Dear Travelling, I Miss You So Much

I miss hunting for cheap airfares. 

I miss planning and drafting itineraries as well doing budgeting. 

I miss packing my bags, being luggage or backpack type. 

I miss going to the airport counter and getting the boarding pass. 

I miss walking down the aisle and sitting to my favourite seat - the window where I can get the awesome aerial view. 

I miss landing on new places for new adventures and journey. 

I miss savouring the local food. 

I miss reading the map, hop on and off the buses and trains. 

I miss taking thousands of photos. 

I miss getting magnets, writing postcards and buying stamps in every places I go. 

TRAVELLING, I miss you so much. Wondering when will I see you again? 
I know I'm lucky that I able to explore many parts of Sabah but I want something more. Something far far away, before my passport is going to expire next year. Oh no!

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