and I decided to stay in Pratunam area as it is consists of large garment market with hundreds of fashion stores selling both retail and wholesale and we chosen The Period Pratunam Hotel.

The Period Pratunam Bangkok 01
#1: Overview of The Period Pratunam Hotel

The Period Pratunam is situated right at the center of Pratunam district amidst the shopping centers, food outlets and many other tourist spots within walking distance. Besides that, there are few massage parlours nearby with a surprisingly dirt cheap massage rate. Basically, it is a relatively small boutique hotel namely for those who are looking for a nice and clean bed and nothing else.

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North of Thailand 2014 (Sneak Peek)

"Located among green hills and mountains, Chiang Mai is a favourite Northern Thailand destination for travellers. The “Rose of the North” is well-known for extraordinary handicraft, delicious food and rich history. It is home to more than 300 temples in Lanna and Burmese styles, some of them are just as old as the city. It’s no surprise that expats from all over the world flock to Chiang Mai for that ideal blend of rustic appeal and modern amenities." Travel 3Sixty - AirAsia In-flight Magazine

Straightly we landed in Chiang Mai International Airport, my friend and I immediately booked bus ticket to a small town by the name of Pai, which located 3-4 hours from Chiang Mai. 

 Thailand - Pai 03
#1: Never underestimate this tiny and small little town of Pai. The fresh air, countryside sceneries and a hot spot for many tourists, no wonder that this artsy and hippie inspired town is popular for a few days’ getaway. I instantly fall in love with this town.

Thailand - Pai 01
#2: We woke up early just to catch sunrise in Pai Canyon where there was no one there, except my friend and I.

Thailand - Pai 04
#3: The most colourful and creative #postbox I ever bumped into and it's only in Pai town.

After spending 3 days 2 nights in Pai Town, we went back to Chiang Mai.

Thailand - Chiang Mai 01
#4: It's splashing here and there in Chiang Mai cause it's Songkran festival. This is how the Thai celebrated their New Year!

Thailand - Chiang Raii 01
#5: I took a day tour to Chiang Rai and one of the most anticipated for this trip was this Wat Rong Khun, the most magnificent and enchanting White Temple.

Thailand - Chiang Rai 02
#6: We also did a crossover to Laos! From Sawadee kap to Sabaidee! Just for 30 minutes

Thailand - Chiang Rai 03
#7: We almost did another crossover to Myanmar but the local tour guide refused to do so cause worry we unable to get back to Thailand. [Note: Malaysian require visa to enter into Myanmar]

Thailand - Chiang Mai 02
#8: With this, another of my travel checklist has been accomplished. Now considering where should be my next destination. 

P/S: Might not able to blog my North of Thailand travelogue at this moment cause catching up to blog my outdated and overdue travelogues. However, if you have any enquiry regarding my North of Thailand trip, you are welcome to leave me a message at dtdianateo@gmail.com
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Our Main Mission To Bangkok Is Purely For Shopping!

That's it. My title post said it all! So if you are looking for some kind of wild adventure posts around Bangkok here, I'm sorry to inform you that my Bangkok travelogue is not what are you looking for. 

I can't deny that I love to do shopping but then, who doesn't anyway? Some said the best places to shop in the world would be Paris, Milan, London, Hong Kong (these are specially for those who are looking for famous designer brands and high end articles) and for budget shopaholics, most likely they prefer to shop in countries such as Indonesia (Jakarta & Bandung), China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Bangkok. So far from all the visits to various cities, I must admit that Bangkok is indeed undeniable the best shopping paradise in the world. And within less than half a year from this visit, I returned back to Bangkok again with my family for last year Chinese New Year holiday. That's shows how I love Bangkok so much and I don't mind of going back Bangkok every year. #daydreaming  

Date Visited: 17th October 2012
Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 01
#1: Starting from 1st October 2012, AirAsia is no longer operating in Suvarnabhumi International Airport but moved to Don Mueang International Airport, one of Thailand's oldest airport.

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Summary of My 8D7N Melbourne, Australia Travelogue (2012)

Day 1 (30th September 2012)
Maiden Visit & Wandered Around Melbourne City
Summary of Melbourne Day 1

Day 2 (1st October 2012)
Puffing Billy

Eureka Skydeck 88

Day 3 (2nd October 2012)
1 Day Great Ocean Road Classic Tour
Summary of Melbourne Day 3
The cost for this tour was AUD$120 which included all park entrance fees, morning tea & biscuits and also Aussie BBQ lunch. It even included pick-up and drop-off from where I stayed. 

Day 4 (3rd October 2012)
1 Day Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tour
Summary of Melbourne Day 4
The cost for this tour was AUD$125 which included all park entrance fees and pre-packed dinner at Penguin Parade. It even included pick-up and drop-off from where I stayed.

Day 5 (4th October 2012)
1 Day Mornington Peninsula Ultimate Tour
Day 5 Melbourne, Australia - Mornington Peninsula 07
The cost for this tour was AUD$145 which included all park entrance fees, morning tea & biscuits and lunch. It even included pick-up and drop-off from where I stayed.

The three full one day tour packages above, I booked them directly from Bunyip Tours.
You can book online at their website www.bunyitours.com or go to their office:
Bunyip Tours
570 Flinders Street,
Melbourne Victoria,
Australia 3000

Day 6 (5th October 2012)
Queen Victoria Market and Flinders Street Railway Station
Summary of Melbourne Day 6-1
Queen Victoria Market is open five days a week except for Mondays and Wednesdays.

Melbourne Aquarium

Fitzroy Gardens, Cooks' Cottage & DFO South Wharf
Summary of Melbourne Day 6-3

Day 7 (6th October 2012)
Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Day 8 (7th October 2012)
I Almost Missed My Flight Due To Daylight Saving Time
Day 8 Melbourne, Australia Airport 05

Extra Posts:
Literally, I spend 8 solid days in Melbourne itself without going any further cities like Tasmania or even Sydney like what most traveller did, but trust me, even 8 days isn't enough for you to explore the whole city of Melbourne. Most of the Melburnians I met, they told me 8 days wasn't enough and even advised me to spend and stay in Melbourne for at least two weeks. How I wish  I could have such a long holiday break for that?
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    My Travel Loots & Expenses of Melbourne, Australia (2012)

    Now let me reveal what I bought from Melbourne. 

    #1: Foods and typical souvenirs are what I bought when I was in Melbourne.

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    I Almost Missed My Flight Due To Daylight Saving Time

    Have you guys ever heard of daylight saving time? If not and ever wondering what it is? Oh well, according to Wikipedia, it is the practice of advancing clocks during the lighter months so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less. Let's take example of this, currently the time difference between Malaysia and United Kingdom is where the latter one is 7 hours behind the local time of Malaysia but during daylight saving, it will be 8 hours different. Although not practiced by the majority of the world's countries, daylight saving time is common in the Western World. 

    I knew about this when I was in United Kingdom and Europe after staying there for almost 4 months, but I have never experienced it so far. I also knew that Australia does have daylight saving but then, I never thought I was so unlucky that it eventually happened on the last and final day before I left Melbourne. Before the first few days, Australia local time was 2 hours ahead of Malaysia, but on the final day, it changed to 3. Indirectly due to this, I missed the Skybus, the express bus I supposedly take to airport.

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    Postcrossing: Direct Swap

    I'd been signed up Postcrossing for long time ago but then, I always don't have the time to send postcards cause I myself been busy globetrotting around lately. However while busy doing globetrotting, I always make sure I will do the travel routine - buy, write and send postcards from the places and cities I been to. 

    So I just started postcrossing lately and this post serves as postcard gallery for those who interested in direct swap. (Will update this postcard gallery from time to time)

    Sabah - Jesselton
    SB - JS01
    Sabah - Jesselton

    Sabah - Kota Kinabalu City View V2
    SB - KK01
    Sabah -City of Kota Kinabalu View Version 1

    Sabah - Kota Kinabalu View
    SB - KK02
    Sabah -City of Kota Kinabalu View Version 2

    Sabah - Tourism Board, Gaya Street
    SB - TB01
    Sabah - Tourism Board of Gaya Street

    Sabah - Gaya Island
    SB - TI01
    Sabah - Gaya Island (Will restock upon request)

    Sabah - Mamutik Island
    SB - TI02
    Sabah - Mamutik Island
    Sabah - Manukan Island
    SB - TI03
    Sabah - Manukan Island Version 1

    Sabah - Sapi Island
    SB - TI04
    Sabah - Sapi Island

    Sabah - Manukan Island v2
    SB - TI05
    Sabah - Manukan Island Version 2 (Will restock upon request)

    Sabah - Sipadan Island
    SB - SI01
    Sabah - Sipadan Island Version 1

    Sabah - Sipadan Mabul Kapalai
    SB - SI02
    Sabah - Sipadan Island Version 2

    Sabah - Sipadan V2
    SB - SI03
    Sabah - Sipadan Island Version 3

    Sabah - Kinabalu Park
    SB - KP01
    Sabah - Kinabalu Park

    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu V1
    SB - MK01
    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu Version 1

    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu V2
    SB - MK02
    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu Version 2 (Will restock upon request)

    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu V3
    SB - MK03
    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu Version 3

    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu V4
    SB - MK04
    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu Version 4

    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu V5
    SB - MK05
    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu Version 5

    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu V6
    SB - MK06
    Sabah - Mount Kinabalu Version6

    Sabah - Kinabalu National Memorial
    SB - NM01
    Sabah - Kinabalu National Memorial

    Sabah - Poring Hot Spring
    SB - PH01
    Sabah - Poring Hot Spring

    Sabah - Atkinson Tower
     SB - AT01
    Atkinson Clock Tower

    Sabah - The Tip of Borneo
    SB - KD01
    Sabah - The Tips of Borneo (Kudat)

    Sabah - Kudat V2
    SB - KD02
    Sabah - Gong Making (Kudat) 

    Sabah - Kinabatangan Sabah
    SB - KR01
    Sabah - Kinabatangan River

    Sabah - Maliau Basin V1
    SB - MB01
    Sabah - Maliau Basin Version 1

    Sabah - Maliau Basin V2

    SB - MB02
    Sabah - Maliau Basin Version 2


    Sabah - Regatta Lepa Lepa, Tawau

    SB - RL01
    Sabah - Regatta Lepa Lepa, Semporna

     Sabah - Orang Utan 01
    SB - OU01
    Sabah - Orang Utan Version 1

    Sabah - Orang Utan V2

    SB - OU02
    Sabah - Orang Utan Version 2

    Sabah - Proboscis Monkey
    SB - PM01
    Sabah - Proboscis Monkey Version 1 (Will restock upon request)

    Sabah - Proboscis Monkey V2
    SB - PM02
    Sabah - Proboscis Monkey Version 2

    Sabah - Proboscis Monkey V3
    SB - PM03
    Sabah - Proboscis Monkey Version 3

    Sabah - Green Turtle
    SB - GT01
    Sabah - Green Turtle

    Sabah - Pitcher Plant
    SB - PP01
    Sabah - Pitcher Plant

    Sabah - Sabah Map
    SB - MP01
    Sabah Map Version 1

    Sabah - Sabah Map V2

    SB - MP02
    Sabah Map Version 2

    Sabah - Kadazandusun Girl
    SB - KT01
    Sabah Kadazandusun Girl Tribe Version 01

    Sabah - Kadazandusun Matron
    SB - KT02
    Sabah Kadazandusun Matron Tribe Version 02

    Sabah - Rungus People V1
    SB - RT01
    Sabah Rungus Tribe Version 1

    Sabah - Rungus People V2
    SB - RT02
    Sabah Rungus Tribe Version 2

    Sabah - Rungus People V3
    SB - RT03
    Sabah Rungus Tribe Version 3

    Kuala Lumpur - KLCC
    KL - CC01 (Not available at this moment until further notice)
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 1

    Kuala Lumpur - KLCC 02
    KL - CC02
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 2

    Kuala Lumpur - KLCC 03
    KL - CC03
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 3

    Kuala Lumpur - KLCC 04
    KL - CC04
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 4 (Not available at this moment)

     Kuala Lumpur - KLCC 06
    KL - CC05
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 5

     Kuala Lumpur - KLCC 07
    KL - CC06
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 6

    Kuala Lumpur - KLCC 08
    KL - CC07
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 7

     Kuala Lumpur - KLCC 09
    KL - CC08
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 8

     Kuala Lumpur - KLCC 10
    KL - CC09
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 9

    Kuala Lumpur - KLCC 12
    KL - CC10
    Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Version 10

     Kuala Lumpur - Masjid Jamek
    KL - MJ01
    Kuala Lumpur Masjid Jamek 

    Selangor - Batu Caves
    SL - BC01
    Selangor - Batu Caves

     Kelantan - Pasar Siti Khadijah
    KB - PS01
    Kelantan - Pasar Siti Khadijah

    Genting Highlands Resort Malaysia
    MY - GH01 (**Limited Edition**)
    Genting Highlands Resort Malaysia

    Malaysia Airlines
    MAS01 (**Limited Edition**) - Not available at this moment until further notice
    Malaysia Airlines

    Majority of the postcards as shown above are from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, North Borneo of Malaysia. Few were bought from other cities and states of Malaysia. 

    I'm currently new to postcrossing and hope to exchange more postcards.
    Not necessary but I would prefer the following postcards:
    - Building and architectures
    - Landmarks, symbols or iconic from your countries or cities.
    - Landscapes and scenery (Islands, mountains, waterfalls, etc)
    - Festivals, cultures or events 

    I prefer to exchange those postcards from countries which I have not been to yet especially from North America, South America, New Zealand, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden and more. 

    Besides postcards, I also love to collect fridge magnets. If you would like to swap with me, you are welcome to do so by leaving comment below or email me at dianateodt@gmail.com.

    Happy Postcrossing!

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