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Namaste Nepal

Nepal 01
#1: Hello Nepal!

And Namaste stands for "Hello" in Nepali. Once again, I was away for almost two weeks for another yearly gathering trip with my fellow collegemates. Previously, we went Cambodia and Myanmar together and for this time around, we chosen Nepal as another of our travel adventures. For your information, Nepal is the first South Asia country I ever visited, when most traveller started off by visiting India instead. And for the very first time, I assigned my friend to become the tour leader for this trip as I was too busy with my full-time works and freelance jobs. Plus, I was also pretty busy with family commitment as well. That's explained why I didn't update my blog so frequently lately.

Here are the sneak peek of what my friends and I did and went in Nepal:

Nepal 02
#2: Wandered around Thamel, tourists' mecca in Kathmandu. This is the best place to stay, dining and hunting for souvenirs.

Nepal 06
#3: From Kathmandu, we went Chitwan National Park which situated in south central of Nepal. This is the first national park in Nepal and has been listed as World Heritage Site.

Nepal 07
#4: Not one but we were lucky spotted two endangered Indian rhino after jungle trekking and elephant jungle ride for almost whole day. One of the experience in my life.

Nepal 04
#5: Boating on Phewa Tal Lake of Pokhara

Nepal 05
#6: Look ma! I'm paragliding in Nepal. Can't believe I did it

Nepal 08
#7: Sightseeing in Kathmandu - Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Nepal 09
#8: Last but not least, Boudhanath Stupa, the iconic and symbolic of Nepal

Unfortunately throughout the trip, we didn't manage to get a clear view of the well-known Annapurna and Himalaya mountain view. I guess this a sign that my friends and I should revisit Nepal for second time, perhaps. But for me, the most important is we had great and fun time being together.

#9: The chicken thigh Nepal gang! We even have our own hashtag #xploreNepal2014 in Instagram


  1. waaaa. u did paragliding? we didn't manage to do that because of the time constraint. revisit perhaps. heee

  2. welcome back to blogging.

    wah....paragliding and can snap pic. Nervous or not at that height?

    Love pic num 5.

  3. It looks fun! Looking forward more Nepal travel stories from you :)

  4. wowowow!! interesting interesting!! and i thought you went there with family..manatau with your gang! looking forward to your Bhutanese travel photos :D

  5. No i respect u more than other.. hahhahaa... so cool dude.. paragliding..!!!! awesome.. :D

  6. Wow! you managed to snap your 2 legs from mid air! So beautiful view below.

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