MAS Token of Appreciation

For those who willing and so kind to leave a comment and click the link on my first ever video I created purposely for the contest of "The Big Flight Official Blogger Contest" organised by Malaysia Airlines few months ago, thank you so much guys for doing so. I am truly appreciate that. Although I wasn't selected to be one of the five winners to be one of the first on the board on Airbus 380, well, I still glad cause I was among the 10 bloggers being chosen to participate in this exclusive contest.

I didn't put too much expectation to win cause I did called them up last minute to cancel my participation because I was so busy with my personal things. Until now, I was wondering what was I busy with until my dad said that I am more busy than him. Unfortunately, they disallow me to cancel my participation because it was not fair to select another new bloggers and was given less than a week to prepare the video. Got no choice for that, therefore I have to do one. The other reason I have to cancel my participation was because my parents are outstation plus my brother doesn't know how to take photos, all the photo he took was so blur. Thanks to my boyfie who willing to help me until midnight and finally we managed to do so. It was really last minute we posted up the video, it's like 2 days before the contest ends.

Eventhought I didn't won, but Malaysia Airlines is so kind to all the 10 bloggers who participate in submitting the video including me. A week after the contest ended, they did send message asking for mailing address to give us some token appreciation. Well, initially I just thought maybe a certificate with a few words of appreciation and I didn't expecting more of that.

But on some random day while working, I received a quite huge parcel. Cause of the curiosity since I didn't exactly know who is the sender, immediately I opened it and the rest is history.

MAS Token Appreciation 01-1
Received all of these items as Token Appreciation by Malaysia Airlines last month (May) and only posted this month (June). LoL!

Seriously, I think Malaysia Airlines can read my mind. I'm kid not. Take for example:

MAS Token Appreciation 03
I always want to have a mini speaker to play my mp3 but somehow I quite stingy. Even RM20 which I saw in market but I refuse to buy cause I was expecting less than RM10. I guess I can save another RM20 for this. 

MAS Token Appreciation 04
For a part-time travel junkie like me, this is the most essential things should have when comes to travel. Before this, I have quite number of travel adaptors bust most of them are separately one and all of them are given by my dad. So when I travelled, I brought like 3 or 4 different travel adaptors with me. I did checked before I'm leaving but some countries like Philippines has two different of kind of plugs. Even when travelled to Europe, London and Paris use different kind of plugs. So from now onwards, this can save and giving more space on my luggage for my upcoming trips.

MAS Token Appreciation 05
Not a shopaholics but I'm into perfume. Added another miniature perfume into my collection. (Dior bought by my sister in Singapore, Estee Lauder bought my mom in Taiwan Airport and Salvatore Ferragamo from MAS.)

MAS Token Appreciation 02
When I posted in facebook, seems like the MAS Captain teddy bear had caught lots of my friends' attention. Then when I went KL last month flying with AirAsia, I bought along the AirAsia Pilot bear so that the MAS Captain bear got friend. 

I did a bit research on how much does these token appreciation cost and approximately the total cost are more than RM500 (flip through the in-flight magazine of AirAsia last month). Wow! That's indeed so kind of Malaysia Airlines. I am looking forward and interest to cooperate for more future engagements with Malaysia Airlines by the way. 
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Gangnam Station, The Stopby Station

Date of Visited: 10th September 2011

After visited Everland Resort for almost half a day, we decided heading back to the Gangnam Station for dinner. Gangnam Station is the stopby station where the bus terminal for taking bus to Everland Resort is located.

Gangnam Station 01
Unlike the rest of the most popular area such as Myeongdong, Namdaemun and Dongdaemun, Gangnam is not that famous amoung tourist and foreigners, but to my surprise, this is one of the favourite hanging place for the local young people especially during the night time. As we spotted many shops and restaurants are located here while waiting for the bus in the afternoon, hence we tried out some luck looking for dinner.

Gangnam Station 01-2
Once we stepped down from the bus, we spotted this food street vendors and without waiting no more, immediately we grabbed a bite of this. This sausage stuffed inside bread with mixed of cabbage taste not bad and it satisfied our hungry stomach instantly.

Gangnam Station 01-3
At night time, the street of Gangnam will filled with all of this street vendors appeared from nowhere that selling ranging from accessories, clothes, shoes even to your most-wanted gadget accessories.

Gangnam Station 01-4
As we strolled down the crowded back alleays, we spotted pletty of bars, lounges and restaurants in buildings with three or four stories high. So if you love to have chilly night time, try out this area. 

Gangnam Station 01-5
Another typical type of Korea's food street vendor.

Gangnam Station 01-6
This newly reconstructed Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center is another top spot especially for the female who can't help themselves from shopping here if bored with Myeongdong and Dongdaemun shopping area. No doubt that might ends up find some favourite stuff as this place is fully stocked with clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, sundries, cosmetics and much more variety. 

Gangnam Station 01-7
And for me, I did bought a blue small stripped handbag which "Made From Korea" from the Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center. Well, it costs me more than RM40 but I truly doubt whether I might able to find this kind of design of handbag around Malaysia. And from Everland Resort, I bought 2 passport holders and a cute little tiny handphone ornament. I was looking for fridge magnet and T-shirt but failed to do so. Anyhow, I am so in love with these two passport holders and now my passport has something to wear on.

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Flower Arrangements & Gardens of Everland Resort

One thing that you shouldn't miss when visiting Everland Resort is the beautiful gardens and gorgeous flower arrangements within the park which have been year-round fixtures since 1985 for the Rose Festival.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 02
The Halloween Garden 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 06

The Four Seasons Garden of Everland is decorated and arranged with beautiful flowers based on European French garden style. Surrounded by Holland-style architecture, the gardens are the stage for four different kind of seasonal flower festivals; Tulip Festivals from March to April, Rose Festival from May to June, Lilies Festival from July to August and Chrysanthemums from September to October.

So, by the time we visited Everland in September, we were being indulged with allure of colourful chrysanthemums. Besides that, it is also celebration of spooking and horror celebration of Halloween in Everland if visit around September to end of October. Therefore, no surprise to see that the garden is filled with mixtures thousand of pumpkins.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 01

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 09
Not big fan of flower but this reminds me of my experience in Taiwan for Flora Expo. It's definitely one place deserve for a visit.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 03
A good spot for taking nice photo with a beautiful background. 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 04

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 05
Holland Village - A place that offers more than 30 European dishes and several types of beer with an amazing and almost look alike decorated Holland style restaurant such as Restaurant Amsterdam.

Before we bid goodbye to Everland, we managed to witness Halloween Party parade for the second time. It's quite hard for us to know what time will the parade being performed cause not being stated in the pamphlet given. Guess we're lucky that not only one but two times of the parade show that we managed to enjoy before leaving this marvellous and pretty awesome amusement theme park. The first time we watched was on the ride of Skyway to another kind of theme area (click here). 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 07
Parade with Halloween theme that attracts everyone who visit the park. 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 2) 08

All of this happens in the European Adventure theme area which I blogged before (click here for more). So, this post marked the final and last episode that I ranted about Everland Resort. Now say goodbye to Everland and let's move on to the other destinations of Seoul. Annyeonghi gaseyo!

My previous posts which related to Everland Resort:
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Foodie Friday: Sushi Tei, Suria Sabah

Blog about Sushi Tei before this (click here) but I would like to post again with more food photos. It's Friday by the way and it's time for Foodie Friday post in Travel & Living Journal of DT.

Well, there are quite number or Japanese restaurants around Kota Kinabalu but many of them either not up to the standard by providing a low quality of sushi or quite pricey. My family and I and even my boyfie are big fans of sushi and almost once every week will ended up eating at Japanese restaurant. The most frequent Japanese restaurants that we visited are either Wojamama (Sabah local Japanese cuisine) or Sushi Tei, an international Japanese Restaurant chain originated from Singapore.

Sushi Tei is one of the Japanese restaurant that I realised providing an assortment of scrumptious of Japanese cuisine with an affordable price. Even sometimes, I had my late lunch at there with my family. My favourites of all time from Sushi Tei was different varieties of Inari sushi and also they do serve sushi with mentai - which is hardly to find in any other Japanese eateries around KK.

So, basically this post is compilation of my few visits to Sushi Tei within these few months. Be prepared with yourself with all the wide spray of delightful and delicious of Japanese cuisines' photos my family, boyfie and I had. Itadakimasu!

Sushi Tei 01
Dinner with boyfie & lil bro when parents went Chiangmai. Almost the whole plate are fulled with mentai sushi. Told you I am big fan of mentai sushi.

Sushi Tei 02
My dad's all time favourite - Salmon and sashimi. I have a weak stomach, so never got the chance to try.

Sushi Tei 03
Dai Dai Roll 

Sushi Tei 04
Assorted of sushi with maki, Tosa

Sushi Tei 05
Tempura - Fried veggies 

Sushi Tei 06
This whole plate of sushi was ordered by me and belongs to mine. 

Sushi Tei 07
Sashimi Salad

Sushi Tei 08
Tamago roll with unagi. The tamago is too soft, which is not my taste.

Sushi Tei 09
Again my favourite sushi - Inari with assortment of choices, Inari Kani Mayo, Inari Tuna.

Sushi Tei 10

Sushi Tei 11
My mom's favourite - Temaki
Sushi Tei 12
Chuka Idako (Marinated baby octopus), Chuka Wakame (Seasoned seaweed), Chuka Kurage (Seasoned jellyfish).

With a decent prices and deliver such fresh and good quality of sushi and other Japanese cuisines, it is impossible for me to restrict myself for another revisit again to this fine Japanese restaurant located in Suria Sabah. So, there's no surprise if you see this Sushi Tei is full with crowd almost every night.

Sushi Tei

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall 
Lot G-68, Ground Floor,
1, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
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Everland Resort - 5th Theme Area: Magic Land

Finally, this is the last theme area that we visited in Everland Resort, Magic Land. Yes, we did managed to stroll around all the five theme area of Everland Resort. Many people said that it's quite hard and insufficient time to visit all the theme area in a day but I guess my friends are and I are lucky enough on that day. Mainly because it was weekday and not many people as what we were expecting. One of tips to visit theme park is avoid going on weekends (if possible).

If you miss out the other four theme areas of Everland Resort, you can check out here:

Magic Land is a mysterious land of magical fairy tales. Each and every architecture of the buildings look like those fairy tales in the happily-ever-after story books we used to read during our childhood time. Not only the building, even the pond, the tree are really unique and beautifully designed.
Everland - Magic Land 01

Everland - Magic Land 06

Everland - Magic Land 02

Just like every other theme areas, Magic Land consists of three restaurants to fulfill the empty stomach and two souvenir shops to find some cute and pretty gift for families and friends.

Everland - Magic Land 03

Everland - Magic Land 07

Everland - Magic Land 04

Everland - Magic Land 05

Everland - Magic Land 08

There are even quite number of attractions and rides at Magic Land but we didn't gave a try. Mainly because most of the attractions are only suitable for children and seems like quite childish. The other reason was because we're very tired and seems lazy to queue up for a ride after wandered around Everland Resort for more than five hours.

Everland - Magic Land 09

Too bad that the Ferris wheel that provide a spectacular view of the whole park was closed to allow for more rides. And from here, it leads us to one of the most favourite attractions and myself personally like this place - a beautiful garden with gorgeous flowers arrangement. Most of this will be revealed in my next post.
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Amazing Journeys with MAS!

Today is the last day of Malaysia Airlines having great deals to destinations such as Phuket, Beijing, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Maldives and more with the Amazing Journey's Campaign.  #MASAmazingJourneys

Besides the amazing deals above, you also got the chance to win a flight ticket from Malaysia Airlines flying to any destinations listed. How to win?

1. Like Malaysia Airlines Facebook Fans and once you're done, click on the MAS Amazing Journeys
2. All you need to do is enter with a slogan in 10 words or less and tag 50 of your friends. 

Hurry participate if you want to win yourself a fly ticket with Malaysia Airlines as it ends tonight. Even myself are participating this and who knows I might win? Try out your luck and I wish good luck if you choose to participate in this contest.
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