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My Travel Loots & Expenses of Melbourne, Australia (2012)

Now let me reveal what I bought from Melbourne. 

#1: Foods and typical souvenirs are what I bought when I was in Melbourne.

#2: Australia's favourite snacks and potato chips specially for Boyfie. 

#3: Variety of Tim Tam chocolate biscuits flavours which hardly found back in Malaysia and they were incredibly cheap. Cause they are originated from Australia.

#4: Arnott's Shapes savoury biscuits

#5: My friend told me that these chocolates taste yummy. Hence, I bought 10 bars instantly.

Note: #2-#5 I purchased from Woolworths Supermarket of QV Centre (nearby the State Library of Victoria).

#6: Plush kangaroo and koala bookmarks and of course, plushies 

#7: Fridge magnets, obligated to buy especially for someone who went Australia for the very first time.

#8: More fridge magnets which bought from Queen Victoria Market. These type - 6 for AUD$10

#9: For these, 8 for AUD$10. Also from Queen Victoria Market

#10: A set of keychain for AUD$4

#11: Gold plated bookmarks - 6 for AUD$10

#12: Themed T-shirt is another must! AUD$5 each but the kind lady seems to be given me exta one for free.

#13: Tote bag - 4 for AUD$10

#14: Melbourne photo frame

Note: Except for #7, #6-#14 I bought from Queen Victoria Market. So now you know where to hunt for those typical souvenirs, especially if you wanna buy in bulk.

#15: Car road sign stick for AUD$1.50. Bought these from one of the souvenirs shop nearby Flinders Street Station. 

#15: This could be consider the most pricey tote bag I ever bought. Bought this in Federation Square

And the following is my sharing of the full details of my travel expenses that I spend throughout the 8 days and 7 nights trip around Melbourne, Australia:
Melbourne 2012 Trip Expenses-3 
(The rate as at the time I changed; RM3.26 : AUD$1)

  1. The original airfare is RM640 and RM10 is for the credit card charges.
  2. My friend helped me to prebooked before I arrived Melbourne.
  3. Due to daylight saving time, I missed my Skybus and bought another last minute airport bus ticket.
  4. Myki costs AUD$6 for the card itself and has no value on it. 
  5. The original fare for train ride is AUD$41 but then, I got the discount voucher from Melbourne's Visitor Guide Book which I took from Melbourne's Visitor Centre, hence I got 30% off.
  6. Because I booked 2 full one day tours at the same time, they gave me the Melbourne attraction passes for free which includes entry to Melbourne Aquarium, Eureka Skydeck and a choice between Old Melbourne Gaol or Polly Woodside. 
  7. The cost for this tour is AUD$125 which included all park entrance fees, morning tea & biscuits and also Aussie BBQ lunch. It even included pick-up and drop-off from where you stay.
  8. The cost for this tour is AUD$120 which included all park entrance fees and pre-packed dinner at Penguin Parade. It even included pick-up and drop-off from where you stay.
  9. The original tour package was AUD$149 but then, was given 10% off. 
  10. Most of my souvenirs and shopping haul are as above photos. Also including postcards and stamps which I bought and sent out earlier.
  11. I applied through local travel agent.


  1. I love your excel spreadsheet table, so organized and neat, and at one glance, we can see what are your expenses, well done!

  2. Wow! You really bought a lot of stuff, haha! But those t-shirts for AUD5 each + 1 free are quite a bargain! I should have spent more time at QVM!

  3. Tim tam mint my all time favourite! Ok tomorrow gonna buy those dekat cold storage!

  4. cantiknya fridge magnet GOR tu...dulu kami cari tapi tak jumpa...di mana ye u beli? =D

    1. Yang dari photo #7 kah? Saya beli dari kedai di Cape Otway Lighthouse.

    2. oh patut la, kami tak sampai ke situ... =D

  5. Looking at the snacks makes me feeling hungry only...

  6. The T-shirts are cheap. If dont convert the money la.

    Very nice haul.

  7. The bookmark is so cute!

    Yesterday, received your postcard that sent from Korea. Thanks.

    P/S: Your writing is so neat.

  8. wooowww..so many souvenirs you have bought~ RM4000+ is not bad actually...how about accommodations? stay at your friend's place?

  9. Thanks a lot for your posts! Really helped me a lot during my travel to Oz..Inspired by you, I ahve written about the souvenirs I bought from Melbourne. http://freshlywovenlifetales.blogspot.in/2015/12/souvenirs-from-australia.html


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