Monday, May 21, 2012

Everland Resort - 2nd Theme Area: Zoo-Topia

In case you missed out the first theme area that I covered before in my previous post, The Global Fair, you can refer to this link.

Seriously, Everland Resort is not like any others normal theme park which I experienced before. It is not only just a home that offers over 40 heart-pounding of thrill rides and various adventures, Everland also includes a wild world of animals under the Zoo-Topia theme area. Like I did mentioned before in one of my previous post that "Watching Moving Creatures It's Fun Sometimes", so when a theme park combines together with an animal lifepark, it's totally another plus points for me to make a visit.

There's a "Human Sky" ride which looks alike a ski lift from Global Fair theme area where it could take us directly to the Zoo-Topia area but we decided to stroll down by ourself in order witness more different kind of animals.

Everland - ZooTopia 01
Different kind of attractions can be found in Zoo-Topia. Absolutely an unforgettable trip with family.

Everland - ZooTopia 02
One of the latest attractions but because we have to wait so long for the next show, therefore we skipped this.

Everland - ZooTopia 03This is Everland's mini zoo. Even though small in size, but we got to see lions, sea lions, penguins and more. But the most importantly ....

Everland - ZooTopia 04
Oh my! Oh my! First time I saw a real polar bear right in front of my own eyes.

Everland - ZooTopia 05
Exclusively site for monkeys with 12 kinds of apes and a total of 145 monkeys. 

Everland - ZooTopia 06
Guess how many monkeys are there? 

Everland - ZooTopia 07

There even has this "Animal Wonder World" where can see rare Amazon animals and also a variety of adorable animals such as...

Everland - ZooTopia 08
Who say you have to go all the way to Australia to see kangaroo? I've seen kangaroo twice but now in Australia itself. The first time I saw was in United Kingdom and second time in here, Seoul.

Everland - ZooTopia 09

Everland - ZooTopia 10
This is one of the attractions that shouldn't miss out in Zoo-Topia theme area, where we took a ride in a bus and watch few of Safari animals roaming in a contained habitat. 

Everland - ZooTopia 11
The safari bus which could accommodate up to 20 person per ride. But unfortunately for foreign tourists like us, we barely understood what the driver was trying to tell us cause he was speaking in Korean. Hence, what we can do is enjoy watching the animals.

Everland - ZooTopia 12
It's amazing ride cause we got to watch so close towards all these animals especially the lions. There even give visitors a chance to feed the giraffe but might incur extra charge for that. How I wish this ride would be more exciting and adventurous if the lion jump on the top of the bus? I guess if the lion do so, all the Korean inside the bus will shout like hell.  mrgreen

Who said Everland is just another fairytale theme park? It's also another Wild World of Animals!

[Credit To: Official Korea Tourism Organisastion, Everland Homepage, Wikipedia]


  1. 4 monkeys lol....
    How I wish our malaysia zoo is like that.....

  2. love the guess how many monkey shots

  3. i skipped overland when i was in korea. not much time as i know i might need the whole day if i were to go there. will surely go there next time. hv u been to ocean park, hong kong? am planning to go thr on my next coming trip. would glad to read your review if u've been thr.

  4. Hi D, I seldom read about people's adventure in Everland as most people skip this place...It's a bit far from seoul city, rite? Anyway, this plce reminds me of our sunway lagoon...:) How much is the entrance fee..? I know it's a bit expensive but doesn't really know the exact price..

  5. ohmy i also thought the polar bear is real! =.=

  6. wow..just like Safari World in Bangkok but the bus is soo cute..with tiger head mascot!


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