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Minsu (民宿) I Stayed in Taiwan

Normally, I would blog most of my travelogues in sequence (unless it required to blog urgently) but because lately I received quite numbers of emails asking about the minsu I stayed during my trip to Taiwan last year (My 2013 Year End Trip: Taiwan 台湾 - Sneak Peek), hence I decided to blog about them now.

Taiwan is well-known and popular for minshu (民宿), which is the type of accommodation that equivalent to homestay, guesthouse, B&B and some known as farmstay if there are animals within the property. The experiences of staying in minsu are completely different and unique comparing staying in a conventional hotel. Bear in mind, most of the minsu are mainly to accommodate couples, a small group of families and travellers. Therefore, if you are travelling alone, minsu might not be the best option unless you are willing to bear the cost of paying for 2 pax. One of the main reasons I chosen minsu instead of normal hotel because I love the way how majority minsu in Taiwan are decorated in varierty and colourful themes and decor to light up the atmosphere. 

NOTE: However, the main drawback I encountered with Taiwan's minsu was the owner or host replied me in Chinese when I sent all the emails in English. Therefore, you might need some help from those who know how to read and write Chinese.

Brief details of the Three Different Minsu (民宿) I Booked
1)  Minsu in Taichung 逢甲夜宿館 (In Chinese Name) - Check their Facebook Page

Taichung Minsu

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Island Hopping at Mamutik Island

Mainly because my late grandfather was a fisherman and my dad spent the most of his teenager life living nearby the sea, therefore my dad always loves to spend his weekend by going to the islands or even fishing in the middle of huge and rough sea. Frankly speaking, I dislike the latter activity but I don't mind going for island hopping once in a blue moon with my dad and family.

The nearest islands that we could go for hopping would be Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park and this marine park consists of five beautiful and charming islands - Pulau Gaya, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. From the five islands, I've been all except for Pulau Sulug which is the farthest island compare the rest. It is considered relatively remote and undeveloped, hence not being well-known if comparing the first four islands. Maybe someday when I able to persuade my dad.

And so lately, everytime we had visit from our valuable guests, either our relatives or even friends, one of the staple itinerary would be the island hopping and most of the time, my dad would prefer Mamutik Island.

Mamutik Island 01
#1: Mamutik's jetty

Among the five islands, Mamutik Island is the smallest one. Despite the size, this tropical island host beach activities as well as water sport activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, diving and more. If comparing the rest, I think this is the best spot for snorkelling cause there are variety of colouful fishes and interesting sea creatures that you can find underneath it.

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Snapshot Sunday: Putrajaya, Malaysia

I was in Putrajaya few days ago in conjunction with Girl Guides Malaysia National Annual General Meeting & Conference which held annually and the host for this year is none other than Putrajaya itself. Previously, I lived in Kuala Lumpur for almost 5 years but I never have the chance to visit this federal administrative centre of Malaysia, not until recently. And with this, I unofficially complete visited the whole 13 states and 3 federal territories of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya). 

The host was so kind that they even offered us few sightseeing tours around Putrajaya, including night cruise along the magnificent and magical Putrajaya Lake (Tasik Putrajaya) and here are few snapshots I took during the sightseeing:

Putrajaya - Perdana Putra
#1: Perdana Putra which houses the office complex of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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Hotel Review: The Explorer Hotel, Malacca

Finding and booking accommodation for 3-4 people is kinda pretty easy for me but when comes to a larger group, let's said for 9 people, it's not that really as easy as I thought. Lucky enough for us, I came across this hotel by the name of The Explorer in Malacca which not only fit perfectly for 9 of us, it's also affordable and strategically located in perfect location.

The Explorer Hotel Malacca 01
#1: The Explorer Hotel is located within the latest mall of Malacca

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The Colourful Chinatown of Singapore

Date Visited: 18th December 2012

Been to Singapore quite few times but most of the times, I rather spent my time visited the amusement and theme parks, zoo, shopping streets and so on. Not until when I saw someone shared a photo of Chinatown of Singapore in Instagram, then I realised this is another spot not to be missed by anyone, especially when one had visited most Chinatown all over the world. Oh boy, why didn't I realise it earlier but then, it's not too late for me to visit right? 

Chinatown, Singapore 01
#1: It's so convenient and easy to travel to Chinatown with Singapore's extensive and great public transport system

Chinatown, Singapore 02
#2: Colourful restored and well-preserved shophouses
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Hotel Review: Hotel 81 Dickson of Singapore

Because I travelled in a big group back in year 2012 for my family trip, it's not easy to find those lodging that suit our budget and preferences especially when travel to Singapore where most of the lodging could cost us a bomb. Hostel will definitely not in my list as I tagged along two middle aged ladies with me and I'm pretty sure, it will definitely not so convenient for them to stay. After searched high and low, my family and I agreed to book our stay in Hotel 81 Dickson.

Hotel 81 Dickson Singapore 01
#1: Hotel 81 Dickson located in heart of Little India street.

Hotel 81 is a chain of budgeted hotels and they have like more than 20 over hotels located in the city centre, Geylang, Joo Chiat, Lavender and more. For the one we pick, Hotel 81 Dickson is strategically situated right in the middle of Little India and it was just few minutes walk to the hustle and bustle of Bugis Street.
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