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Last Day in Belgium

Our Europe trip ended at the historical city of Bruges, one of the small cities of Belgium before heading back to London. Belgium is not only famous for delectably sweet chocolate, but it also known for the land of waffle and beer. 

However due to the long trip, my friends and I were actually pretty exhausted by the end of this trip. That's explain why we not just didn't explore further, we even didn't have that much energy to take endless photos. One click on the shutter button seems like consuming all of our energy. 

Here are few photos of this small medieval town we managed to capture:

Looking back, it's kinda regret that we decided to give up on this city cause there are plenty of things waiting to discover here, such as chocolate tasting, strolling along the beautiful canals, quays and bridges in Bruges. Probably we're broke too, spending all of our Euros previously and left nothing for this one. Sorry Bruges for not appreciating you. 
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Holiday KL Trip

It's kinda weird to consider KL trip as my holiday as previously during my study, KL could be consider as my second home. ^.^. I'm damn miss my KL life now but I had to face the truth. Well, KK still the best!

Anyway, this trip could be consider as the best holiday I ever had for this year, even though it's not overseas trip. Meeting my besties, my friends, my mates and lots more means lots of meaning to me. Not forgeting, to taste a bite of my favourite foods at there.

This is the best pan mee I ever taste. You can't find this in KK.
Previously known as Lorong Pan Mee. This is spicy dry pan mee

Ok! Looks ordinary but mouthwatering every time I think of this!
My favourite nasi lemak of all times! I will never find this in KK.
This cause me FAT but i damn love it!

If you been to Wangsa Maju, should not miss this crunchy and crispy chicken chop rice!
What favour you can have; thai, lemon, bbq, sweet and sour, salad and etc.
What more can I said? Thumbs up

This is the X'mas decoration for the year in Pavilion!
How I wish this year my X'mas celebration could be?

This is the simplify post of my KL trip and I will post more of it.

Anyway, today is one my colleagues birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Teh! Please admit that you are 22 years old liao. Yup, he is still young and not like what you think! Why calling him as uncle? Hahaha...
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Tick Tock Tick Tock

Tick tock tick tock. Had you ever heard Madonna's Hung Up? The song start with "Time goes by so slowly" and its repeat for many times which I like to stress here that I'm not agree with it. Without realising it, now is the middle of September and 3 months plus to go, we will enter to the new year again. I had been wasting most of the precious time doing those silly and nonsense things. Sleep tv sleep tv..That's what my routine activities after back from work.
In the mean time, myself have 2 months to go for my worst nightmare again. ACCA exam!!! And yet, my study mood still in turn off mode. No mood at all. Many things to consider. Study? Career? Health? Relationship? Friendship? Future?
Anyway, I still remember on this day but year ago, I was in Paris. Damn miss that place and I wish I can go there again.

One Night in Paris

By the way, I still got lots of travel blogs to share with you all. :P
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Farewell, my friend!

The first time we met him was he was wearing blue sleeveless. At that time, we was choosing for the best candidate to become our class representative. At the end, he was choosen to become our class representative. Never thought that he and the course representative came from the same hometown and both of them can't stop talking using their own dialect, Foo Chow dialect. For your information, you can only heard Foo Chow mostly in Sibu, Sarawak and some place in Perak.

His first responsibilities was to order text books on behalf for our class. In the order form, he written something that makes us won't forget his silly nickname until now. "From, your "ke ai" class rep", this was what written by him. Ke ai means cute or lovely. But his age is a little bit older than us. Hahaha. Already old but still pretend cute. (=.=")

He can consider one of my best friend. He also part of my housemate when we studied at Sheffield. We always hang out together; sing k, watch movie, yam cha and lots more when we were in KL. He also can consider part of my ji mui. Hahaha.

Never thought at last, he had made his final decision, which was to work far far away from Malaysia. He is leaving Malaysia to work in Russia for 3 years contract. Me and the other ji mui is gonna miss him so much.

I'm totally forget that he is leaving on 15th August (which was yesterday). Until I saw his personal message in MSN, I was damn shocked. But thanks God, I was giving a chance to say goodbye to him. In personally some more. What a surprised again to receive his phone call saying that he was in KKIA. So luckily that my house is nearby KKIA. We able to talk for few words before sending he off.

Anyway, at this time, I think he should reach Russia by now. With sincerely, I wish you best of luck and have a fortune career in Russia. Enjoy your life in Russia and keep in touch, my "tai lo".

Yam cha geng

Life at KL

At Scotland

At Norfolk Park, Sheffield

At Sheffield City

Sending he off before departure to Russia
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Something I'm Craving For

Somewhere that I can release my stress
Somewhere that I able to feel relax and free
Somewhere that I do not need to worry about meeting the deadline
Somewhere that I won't able to see all the heavy workloads
Somewhere that I can spend time with my family and friends
Something that I'm craving for..


Still chasing my dreams: Travelling, Backpacking and Camera ("____")

This is the life I want. Ok! Stop dreaming and get back to work :P

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London Walker [Part 2]

20th July 2008

This was the second day of our London Trip. Wake up early morning to have our breakfast provided, which was English Breakfast; bread, egg, sausage, ham, frieds and orange juice. Although it just like every ordinary breakfast provided by our own local Malaysia hotel and nothing extraordinary, but it's better than nothing, right?
We start our tour with visiting Pollock's Toy Museum. Unfortunately, it was closed when we were there. Maybe it was too early for us to reach there. So we move to next destination.
We visit few museums once again. London really gots lots of museum which you can't missed out.
The first museum we visited on the second day was British Museum. It was located nearby Holborn Station. I really love this museum compared to the other museum which I had visited. It's a recommend must-visit museum.
British Museum is a museum of human history and culture. Its collections, which number more than seven million objects, are amongst the largest and most comprehensive in the world and originate from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginning to the present.
Entrance of the British Museum
Standing at Great Court
Its divide into few departments such as Ancient Egypt and Sudan, Greek and Roman, Middle East, Asia and etc. Due to lack of time, my friends and I are able to visit few departments only. If I had the chance to visit London again, British Museum will be in my top list.
Next, we heading to Museum of London. Once again, we unable to sight around this museum and we only manage to quick and fast view around.

With Gladiator

Now, we go into the most interesting and the world well-know places. Just stopby half of your day at Westminister station or Waterloo Station and you will be able to see most of the famous landmarks of the world.

First, start with London Eye.
London Eye, which also known as Millenium Eye is the biggest ferris wheel in Europe. It is one of the most popular tourist attraction. If you want to take a ride, I would recommend you to early booking thru online as if you plan to buy on the spot, you need queue up for 3-4 hours. No kidding!
Second, Big Ben. Big Ben actually is the nickname for the great bell of the clock and is often extended to refer the the clock tower. It's just nearby London Eye which you can see it on your left hand side.
Big Ben behind me from London Eye location
Big Ben and Palace of Westminister
After that, we were heading to the landmark where we used to sing this landmark where we were small. But before I introduce that place to u, here are some pics of the building and places that is so interesting and amazing.
Seems like a ship in Pirates of the Carribbean
The place where we had our dinner. Damn expensive. Cost 15 pound per person
Here it comes.

"London Bridge is falling down. Falling down. Falling down."

Yup. This is the landmark which you can't be miss. Like they said, if you don't visit this landmark, then you never come to London.
By the way, the bridge behind is not London Bridge. Most of the people had mistakenly referred this bridge as London Bridge but it was not. There is a really London Bridge exist but it seems like a normal bridge and it's just next to this bridge. The name of this bridge is Tower Bridge.
Night view from the Tower Bridge. A night to remember
Last chapter of London Walker is next.
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London Walker [Part 1]

19th July 2008

This trip had been past for almost 1 year and now only I had the available time to upload it.
This is our first ever backpack trip during our study in Sheffield. Transportations, accommodations and everything are under our arrangement. Journey from Sheffield to London took almost 4 hours. UK bus driver is very punctual. If the time for bus departure is 8 am, 8 am they will drive off straightly at time. So don't be late. No excuses will be accepted if you are late.
Once we reach, we're heading to our hostel. It's a budget hostel. So, can't expert much from it. Anyway, for me, if there is bed and toilet provided for me, I will appreciate it so much. The name of our hostel is Stonebridge Hostel. Good thing about this hostel was breakfast provided. So we won't worry much about what and where breakfast we should look for. But the bad new was, it's too far away from London city. It tooks us almost 40 minutes from hostel to reach London city.

5 of us inside the hostel
My first experience sleeping on double decker bed. Saw the bathroom attached behind?

Outside view of the hostel we stayed
Address: 16 Hillside, London, NW10 8 BN
Most of the places we visited on the day we reach London city was museum. Most of the museum in London is FOC. No entrance fees being charged.
1. Science Museum
This museum is located on South Kensington, London and is a major London tourist attraction. The Science Museum is made up of a number of galleries, for example:
Corliss Stream Engine, telling the stories of British Industrial Revolution
Apollo 10 Command Module
Lockheed 10A
2. National Museum
It's just beside Science Museum. One thing I love about London is all the attraction places are nearby. However, we only able to sighted around for less than half hours coz they were about to close that time. In this museum, I able to feel the Japan's earthquake. Scary leh?

3. Victoria & Albert Museum

4. Royal Albert Hall
I think most of you must heard of this building before as our own local sensation No.1 Singer in Malaysia, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza held her successful solo concert here. She is the first Asian pop singer to have a solo performance there. The Beatles and The Rolling Stone also ever performed at this building which recognised as one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings, recognisable the world over.
5. Hyde Park
This is one of the place that I'm really love to visit once I saw the signboard. Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.
The person I'm really love to meet if her royal highness is still alive.
Another reason I love about UK is we can sleep and lay down in the park. Compare to Malaysia, I'm totally speechless
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Unseen meals from McDonalds..
Not the everyone's loving frieds and coke but the burger. It is sweet chilli chicken burger.
Do you want to have a try on it?
But's too bad.. This was in Sheffield. I really miss the taste of this delicious and fulfilled your stomach burger. It's damn big that you might need someone to share with you.
The cost of McD meals could be consider cheap, if you don't convert back to our Ringgit Malaysia. It only cost 3.25 pound per meal, comes with frieds and coke. And one more tips for my juniors and friends who will going there soon; please show your student card to the cashier to get a free ice-cream. Yup, I'm not kidding. Free ice-cream for students. How I wish Malaysia got this kind of services? It's applicable in Sheffield and Wales. I'm forget whether this is applicable in London and Scotland.
McD burger comes with variety of burger each day per week. Monday, "Chicken & Bakon". Tuesday, "Chicken Salad". Wednesday "Spicy Veggie". Thursday "Sweet Chilli Chicken". You still can choose other burgers which you prefer but the choice of the day will be much cheaper. My favourite is "Sweet Chilli Chicken". But if I recompare again, I will think Malaysia McD much better coz chilli sauce provided. In UK, no chilli sauce. They only provide tomato and BBQ sauce. Even some of McD franchise didn't provide thouse sauce and if you request from the cashier, "20 pence please". Holy gosh!
This friday, my friends and junior are flying to Sheffield soon. How times flies so fast without realise it? I really miss the time I had at Sheffield especially the weather. Gosh, somebody please stop me from saying the same thing over again and again.
By the way, I'm back with blog.
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...baby! :P
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10 Things I Love To Do

Greeting from my office! Yup, I curi-curi online at office. Hehehehe... Wow, my last post was almost 10 days ago. I really wish to keep update my blog after my exam finish.

Currently, I busy with my exam which will be held next month. So many things I would love to do after exam. I really can't wait for my exam to be over as soon as possible but at the mean time, how I wish the time can pass slowly because I haven't finish my revision yet.

Below are the 10 things I can't wait to do after my exam is over:

  1. Movie & Drama Marathon at Home.

    So many movies but yet, no time to chase it all.
  2. Movie at Cinema.

    I had reject all the invitations from my friends and family to watch movie at cinema recently. I'm really sorry for that but I'm promise, once my exam is over, let's us go to the cinema.
  3. Shopping.

    Mom, I would love to go shopping with you for shop more on formal attire; formal blouse, formal skirts, formal shirts and lots more but said no to handbag and shoes coz I had enough of those.
  4. Hang out with friends and family.

    I want continue our "busybody" stories with my East BFF and search for nice foods around KK. Suddenly, I feel like I'm craving for Wagamama.
  5. Blogging.

    Will upload many things that I love to crap to especially on my trip in UK and Europe.
  6. Editing Photo/Pictures.

    Suddenly, all the ideas of edit photo popped into my mind while I was doing revision. I want all to edit all those photo which I had saved in my laptop's hardisk.
  7. Swimming/Jogging.

    I must ensure that my diet plan is work. Somemore, I wisht to improve my swimming skills.
  8. Plan a trip.

    Joan, you makes me think of this idea. I really loves to go travel with my friends as it's been listed as one of my wish on the wishing star. I plan to go Bali next year with my friends.
  9. Snorkelling.

    The place that in my list were Pulau Sapi and Pulau Mamutik.
  10. Lastly, sleeping zzzZZZ.
    Yup, this was one of my favourite pastime when I was a student. Right now, it's hard for me to sleep at least 10 hours per day due to so many unfinished business.

In the mean time, bless and wish me luck for my exam.

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Pulau Manukan

If a sun-drenched paradise is your idea of a perfect getaway, head down to Manukan Island. Here, you will find all kinds of tropical bliss in this second largest island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Reserve. Just a 15-minute boat ride from the Marina Jetty of Sutera Harbour Resort, Manukan Island is very accessible yet beautifully remote.
Manukan comes with clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. Blessed with a long stretch of white sandy beach promising hours of sea, sand & fun! The water surface is compensated by the rich and colourful marine life that you can find underneath it. Really, people come to Pulau Manukan for the diving and snorkeling. Guests can choose to stay in one of the single or double storey chalets. All chalets overlook the South China Sea and a spectacular sunset is almost a daily affair.
This is my 4th batch of friends that I brought them to Sabah's little paradise. If anyone of you who come from Peninsular Malaysia or anywhere to KK, I will never hesitate to bring you to KK island. My zhu zhu, Siew Yen and her friends came from Kuching for few days vacation at KK. So, I decided to bring them to Manukan Island as it's been ages I never went to that island.
Pulau Manukan, a spectacular island
Beautiful blue sky with blue sea
You can even get closer with the tropical fishes
My zhu zhu, Siew Yen
The thing must do before we leave, a group photo with the signboard stated "Pulau Manukan"
After discussing with my dad, I told him that I would love to snorkelling in few island that I interest with; such as Pulau Sapi and Pulau Mamutik. But this plan will begin after my ACCA exam, which will be held next month in the mid of June. So, do you want to join me?
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