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Summary of My 6D5N Siem Reap, Cambodia (2013) Travelogue & Travel Expenses

Here is the compilation for all the post relating to my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia for 6 days and 5 nights. I also share on the transportation charge as it vary on each day. Besides that, by end of this post, I also share on how much I spent throughout my trip.

Day 1: 1st March 2013
Transportation charge for Day 1 is US$15, including pick up from airport to the guesthouse and also to Phnom Bakheng for sunset viewing.

First Day in Siem Reap
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 1 - 01

Stay: Motherhome Guesthouse
Siem Reap, Cambodia 04

Day 2: 2nd March 2013
Transportation charge for Day 2 is US$30 for day touring.

Catching Sunrise at Angkor Wat
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 2 - 01 Angkor Wat

Angkor Thom; South Gate & Bayon Temple
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 2 - Bayon Temple 01

Ta Prohm Temple
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 2 - Ta Prohm Temple 06

Day 3: 3rd March 2013
Apsara Dance
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 3 - Apsara Dance 01
The cost of show is US$8 per pax (approx. to RM24) which include buffet feast and tuk-tuk pick up and drop off.

Day 4: 4th March 2013
Transportation charge for Day 4 is US$45 for day touring and journey to Tonle Sap Lake.

Angkor Grand Circuit
Day 4 Angkor Grand Circuit of Siem Reap

Tonle Lap Sake
Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 4 - Tonle Sap Lake 03
The admission fee is US$10 (approx. to RM30).

Day 5: 5th March 2013
Transportation charge for Day 5 is US$70 as these three tourist spots located far away from Siem Reap city center.

Banteay Srey, Kbal Spean & Beng Mealea
Day 5 Siem Reap

Extra Features

And the following is the details of my travel expenses that I spend for my 6 days and 5 nights trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia:

KK-KL-KK via AirAsia
KL-Siem Reap-KL via AirAsia
Add On

Motherhome Guesthouse – 5 nights

Local Tour Guide/Driver
Engaged for 4 days

Tuk-tuk from/to guesthouse

Admission Fees
3 Days Temple Pass
Apsara Dance
Tonle Sap Lake Floating Village
Beng Mealea

Food & Beverages
Around Siem Reap

Souvenirs, food haul, postcards &




















(The exchange rate by the time I changed; RM3:USD$1)

  1. Baggage allowance for my flight KL-Siem Reap-KL and shared among my friends.
  2. Stayed for 5 nights throughout the trip, which including the breakfast as well.
  3. Rate for a day is charge differently - depending on the itinerary. The tour normally start at 8am and end at roughly around 7-8pm. Throughout our trip, we engaged the local driver from our guest house and they provided us with a mini van which  can accommodate up to 8 people. The fee charged including the fuel and driver fee. As we engaged their service for 3 days, we were given free pick up and drop off to airport.  
  4. For more of the temple pass, read more HERE.

Siem Reap - 01 Souvenir Haul
#Souvenir haul
  • Fridge magnets, keychain
  • T-shirt - US$3
  • Photo frame - US$6
  • Silk shawl - US$2
  • Silk cushion covers - US$4 for a pair
  • Ancient Angkor book - US$5

Siem Reap - 02 Food Haul
#Food haul
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      Local Markets in Siem Reap

      Most of my Siem Reap travelogues are about temple sightseeing only and here's come the common question, where are the best places in Siem Reap for souvenirs hunting? For traditional items and souvenirs, the best place would be none other than Siem Reap's local markets. 

      In Khmer, market is called "phsar" and these traditional Cambodian phsar are sprawling, semi covered affair of small shops and stalls, and a visit to any of them is an important part of any Cambodian experience.

      Old Market (Phsar Chas)
      The original Khmer market and most popular one in Siem Reap, Old Market caters to visitors and locals, offering a wide selection of everything; from souvenirs, silks, jewellery, antiques, clothes, shoes and even household items and homewares. There is even fresh food available within the market. This place is absolutely a true cultural shopping experience.

      Siem Reap Old Market 01
      #1: Old Market of Siem Reap

      Siem Reap Old Market 02
      #2: Statues and carvings, souvenirs, Cambodian silks and more in Old Market

      Siem Reap Old Market 03
      #3: Colourful souvenirs

      Location: Downtown near the Siem Reap river.

      Art Center Night Market
      Right opposite of the Old Market, Art Center Night Market offers a broad mixture of locally manufactured products such as silk, crocodile leather, clothing and other souvenirs. There are also a couple of restaurants which serve a fine combination of authentic Khmer and Western food. From Old Market, just cross one of the wooden bridges over the river and you will come across the entrance of the market itself.

      Siem Reap Art Center Night Market 01
      #4: Art Center Night Market

      Siem Reap Art Center Night Market 02

      Opening hours: Every day from 8 pm until midnight 
      Location: Old Market area, on the east bank of the Siem Reap River

      Angkor Night Market
      Angkor Night Market is the first and original night market in Cambodia harbours more than 240 thatch roofed shops and stalls offering wide range of souvenirs and other traditional crafts. Besides shopping, one can also watch a historical documentary about the Khmer at the night market's movie mall. Here also is the place where one can pamper with an original Dr Fish massage or body and feet massage.

      Siem Reap Angkor Night Market 01
      #6: Angkor Night Market

      Siem Reap Angkor Night Market 02
      #7: Thatch roofed shops and stalls

      Opening hours: Every day from 4pm until midnight
      Location: On Sivutha Blvd, just 100m from Pub Street, follow the neon lights to find its location

      One thing I love about night market is prices are always negotiable. Greet the vendor with a smile, talk friendly and for sure, you can always get the best price you want.

      [Credit To: Siem Reap - The Webportal to Angkor Wat
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      Motherhome Guesthouse of Siem Reap, Cambodia

      Most of the times when I travelled with my family and friends, I always in charge of planning the whole trips, including selecting the accommodations. But for this time around, one of my travelmates suggested to stay in this lodge by the name of Motherhome Guest House in Siem Reap. 

      We're almost heartattack when we found no more rooms available from Agoda (the first place where I always browse for accommodations), the other alternative would be directly email them asking for any rooms availability and luckily most of the rooms were still available. As no deposit and advanced fees are required and since the rate of the rooms were pretty affordable and reasonable, without any second thought, we knew this is the place we would love to stay in Siem Reap.

      Upon arrived at Siem Reap International Airport, we were greeted by a friendly driver, who later on turned out to be our own personal driver throughout our whole trip in Siem Reap. The journey from the airport to the guesthouse took roughly 30-35 minutes.

      Siem Reap, Cambodia 02
      #1: Refreshing pineapple juice as welcome drink

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      Siem Reap, Cambodia (2013) Day 5: Banteay Srey, Kbal Spean & Beng Mealea

      Date Visited: 5th March 2013

      Another day for another temple sightseeing in Siem Reap but this will be our final day to do so, cause on the next day, we will leaving this incredible and amazing place permanently. Compare to the most temples of Angkor Grand Circuit we visited on the forth day, the temples we visited on final day were slightly crowded with the number of visitors. 

      Banteay Srey
      Banteay Srey is another Cambodia temple dedicated to Shiva, the God of Hindu. It is built largely of a hard red sandstone, a medium that lends itself to the elaborate decorative wall carvings which are remain well-preserved until today.

      Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 5 - Banteay Srey 01
      #1: Red coloured stone of Banteay Srey 

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      Foodie Friday: Foods in Siem Reap, Cambodia

      Travelling Period: 1st March - 6th March 2013

      Let's take a break from temple sightseeing and now let me share what my friends and I had for our meals when we were at Siem Reap, Cambodia. Although there are not much variety comparing to our pride Malaysian foods, but there are still some reasonably good and affordable priced restaurants around serving both Western cuisines and local foods. Most of these restaurants are concentrated in the Old Market and Pub Street areas.

      NOTE: All are charged in USD.

      Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 1 - 03
      #1: Our lunch on first day at a random eatery nearby KFC in Sivatha Road where they served authentic Khmer cuisines such as Fried Rice Loklak

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      Siem Reap, Cambodia (2013) Day 4: Part 2 - Tonle Sap Lake

      Date Visited: 4th March 2013

      Once we done with the Angkor Grand Circuit tour, we requested our driver to stopby at KFC for our lunch break. We did spot this fast food chain restaurant right on the first day we reach Siem Reap and honestly to say, this fast food is definitely can't run away from our staple meal. Of course, if there is any McDonald's outlets available, for sure we will list it as one of our itinerary but so far, the huge yellow M logo  with red background hasn't breakthrough into Cambodia market yet. And so we did try Cambodia's KFC but not much different from Malaysia one.

      After satisfied our hungry tummy, we moved on the our final destination on the forth day - visit the infamous Tonle Sap Lake. Tonle Lap Sake is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia and it is an ecological hot spot that was designated as a UNESCO biosphere in 1997.

      Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 4 - Tonle Sap Lake 01
      #1: The entrance fee to the floating village is US$10

      Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 4 - Tonle Sap Lake 02
      #2: Dry season by the time when we were there

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      Siem Reap, Cambodia (2013) Day 4: Part 1 - Angkor Grand Circuit

      Date Visited: 4th March 2013

      Most people came to Siem Reap just to visit the well-known Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple and Ta Prohm but there are actually quite number of temples worth for you to spend some time for visit. Almost all the temples we visited on the forth day were less crowded with low traffic of tourists, hence it is good for us because not just we had peaceful time to wander around, we don't even have to worry our photos with any expectation of photobomb.

      Pre Rub
      Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 4 - 01 Pre Roub
      #1: The reddish colour Pre Rub temple 

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