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New Zealand Day 0: British Airways & Qantas to Auckland, New Zealand

Kinda not in the mood to blog due to the sudden spike in the number of positive cases in Sabah. Furthermore, I was pretty occupied with my small little tiny handcrafted business. 

This travelogue of mine to New Zealand was way back in 2015 - I know, it's like 5 years ago. But still, I want to document here so that when after 10 years, or probably 20 years later I will be able to look back when I'm old. Hopefully Blogger will still be around that time cause currently, they seem like a bit haywire (kinda dislike the new interface where I unable to share my photo from Flickr).

By the way, how many of you have been to New Zealand? If yes, do you like it? I guesst 10 out of 10 people who have been to New Zealand, all of them love it so much and plan to return again. A beautiful country with amazing and spectacular scenery and not forgetting, the friendly local people. I went with two of my best friends and we travelled for more than 2 weeks there - covering both North and South Island. 

We gathered in Singapore first, before took off to Auckland - with short transit in Sydney. We flew with two different airlines; British Airways for our flight from Singapore to Sydney and then continue with Qantas Airways from Sydney to Auckland. 

  • British Airways (Singapore to Sydney)

#1: My maiden flight with British Airways

#2: Boarding pass

#3: The economy seat

#4: In-flight meal for long haul. Pretty good I should say, especially with wide range of beverages including wine and beer. 

#5: Second meal - the snack box but because we're still full with our first meal, we brought out of the cabin. 

  • Qantas Airways (Sydney to Auckland)
#6: Also my first time with Qantas Airways

#7: The flight duration from Sydney to Auckland takes approximately 3 hours

#8: Chicken salad being served 

#9: Ice-cream and chocolate for dessert before we landed 

#10: The view that I always looking forward for

#11: Kia Ora New Zealand! Kia Ora Auckland! 

It took me more than 24 hours to reach the so-called "Middle Earth" from my hometown where I arrived in 5 different airports and landed in 4 different countries (you can check out my post here) - extremely exhausted and tired but for the sake of travelling, all these experiences and adventures are worth for once in a lifetime. 

Right after we cleared the immigration process and claimed our luggage, it's time to head to Auckland. The fastest and affordable option to get to city centre from Auckland Airport is by taking SkyBus. Operating daily from 6am to 8pm, one way with SkyBus costs AUD17 and the ride takes approximately 40 to 50 minutes. You can purchase the bus ticket at the kiosk next to the bus. 

#12: SkyBus - The fastest and affordable option to get to city centre from Auckland Airport 

So that's all about my fair experiences with British Airways and Qantas Airways from Singapore to Auckland, the first city we landed in New Zealand. My next coming blog will be none other than, Auckland and it's surrounding. 

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