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It's My Haul from Hong Kong & Macau (2010)

Hong Kong & Macau 2010

This is one and only photo I have because I accidentally deleted the rest of the photos. Sigh! Not many things I bought from my Hong Kong & Macau trip because I went Hong Kong twice before this. Let's see what things had I bought back from Hong Kong & Macau.

Hong Kong
  1. Pink colour handbag from Ladies Street (HKD200)
  2. Beige colour handbag from H&M. I quite love the quality of H&M products, which I ever bought before from Nice, Paris and United Kingdom (HKD199)
  3. Dark blue colour purse from Esprit (HKD199)
  4. A set of fridge magnet from Ocean Park (HKD20)
  5. T-shirt, cookies, fridge magnet, keychains from Disneyland Hong Kong (HKD1,085)
  1. The famous almond cookies (HKD180)
  2. Pouch from Naraya (HKD136)
  3. Fridge magnet (HKD10)
Did you notice that I even brought back the 2 small cups of Haagen Danz? Haagen Danz is my favourite dessert. Ever bought in Malaysia but it cost RM11 for small cup whereas in Hong Kong, it cost roughly around RM8. That's so cheap, man! The total damages that I spend for my travel haul was HKD1,884.90 (Approximately RM770).


    1. Oh D, Poor u! It must be very frustrating... that's the thing with technology.. one button can make a big difference... anyway, HK and Macau are just a short flight away...ha..ha.. can visit again and again and again in the future.....he..he..

    2. hi D..sorry about that...I just came back from HK...and maybe I could come again for the third time!!

    3. yes i saw haagen dasz! :D i wonder if they taste the same like those in malaysia~

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    4. Yea~ I've been eyeing your haageb dasz while reading your post~ Hee~


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