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It Took Me More Than 24 Hours To Reach Middle Earth

Five years ago when I went Japan for the very first time, I stopby at 5 different airports in 4 different countries within 24 hours when it only took within 5-6 hours to reach Japan directly from Kota Kinabalu (check out my old post here). And now, I repeat the same things again, stopy and landed in 5 different airports in 4 different countries but then, this whole journey took more than 24 hours to reach New Zealand. Of course, no doubt I was tired and exhausted but it's really worth adventures to experience for.

Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2
#1: First stop - Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2

Johor Bahru Senai International Airport
#2: Second stop: Johor Senai International Airport

JB Airport Bus
#3: Took public bus to Singapore to meet my sister before catching another flight

The reason why I chosen to fly into Johor Bahru instead of Singapore was because I managed to grab one way fare for only RM56. I'm not kidding! 

Singapore Changi International Airport
#4: Third stop: Singapore Changi International Airport

British Airways

#5: Our official airline to New Zealand - British Airways 

British Airways - Business Clas
#6: My seat (How I wish!)

Sydney International Airport
#7: Fourth stop: Transit for three hours at Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport


#8: Changed to another airline, Qantas before reaching the desired destination. We were served by a handsome Korean steward. (P/S: I still remember his name and he talked to me when I took this photo) 

Auckland International Airport

#9: Finally final stop - Auckland International Airport. Kia Ora New Zealand! 

It's been quite a while I didn't fly in an extremely long haul flight and away for a long long long holiday. This trip to New Zealand took approximately 16 days including spending a day in Sydney and Singapore. Unlike what I used to do previously, this time around no sneak peek to share with cause I shared most of my photos in Instagram (@dtdianateo) but there are few things I love to share are something which we're least expecting from this trip:

#10: It's blooming sakura everywhere in New Zealand. Para para sakura, come and dance with me!

Two of my friends who haven't been to Japan mentioned that no need to waste time and money to Japan for sakura viewing anymore. LoL! 

#11: Enjoyed the beauty of sakura in our favourite town, Queenstown

Last but not least, one of the things I'm looking forward in New Zealand is Air New Zealand. We're lucky to spot The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey aircraft before leaving to Sydney. And their Men in Black themed in-flight safety video is so freaking funny.

 Air New Zealand The Hobbit - 02
#11: Air New Zealand, the airline of Middle-earth

 Air New Zealand The Hobbit
#12: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey aircraft 

Do you want to stay connected always while in overseas?

As I'm the type that can't live without Internet, most of the times I bought local sim card but for countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia and including New Zealand, local sim cards tend to be quite pricey and hence, rent a Pocket WiFi would be economical option.


This is the second time I used Wiyo Pocket WiFi to stay connected, find directions and upload all my travel photos instantly in New Zealand. Thanks Wiyo for the mobile internet access throughout my  two weeks trip in New Zealand. #sponsor [Will blog more about this soon]

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  1. I love the bus with the smiley faces.

    Ahhh so nice to see sakura flowers. Cant dance with you though coz tarak pandai dancing. Hahaha....love Aaron when he was dancing this dance. So energetic


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