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Kitchen, it's currently my favourite playground too.

Airplane meal prepared by yours truly. How I miss flying so much?

It's funny before the pandemic time, I don't really into cooking and the number of times I entered the kitchen, can be calculated using all my fingers. My dad used to ask me to go and learn from my mom in the kitchen but I refused to do so. So I guess, this pandemic has completely turned me to become a homecook which I have never expected to be. 

Most of the recipes I searched and learned, either from Google, Youtube, Facebook and even Instagram too. There are few I tried to figure it out on my own. Throughout the pandemic, I experimented all kind of different food, such as our local cuisines like nasi lemak, curry chicken, chicken rice and even other nation cuisines like Thai, Korean and Japanese cuisines. I even tried to bake cake and made desserts for the first time in my life.  

So, now let me show you my homecooked dishes: 

Local Cuisines 

Nasi Kuning and Ayam Masak Merah 

Nasi Lemak and Ayam Masak Merah 

Chicken Rice using my mom's recipe 

Claypot Chicken Rice but using rice cooker - Recipe by Rose from Rose's World

First time cooked curry chicken from scratch, not using instant curry paste and my dad said it's so good

Kolo Mee and Wonton Soup
The noodle bought from market and I mixed all the sauces myself and as for the wonton, I made the filling and wrapped myself.

Meehum Siam and Ayam Goreng Berempah 
Try to replicate the local eatery Nasi Lemak Bamboo

Steamed Cabbage Meat Roll - Recipe by Trendy Gourmet

Creamy Butter Prawn and Chicken
It's my husband's favourite

This is my signature dish - spring roll with curry potatoes as filling 

Japanese Cuisines 
This is my most favourite cuisine to cook with and I will cook like almost every week. Some are pretty simple like Katsu Curry and Oyakadon but there are some required lots of efforts to cook with. Majority of the ingredients I got them from Daiso and for some from Don Don Donki (Shopee)

Katsu Curry (Japanese Curry with Chicken Cutlet) and Tamagoyaki

Cooked for my family and my brothers love it

Teriyaki Chicken Don - using homemade teriyaki sauce

Curry Udon 

Oyakadon (Chicken and Egg Bowl)

Tamagoyaki - this need to practice more

Japanese Night with Gyoza and Edamame 

Ebi Furai (Panko Shrimp) 

Thai Cuisines
Besides Japanese food, I do love Thai food too. Hence, I tried to cook few of Thai cuisines such as Pandan Chicken, Tom Yam Gung and Pineapple Rice. Thai cuisines are indeed required lots of ingredients.  

Korean Cuisines

Dakgangjeong (Sweet Crispy Korean Fried Chicken)
Prefer to use boneless chicken

Budae Jjigae 
Korean Army Stew with instant ramen noodle, kimchi, sliced sausages, canned ham, soft beancurd, chicken, cheese and Korean red chilli paste.   


Cheese Baked Chicken Rice 

Orange Chicken
Inspired from Panda Express, an American fast food restaurant chain 

Hawaii Garlic Shrimp
Inspired from our trip to Hawaii last year

Chicken Chop Mushroom Sauce with Homemade Potato Wedges

The only time I able to prepare and cook breakfast is on weekend and public holiday, cause that's the time where I don't have to go to work.

Hearty breakfast for just the two of us. Bread, egg and baked beans are must.

Bread Omelette - Stumbled upon this from Facebook 

Burrito with Mission Wraps
I came across these mission wraps last year MCO 1.0 and since ever then, I restock like almost every week. I even introduced to my mom and my brothers and they started to love it and we will have burritos for breakfast like once a week. 

Another dish using Mission wraps where I filled with cooked minced meat and cheese

Because I don't have an oven at my own place, therefore I hardly bake any cakes or bread. I tried to make simple desserts such as jelly, creamy mango pomelo desserts as the following: 

All about mangoes 

Mango Coconut Jelly Cube

Creamy mango, pomelo and dragonfruit dessert (left)
Creamy avocado dessert (right)

Creamy dragonfruit mixed with nuts and pomelo 

Banana cake - I baked this twice but I still not satisfied with it. Baked at my parent's place

Please forgive me for the lengthy post with overloaded photos. Actually I have more to share with you all but I think that should be sufficient now. Of course I don't cook like every single day - it's pretty exhausted you know, from preparing to cooking and even cleaning all the dishes. Sometimes I do take a break by ordering takeaway food. 

So anyone of you here enjoy cooking at home like I do? Do you have any homecook recipes to share with me? I really love to learn more of new recipes. 
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Abisko National Park, Sweden

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Not sure is it because of the walls of the hostels are quite thick or because my friend and I were pretty exhausted, both of us were barely heard any sound of cars passing by. We woke up spontaneously, without setting any alarm as we don't have much activities to do in Abisko, except for exploring Abisko National Park

#1: Abisko National Park

Right after we had our breakfast which we bought from the nearby grocery store, we suited ourselves with layers and layers - thick clothes as well as thick jackets too. Although it's fall which supposed to be in mild temperatures, but due to its location situated in the north of the Artic Circle, Abisko tend to be significantly colder than other parts of the cities. But still September is consider to be the ideal time for hiking where the air is fresh and cool. 

#2: Cottages painted in red colour

The tourist station of Abisko National Park is about 3km away from where we stayed. So my friend and I decided to have our own sweet time by meandering in leisurely pace as we're not in rush. In the beginning of our hike, we came across numbers of cottages and most of them are painted in red. 

#3: The mountain birch forest is filled with bright and fierce yellow, orange and red leaves. 

#4: A quick photo of Abiskojåkka canyon and river. This is so stunning and breathtaking! 

Oh well! We didn't eventually hike the entire trails as we chosen the easiest and fastest way which is by taking chairlift up onto Mount Nuolja. We're lucky that the weather on that day wasn't windy or else, they will stop operating the chairlift and we need to hike on our own which might takes 3 to 4 hours of hiking. 

#5: A 25 minutes of chairlift ride up onto Mount Nuolja 

#6: This place is famous for Northern Light spotting. 

#7: Standing on top of the world while admiring the beauty of the nature

Almost at the top of Mount Noulja, there is Aurora Sky Station where you can find a cafe and museum. My friend and I spent some time there by sipping a cup of hot coffee at the cafe, and writing postcards at the same time - one of favourite pastimes whereby both of us travel together.  

#8: Sending postcards from Aurora Sky Station 

#9: This is how exactly the chairlift looks like 

#10: After spending almost 4 hours on the top, it's time to head back to our hostel for our next adventure.

Till then, stay tuned for my upcomig post. 

2016 Sweden & Norway Travelogues
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