Top Commentators Giveaways for Year 2014

Another year, another giveaways for my blog readers who leave the most comments in my blog. As you can see that my blogposts are getting lesser and lesser as year goes by but I'm really thankful to all my blog readers for the continuous support and thoughtful comments throughout my blogging years.

Without waiting any longer, let me announce the top 3 Commentators for the Year 2014;

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2014 X'Mas Holiday in China (Sneak Peek)

Although my family and I don't celebrate Christmas, but I do love the Christmas feelings and celebrate it abroad always part of my wishlist. In 2010, I celebrated Christmas in Taiwan, 2011 in Indonesia and 2012 in Singapore. As for this year, I tagged my mom along to China for the joyful Christmas holiday cum my year end trip as well. This is the fourth trip I sponsored my mom, after Indonesia, Japan and South Korea (from airfare, accommodation, transportation, foods, shopping & etc). Wondering, how many of you sponsored your parents a trip abroad actually?

We started our trip by flying in into Hangzhou first (we burnt our Shanghai tickets actually) and one of ultimate place to go in Hangzhou is none other than mesmerising and awe-inspiring freshwater lake, West Lake itself.

China 01 Hangzhou
#1: Three Pools Mirroring The Moon, the largest island of the West Lake of Hangzhou.

China 03 Hangzhou
#3: Ended our night by strolling in Hefang Ancient Street of Hangzhou before leaving to Suzhou

From Hangzhou, we proceeded to Suzhou where we booked 1 day Suzhou ground tour and out from the 24 tourists of this tour, only two of us are Malaysians whereas the rest are the Mainland Chinese.  

China 04 Suzhou
#4: Besides few pagodas and temples and not forgetting, we also visited The Lion Forest Garden, one of the four great gardens of Suzhou.

In one of the temples, we were requested to see the fortune teller. Normally I don't believe these but the first thing fortune teller said to me was, "You are the type that don't sit still at home one. Always travel around here & there." How's true is that?

China 05 Suzhou
#6: The ancient architectures along the canal in Tongli Water Town

Before we move to Shanghai, we managed to go Tongli Water Town, a thousand year ancient town with a long history and the typical style of water town located an hour away from Suzhou. 

China 07 Shanghai
#8: Meanwhile in Shanghai, the first place we went was Yu Garden, an extensive Chinese garden located in the heart of bustling Shanghai

China 08 Shanghai
#9: We tried the Nanxiang Steamed Bun but turned out to be so so only. Kinda disappointed

China 09 Shanghai
#10: Kill our time in Nanjing Road for window shopping. Seriously, just window shopping cause everything was so expensive there.

China 06 Shanghai
#11: Last but not least, a view of Pudong from The Bund is a must when visit Shanghai. Oh boy! Shanghai is so amazing and breathtaking especially at night. 

Frankly speaking, my trip to China with my mom is like roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. We started off with a pretty good start not until the day I woke up on the Christmas day itself, we were told by Malaysia Airlines of an unpleasant news when I unable to do web check-in. Kinda piss off with the T&C promotion fare. And the next day again, received another bad news stated our flight back to Kota Kinabalu from Shanghai will be delayed. From the original ETD of 1.30 am to 4am. Although we were compensated with food vouchers, but all I want is hotel vouchers instead. 

China 10 Shanghai
#12: First time in my life I have such an early flight
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Hotel Review: The Southbridge Hotel, Singapore

Since ever I revisited Singapore together with Boyfie back in year 2011, from there onwards I keep flying to Singapore at least once every year. Everytime I went Singapore, I prefer to stay in different hotels; whether it's budget or boutique for different experience and exposure. And for my recent trip to Singapore with my mom and two lil brothers, we decided to stay in The Southbridge Hotel, a boutique hotel located strategically right in the colourful Chinatown.

Singapore - Southbridge Hotel 01
#1: Exterior of the Southbridge Hotel, Singapore

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Bhutan, The Land Of Happiness

Initially my plan to Nepal was just mainly for 8 days only but few months before the trip, one of my friends and I decided to extend our trip and changed our ticket date back to Malaysia. And why we do so? Cause we decided to go Bhutan, one of the country that restricted number of visitors to enter into their royal country. Honestly to say, it's the most expensive country I ever visited where visitor is required to pay minimum daily tariff (USD200-250 per person per night), but by the end of the trip I never regret with my last minute decision to visit this stunning and unique country, in both culturally and enviromentally. Absolutely one of the country should at least visit once in the life (because of this trip, I forgone of buying new compact camera).

Bhutan 01
#1: From Kathmandu, we flew with Drukair, the official airline of Bhutan to Paro International Airport which took 1 hour and 10 minutes.

In order to get into Bhutan, there are only limited choices; either from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bangkok (Thailand) and Singapore. And because my friend and I are planning to go Nepal soon, hence we decided to continue and extended our journey to Bhutan. It's like killing two birds using one stone instead.

Bhutan 05
#2: The first thing I noticed when I reach Bhutan: Just like Thailand, the Drukpas love their king and queen so much. Such a handsome king and beautiful queen.

Bhutan 02
#3: Tashichho Dzong (Fortress), the administration headquarter of Thimpu.

Bhutan 03
#4: Buddha Dordenma Statue, world's largest buddha in Bhutan

Bhutan 06
#5: Takin, the national animal of Bhutan. Its combination of goat's head and cow's body. Only can be found in Eastern Himalays.

Bhutan 07
#6: Last but not least, Tiger's Nest Monastery or known as Paro Taktsang is one of Bhutan's most sacred religious sites. A visit to Bhutan is incomplete without visiting this.

It's not easy to visit this monastery and one have to be reasonably fit. It took more than 5 hours of trekking (we consider quite fast cause initially, our tour guide thought we will take at least 7-8 hours) and I almost gave up on the halfway to this stunning site where it was completely a steep climb and in order to reach to the top, one is required to get through another addition of 700 steps. But then, when figured it out I already in Bhutan, no matter how hard and tough this climb, I shouldn't give up and must keep continue until I reach this monastery. It was really pain in the ass but it's the most rewarding journey and experience in my entire life.

Bhutan 04
#7: Us with Lotay, our tour organiser who arranged the whole tour perfectly for two of us. 
We were being told that my friend and I are the youngest visitors in Bhutan cause most of the visitors who visit Bhutan were mostly elderly.

That's another sneak peek of my 4D3N trip to The Land of Thunder Peaceful Dragon or locally also known as The Land of Happiness. How I wish I could stay more longer, if not cause of the minimum daily tariff charged. If you plan to go Bhutan, spend at least 4D3N to cover both Paro and Thimpu and if possible, the best to spend 6D5N would be sufficient enough to cover the main spot of Bhutan. And with this, Bhutan is the 30th country I visited so far. 
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Namaste Nepal

Nepal 01
#1: Hello Nepal!

And Namaste stands for "Hello" in Nepali. Once again, I was away for almost two weeks for another yearly gathering trip with my fellow collegemates. Previously, we went Cambodia and Myanmar together and for this time around, we chosen Nepal as another of our travel adventures. For your information, Nepal is the first South Asia country I ever visited, when most traveller started off by visiting India instead. And for the very first time, I assigned my friend to become the tour leader for this trip as I was too busy with my full-time works and freelance jobs. Plus, I was also pretty busy with family commitment as well. That's explained why I didn't update my blog so frequently lately.

Here are the sneak peek of what my friends and I did and went in Nepal:

Nepal 02
#2: Wandered around Thamel, tourists' mecca in Kathmandu. This is the best place to stay, dining and hunting for souvenirs.

Nepal 06
#3: From Kathmandu, we went Chitwan National Park which situated in south central of Nepal. This is the first national park in Nepal and has been listed as World Heritage Site.

Nepal 07
#4: Not one but we were lucky spotted two endangered Indian rhino after jungle trekking and elephant jungle ride for almost whole day. One of the experience in my life.

Nepal 04
#5: Boating on Phewa Tal Lake of Pokhara

Nepal 05
#6: Look ma! I'm paragliding in Nepal. Can't believe I did it

Nepal 08
#7: Sightseeing in Kathmandu - Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Nepal 09
#8: Last but not least, Boudhanath Stupa, the iconic and symbolic of Nepal

Unfortunately throughout the trip, we didn't manage to get a clear view of the well-known Annapurna and Himalaya mountain view. I guess this a sign that my friends and I should revisit Nepal for second time, perhaps. But for me, the most important is we had great and fun time being together.

#9: The chicken thigh Nepal gang! We even have our own hashtag #xploreNepal2014 in Instagram
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Foodie Friday: Yoogane Chicken Galbi @ Singapore

I should continue my Siem Reap, Cambodia travelogue right after I back from Australia but I was procrastinating to the max. Oh dear! So many backlog travelogues. 

Date Visited: 20th August 2014

Since ever I came back from South Korea end of March this year, I keep craving for the Korea cuisines I had there, especially jjim dalk, budae jjigae and dak-galbi (Refer photo here). Not just me, but even my mom, sister and her boyfriend as well craving for the hot and scrumptious huge Korean cuisines we had there.

Yes, Kota Kinabalu has quite number of Korean restaurants but not all do served of those dishes I want. But so luckily few days before my mom and I flew off to Singapore, we came across that one of my favourite Korean cuisine restaurants have expanded their business and open new international branch right in Singapore. Now, we don't have to fly so far just to satisfy our craving.

Yoogane Singapore 01
#1: Newly opened Yoogane Singapore is located in Bugis Junction, Singapore 

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Watches Malaysia - Define Your Style With Gold Watch

Known as the time telling instrument, watches serve as one of a woman's major fashion accessory. Besides telling us the time, it also acts as a form of bracelet on our wrist. As there are wide selection of watch designs sold in the market, the gold watches are perfect for the ladies who love to brighten up their style. And how can you style using this elegant and stylish gold watch? There are 3 different way of look which a woman can eventually mix and match with their outfits.

1) Firstly, the perfect way a woman can wear a gold watch is by matching it with a pair of beautiful and pretty blouse and pants, whether it's long or short pants. This kind of look definitely suits for those career women especially to flaunt at the office as it shows professional and maturity. 

2) Next look for women to pull together with their stylish and elegant gold watch is by matching it with a beautiful jumpsuit. Jumpsuit is a perfect piece of clothing where women can simply wear on day out during the weekend or even to a dinner party without ever looking out of place. As the jumpsuit is beautiful as it is, women do not have to style with over accessorize it with lot of jewelleries. With just simply lively it up with a beautiful exclusive gold watch, making the jumpsuit will definitely looking stunning and awesome for a woman on everywhere she goes and any event she attends.

3) Another way a woman can style their luxury and exclusive gold watch is by adding some extra glitzy glam on their wrist. The best way is to style your gold wrist watch with some dazzling and shining gold bracelets for an elegant appearance or bright it up with some bold coloured multi-stacked bangles. With this amazing fashion sense, it will impress everyone by showing off the fantastic arm candy. The kind of look is definitely suitable for the ladies who love to reveal their outgoing fun and happy-go-lucky personally on a night outing with their friends.

Wondering where to get these fantastic and stylish piece of these gold watches in order to suit your personal style? Simply browse at ZALORA as it offers you with wide rage of selection of gold watches Malaysia online, whether from various local and international brands such as Casio, Fossil, Citizen and more.
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Gold Coast, The Sunshine State

This is my final sneak peek from my recent trip, Australia. From the capital city in the state of Queensland, Brisbane, we took train to the sunshine state, non other than Gold Coast. This is our final pit stop before leaving this beautiful and amazing country. I can't deny that travel around Australia is indeed pretty easy and convenient with their extensive, efficient and reliable public transport system.

#1: Sea view of the Surfers Paradise beach - directly from the aparment we were staying

Gold Coast 03
#2: Once we arrived Gold Coast, we went Harbour Town for shopping in DFO (Direct Factory Outlet)

Gold Coast 04 Movie World
#3: Warner Bros Movie World - A visit to Gold Coast is incomplete without visit any of these thrilling theme park.

Gold Coast 05 Surfers Paradise
#4: The well-known Surfers Paradise beach

Gold Coast 06 Sea World
#5: Up close with the penguins, dolphins, sharks and more in Sea World

2014 Australia
#6: Sydney, Brisbane & Gold Coast unlocked. Another fruitful & unforgettable Australia trip. I'll be back someday.
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From Sydney, We Headed To Brisbane!

From Sydney, we flew to Brisbane, the capital city in the state of Queensland and we will staying there for 3 days 2 nights. When many people commented that nothing much can be done and seen in Brisbane, I tend to ignore that and went with my friends to see what Brisbane can offers.

Day 5 - Brisbane 01
#1: Flew off to Brisbane with Jetstar. Their check-in process were so efficient, fast and hassle-free. 

Day 5 - Brisbane 02
#2: I always assigned to get the window seat cause I just love to witness the aeriel view

Day 5 - Brisbane 03
#3: Kick off our Brisbane adventures by visiting Queen Street Mall

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Australia
#4: Look ma! I'm cuddling koala bear this time around.

Day 5 - Brisbane 06
#5: Kangaroo feeding in Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Day 5 - Brisbane 04
#6: Sushi roll - my favourite. It's everywhere in Brisbane and I can have these almost everyday.

#7: Just when I thought staying in South Bank is not a wise choice, I was wrong. This South Bank Parklands is amazing structure.

#8: Ended our day by taking Wheel of Brisbane 

And now we are wandering around Brisbane city centre once again before leaving this beautiful and peaceful city permanently to another city again. 

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G'day Sydney!

G'day everyone! I'm currently in Australia for my short vacation, after not flying anywhere for almost two months. You know for someone who being bitten by travel bugs, the addiction of travelling would getting worst if not travelling for a certain period. This is my second time to Australia but it's my maiden visit to Sydney.

Day 1 - Sydney 02
#1: My third experience flying with AirAsia X, after Seoul and Melbourne.

Day 1 - Sydney 07
#2: Once we settled everything, we went Paddy Market for souvenir hunting, as always

Day 1 - Sydney 09
#3: One of my favourite photos. Nope, we didn't rent any bike here but instead we walked a lot

Sydney 08
#5: We took bus to this mesmerising and awesome Bondi Beach

Sydney 09
#6: Seafood platter for lunch in Sydney Fish Market

Sydney 10
#7: Finally one of my travel wishlist accomplished - Seeing Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Currently, I am blogging this from the domestic airport while waiting for another flight to another city. 

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