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Cardiff City Center & Barry Island, Wales

Date of Visited: 29th June 2008

We spend most of our morning visited Cardiff Bay and after that, we were given opt either to sightseeing around Cardiff city center, the capital of Wales or a small tiny little island known as Barry Island. The main activity that can be done in Cardiff City center is mostly shopping and since because we are not shopaholics, hence we decided to visit the Barry Island. Plus, we might able to sightseeing around Cardiff City for few hours after back from Barry Island. 
Cardiff City 01
Having our lunch at a random restaurant of Queen Street before depart to Barry Island.

Cardiff City 02
The atmosphere of most typical restaurant can be found in United Kingdom.

Cardiff City 03
Cardiff Railway Station, this is where we travelled to Barry Island by train. 

Cardiff City 05
Inside the train. Almost looks alike our Malaysia's KTM but this is way much better because it is not so crowded and more systematic.

The journey from Cardiff City Center to Barry Island wasn't that long as what we expected. It took less than an hour by train. Barry Island is a seaside resort, forming part of the town in South Wales. Barry's stretch of coast has the world's second highest tidal range, of 15 metres (49 ft). 

Barry Island 01

Barry Island 02

Then only we realised that we didn't brought extra spare of clothes with us cause we're never expecting that we will going to visit an island. Hence, we tried to avoid from enter into the water and just taking photo around the area. 

Barry Island 03

Barry Island 04

Barry Island 05

Barry Island 06

Barry Island 07

After that, we went back to Cardiff City centre. Before heading back to our backpack loudge, there a few buildings you shouldn't miss when visiting Wales.
1. Cardiff Castle - Cardiff may only have been a city for 100 years, but there has been a castle here for nearly 2000 years. Tours of the castle interior take place throughout the day, or visitors can just enjoy a stroll around the picturesque Castle gardens. The newly opened 6m pound Interpretation Centre will also present for the first time the story of the Castle and its 2000 years of history, offering visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the different phases of the Castle's development from the Romans through to the modern day.

Cardiff City 06

 Cardiff City 07

2. Millennium Stadium - When the stadium isn't hosting major sports matches or concerts you can take a tour of the 74,000 seater stadium. Walk down the player's tunnel, try out the Queen's seat in the Royal box and discover how they removed the curse from the away-team changing rooms.

Cardiff City 08

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  1. The walllpaper in that restaurant is shocking to me. I wouldn't feel comfortable.



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