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Had you ever went to our local 24 hours convenient shop?
And if you hungry, what foods can you search from?
You only able to search for mee cup, snack and typical tit-bits.
For drinks, you can only see few selections from Coke to Spritzer mineral water.sad

But not until you went 7-Eleven in other part of countries.
The first time I went 7-Eleven in Hong Kong, I was so in love with them as they served foods like in chinese restaurant. You able to search for Char Siew Fun rice and even curry chicken noodle.biggrin

When I was in Japan with Nicole, every night before went back our place of stay, we sure will visit 7-Eleven for our dinner. Lots of selection too; Bento, sushi and even spagetti is available too.
How about Taiwan? Gosh. You just can't stop yourself from entering their 7-Eleven too.

Its almost finish coz we went around 9 pm++

tw 02
tw 03
tw 04
♥Love Taiwan 7-Eleven♥
I start to miss their 7-Eleven.

So, I recommend you to visit 7-Eleven wherever you're in Taiwan, Hong Kong or even in Japan and trust me, I believe you will go visit for the second time. One of the best place for you to find foods for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper if you are thrifty.
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First Night Dinner at Osaka

Do you know how much it cost per person to have dinner in Japan?

So, this is the small shop me and my friend went it.
IMG_0821 copy

The ambiance of the little tiny shop.
IMG_0544 copy
IMG_0546 copy

IMG_3148 copy
The lady who do all by herself. Serve the customers, cook the dishes, etc...

When we start to order, looks like there is a communication barrier. My friend and I speak in English and the lady who served us speak in Japanese with no little knowledge of speaking in English. Luckily I know a few Japanese foods, so I ordered "Tori Katsu Don" but the lady said she only have "Tori Karaage". I know that by the way as TTM always brought me to Japanese restaurant. Thanks TTM!

IMG_0547 copy
Tori Karaage (fried cutlet chicken).
A bowl of rice, 4-5 pieces of chicken, soup and a cold "sky juice"

Then, how much it cost?
1200 yen per person which approximate RM45.

This prove that Japan is one of the most expensive city to live on.

IMG_3150 copy
However, we do enjoy the dinner. Travelling oo... It's like that one lah..
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7 Days of Sweet Summer Getaway to Hong Kong & Macau Itinerary (2010)

Finally, after 2 months plus, I had finally managed to finish posting my blog regarding Hong Kong and Macau trip.

Here is my Hong Kong & Macau itinerary [click on the blue colour fonts]:

Day 1 (15 September 2010)
- Reached Hong Kong International Airport
- Dinner at Kingswood Ginza Shopping Plaza

Day 2 (16 September 2010)
[Part 1] - Take speed boat from Hong Kong to Macau, Visiting The Sands
[Part 2] - Visiting The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, Dinner at Cozinha Pinocchio, Taipa Village

Day 3 (17 September 2010)
[Part 1] - Macau City Tour; Senado Square, Ruins of St Paul
[Part 2] - Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tshui

Day 4 (18 September 2010)
- Ocean Park

Day 5 (19 September 2010)
- Victoria Peak and Madame Tussauds

Day 6 (20 September 2010)
- Hong Kong Disneyland

Day 7 (21 September 2010)
- Breakfast and Lunch at Kingswood Ginza Shopping Plaza
- Goodbye Hong Kong

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It's My Haul from Hong Kong & Macau (2010)

Hong Kong & Macau 2010

This is one and only photo I have because I accidentally deleted the rest of the photos. Sigh! Not many things I bought from my Hong Kong & Macau trip because I went Hong Kong twice before this. Let's see what things had I bought back from Hong Kong & Macau.

Hong Kong
  1. Pink colour handbag from Ladies Street (HKD200)
  2. Beige colour handbag from H&M. I quite love the quality of H&M products, which I ever bought before from Nice, Paris and United Kingdom (HKD199)
  3. Dark blue colour purse from Esprit (HKD199)
  4. A set of fridge magnet from Ocean Park (HKD20)
  5. T-shirt, cookies, fridge magnet, keychains from Disneyland Hong Kong (HKD1,085)
  1. The famous almond cookies (HKD180)
  2. Pouch from Naraya (HKD136)
  3. Fridge magnet (HKD10)
Did you notice that I even brought back the 2 small cups of Haagen Danz? Haagen Danz is my favourite dessert. Ever bought in Malaysia but it cost RM11 for small cup whereas in Hong Kong, it cost roughly around RM8. That's so cheap, man! The total damages that I spend for my travel haul was HKD1,884.90 (Approximately RM770).
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    First Visit to Hong Kong Disneyland

     Date of Visited: 20th September 2010

    Back in year 2005, it was my first visit to Hong Kong with my family and my late grandfater. It was during Chinese New Year at that moment. Unfortunately, I didn't had the chance to visit Disneyland because it is still under construction at that period. Too bad~

    Then in year 2006, visited Hong Kong again after a week travel around China before going back Malaysia. Unfortunately, we only had 1 day stopby Hong Kong and my mom prefer to spend the time shopping around Mongkok instead going to Disneyland. Here goes again of missing another chance going to Disneyland.

    This time around, my 3rd visit to Hong Kong, Disneyland is a not-to-be-miss in my itinerary. If not, I will regret for the 3rd time. We went Disneyland in the noon time. After having breakfast and a short and quick shopping around Mongkok, we took MRT to Disneyland.

    Disneyland 01
    Disney train with Mickey Mouse theme. Falling in love with this train

    Disneyland 02
    All about Mickey Mouse; the window and even the grip handles

     Disneyland 03
    Entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

    Disneyland 04
    Saw it? Mickey Mouse surfing on the top of the fountain

    Disneyland 05
    D represents Diana. Just kidding. D represents what else? Disneyland

    It was a fine weather until when we bought the ticket, gosh; it starts to rain. Looks like it's not my luck to visit Disneyland.

    Disneyland 06
    Saw people are taking umbrella and wearing rain coat?
    By the way, this is Sleeping Beauty castle

    Although raining, but it don't stop me from....

     Disneyland 07
    Taking photo with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Finally...
    I missed the chance when visiting Paris Disneyland

    Hong Kong Disneyland is Asia's second Disneyland (first is in Tokyo) and it is the smallest Disneyland compare to others. Therefore, we plan to go there after lunch. There are 4 themed lands; Main Street U.S.A., Fantasyland, Advertureland and Tomorrowland.

    We only able to enjoy few rides mostly indoor one. In order to kill time, we even went to watch those live show such as The Lion King Musical Performance.

    Disneyland 08
    One of the indoor ride, Space Mountain

     Disneyland 09
    Buzz Lightyear which famous for its "To infinity and beyond"

    Disneyland 10

    Disneyland 12
    Hakuna Matata

    Disneyland 13
    It's A Small World and I watched for second time. The first time was in Disneyland Paris.

    Not much photo can be taken as the rain starts to fall heavily in the evening. But one thing that cause us to wait till night time is the fireworks over the Sleeping Beauty castle. It's so amazing and mesmerising. There is suppose to have performance before the fireworks but it had been cancel as the rain non stop falling.

    Disneyland 11
    Impressive fireworks

    The park ticket cost HK$350 per adult for 1-day ticket.
    (UPDATED: Effective from from 1st August 2011, the 1-day ticket has increased to HK$399)

    How to get to this fairy-tale theme park: 
    Take the Tung Chung Line to Sunny Bay and then transfer to Disneyland Resort Line.
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    Victoria Peak & Madame Tussauds

    19th September 2010
    We supposed to go Ngong Ping 360 which is the getaway to Lantau Island and famous for the world's tallest, outdoor, seated bronze statue of Giant Buddha but due to the overheat (the very very very hot weather), we cancel the plan. We woke up late as we don't have enough sleep for the last few days. Travelling is like that; sleep late at night and wake up very early.

    Since woke up late, find breakfast also much convenient as more shops are open. After breakfast, we moved to another Hong Kong famous attractions, Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is also my second visit by the way =p. If you like to have a stunning 360 degrees panoramic view accoss Hong Kong, this is the best place to be.

    There are lots of attractions in Victoria Peak. Our main destinations is visiting Madame Tussauds which located in the Level 2 of Peak Tower. Madame Tussauds is a wax musseum displaying lifelike wax of historical and royal figures, celebrities and sports stars. So, we took this opportunity to spot our favourite superstars and pose lots of crazy pictures.

    From East ===>

    Lee Ping Ping and Andy Lau are promoting their latest movie

    Who in the world will not know this guy? Jay Chao, the Taiwan king rapper which sometimes I can't hear what he was singing or rapping :P


    Everyone knew him as Ip Man; Donnie Yen

    Theresa Teng looks stunning in awesome cheongsam

    Anita Mui

    Even Korea superstar is here; Bae Yong Jung from Winter Sonata

    To the West ===>

    Lastly, not forgeting the famous sport star of all time, David Beckham

    How to get there: MTR to Central Station and exit J2. Turn right, through Chater Garden, cross Queen's Road Central and make way up to Garden Road. Pass the Bank of China Tower and Citibank Plaza on the left and St John's Cathedral on the right before arriving at the terminus, which is on the left hand side.

    Both Peak Tram and entrance to Madame Tussauds cost HK$180 which is highly recommend to take combo package.
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    Excitement at Ocean Park

    18th September 2010

    We woke up as early as we can in order for us to look for breakfast before starting our day which need lots of energy. There is no coffee house nearby the place we stay, so we plan to stopby Yuen Long. It's kinda hard to look for place to have breakfast as most of the shops are still close. Maybe too early gua.. Luckily Sam saw this small little tiny shop which I think can fit less than 12-16 people. They served normal breakfast meal such as toast bread with egg or even noddle soup with egg.

    Most of us order this; Noodle soup with luncheon meat, ham and egg. Extra HK$1 for milk tea
    Not bad as I not choosy when comes to food.

    As what I had planned for this trip, our plan for today is going to one of the four major Hong Kong attractions which was Ocean Park. Ocean Park is Hong Kong's homegrown theme park. The interesting part of Ocean Park is that it is not just serve as theme park, it's also a place where we able to enjoy a real marine wildlife performance by the dolphins and sea lions. This is my second visit to Ocean Park.

    Lovely admission ticket
    Admission fee: HK$250 (adults); HK$125

    However, we managed to buy at the price of HK$222 per adult. This ticket is available at the Admiralty MTR Station, before taking bus. Not from the counter nearby the bus but is the counter which is inside station. We was quite confuse when the counter which nearby bus was selling at the price at HK$250 but ours is HK$222. At first, we thought the one we bought are not valid or in other words; fake ticket. Luckily, it was not.

    There are 2 entrance for Ocean Park; main entrance (lowland) and the other is Tai Shue Wan entrance (headland).

    Ocean Park Tai Shue Wan Entrance

    Flamigo pond, once you enter the entrance

    This is the place to watch the sea lion and seals and their underwater acrobatics from the underwater viewing gallery

    Growing stage of seals

    Food kiosk in case when you are hungry

    Here comes my favourite part in Ocean Park, Ocean Theatre

    I had watched these shows 5 years ago and I'm guess that I lucky enough as I'm not just able to witness the amazing intelligence and grace dolphins and the playful sea lions performance, I also witness the performance the black big whale. But too bad, it died few years later. Don't miss the chance to watch this marine wildlife show everytime you visit Ocean Park and do check out the show time. It's not to be miss show!

    Since it's summer in Hong Kong and all of us were sweating like hell. It's damn hot, so we decided to take cable car to the lowland. Ocean Park consists of Lowland and Headland, which are connected by cable car.

    If you scare of height, you can take the alternative ride on Ocean Express Summit Station.

    When my first visit, me and my family don't have the chance to witness panda. This is the bad thing of joining travel agent as limitation of time. So, I am overwhelming when I got the chance this time around.

    There are 4 pandas and they are absolutely damn cute...

    Is this goldfish? Hahaha...

    Haagen Danz provide you a comfort seats. xP

    How to get there: Bus 629 from Admiralty MTR Station, Exit B
    Opening hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Monday -Fri); 10:00 am - 7:00 pm (Sat); 9:30 am - 7:00 pm (Sun)
    Please do visit http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/html/en/home/ for more info especially on the show time as it is vary from time to time.
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