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Snapshot Sunday: Cardiff Bay, Wales

Cardiff Bay 01
Cardiff Bay, capital city of Wales is a home to a large freshwater lake for sailing and water sports. It is not just an ordinary bay, it does offer few notable buildings that rich with their own kind of history and culture such Wales Millenium Centre, Norwegian Church, Pierhead Building, The Seneed and more.

For more, check out my old travel post: Cardiff Bay and It's Attractions


  1. Looks like a cool day for a stroll

  2. cool day but as usual..most of the time the skies are very cloudy right?

  3. Hmmm....Cardiff...! Been there long time ago... Very nice for a day trip affair...

  4. I always like this type of nice place..
    can enjoy the beautiful scenery

  5. gloomy weather.. photo would have been nicer with a blue sky right? :)

  6. I'm finding peace in your pix :)

  7. too poor to go to these beautiful European countries...

  8. So peaceful! I love the Disney fontface in your watermark :)

  9. The Loch Ness came from around there, right? Hahaa. Suddenly an irrelevant and silly question.

    You should take a sunset pic from there. I bet it would look awesome. Hahaa, but next time la when you go back to visit there :P


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