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Half-Day Trip To Vaduz of Liechtenstein From Zurich

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Aside from Colmar of France, we even did a cross-border trip to Vaduz, the capital city of Liechtenstein while we're travelling around Switzerland. Due to there's no airport within the nation, hence it's an ideal way of planning a trip to this Europe's fourth-smallest country from Zurich since it's easily accessible and the journey takes around an hour and a half.  

For your information, there is no direct train service from Switzerland to Liechtenstein. Therefore, you need to catch a train from Zurich HB to Sargans, and then continue by catching the bright yellow-coloured bus 11 (heading Feldkirch) or bus 12E (heading Vaduz) in order to get to Liechtenstein. If you are travelling with Swiss Travel Pass, this route is fully covered including the public buses in Liechtenstein. Without the pass, one-way bus ride costs CHF8 per passenger and this can be paid directly to the bus driver. 

By the way, there are no border controls between Switzerland and Liechtenstein. However, if you are interested to collect and add additional passport stamps just like me, don't forget to bring along your passport as you can get an authentic Liechtenstein entry stamp from Vaduz Tourism office for CHF3.     

#1: Catching the train from Zurich HB to Sargans 

#2: Continue by hopping on bus 11 (heading Feldkirch) or bus 12E (heading Vaduz)

As usual, both my husband and I woke up pretty early in order to maximise our half-day trip in Vaduz. Right after catching the bus from Sargans to Vaduz, we alighted at Vaduz Post bus stop that sits right in the heart of Vaduz. This will be the best spot for you to start exploring and wandering the capital city of Liechtenstein itself. As we're pressed for time, hence we're only fully focusing on Vaduz.   

Vaduz is pretty small and compact and the main street is kinda short and not that long. Thus, it's easily walking around the city. 

#3: City train with Vaduz Castle behind 

#4: Vaduz Town Hall (Rathaus) 

#5: Liechtenstein Tourism Office (Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm daily)

#6: You can get an authentic Liechtenstein entry stamp from Vaduz Tourism Office for CHF3 

#7: Postmuseum Vaduz - A museum covers postal history with stamp collections and historic equipment. Entrance is free for public(Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm daily)

#8: Main government building of Vaduz 

#9: Vaduz Registry Office

#10: Vaduz Cathedral which built in neo-Gothic style 

#10: Random house in Vaduz

#11: My trip to a certain city or country is incomplete without sending out any postcards 

The nation's official language is German but during our trip there, we don't have any communication issues in speaking English with the local.
As for the official currency, the Swiss franc (CHF) is the legal tender since Liechtenstein is in a customs and monetary union with Switzerland. Cards are even acceptable in Liechtenstein. 

#12: And that's concludes my visit to 57th country

12D10N Switzerland Travelogue (2022)
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Zurich, Our Final Stop in Switzerland

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11 hours - that's the total number of hours it took us to get from Zermatt to Zurich. From Zermatt to St. Moritz, it took almost 8 hours with Glacier Express, the world's slowest express train and then, we continued by taking another train from St. Moritz to Zurich. What an extremely long day we had, but I'm glad we made it to Zurich in one piece. 

We arrived at Zurich Hauptbahnhof (HB) which is the main railway station that serve suburban (S-Bahn), regional (RE) and long distance trains (IR, IC and ICN) to other part of European countries such as Germany, France and etc. There are even trams situated outside the main station that cover almost the entire city. 

#2: Trams in Zurich 

Ibis Budget Zurich City West
Date Stayed: 4 May - 6 May 2022 (2 nights) 
Room Rate: RM945 for double bed room (Booked from Agoda) 
Nearest Tram Station: Technopark under Line 4

#3: Our stay in Zurich - Ibis Budget Zurich City West. Small and compact but comfortable and convenient

Because we're only in Zurich like one-and-a-half day, therefore we narrowed down few list of things we're really interested to do and see in Switzerland's largest city. 

A trip to Switzerland is incomplete without visiting any of chocolate factories simply because Switzerland is famous for its creamy and high-quality Swiss Chocolate. 

1) House of Läderach in Bilten 
Before embarking to Switzerland, I came across that many people who have been to Switzerland before kept praising about this Läderach. We even bought some to try when we're in Lucerne and turned out, it's indeed incredibly good. 

Though the journey from Zurich to House of Läderach takes more than an hour by train, but it's really worth, especially for the chocolate lovers like my husband. The self-tour costs CHF5 (we didn't do any prebook, we just walked in) and we're given a lanyard with a small spoon for chocolate tasting at the chocolate fountain, a small piece of chocolate and a gift voucher of CHF5 which can be redeemed at the gift shop or the cafe. Definitely worth it.  

#4: House of Läderach in Bilten 

#5: Gigantic chocolate fountain where you can do chocolate testing on the white, milk or dark chocolate by using the complimentary small spoon given earlier. 

#6: We even dropby at their cafe after our self-tour. Believe it or not, this is my first dessert throughout my Switzerland trip. 

How To Get To House of Läderach in Bilten:
From Zurich Hauptbahnhof (HB), catch the train to Ziegelbrücke. Then further by bus 524 to Bilten. Finally, 5 minutes on foot to the House of Läderach.
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm daily and closed on Christmas Day. 

2) Lindt - Home of Chocolate 
Another chocolate museum not to be missed in Zurich where it's easily reachable by bus and train. And I believe this chocolate needs no introduction as it can be easily spot at anywhere - be it at the airport, souvenir shop, supermarket and more. 

However, we didn't intend to do any chocolate tour here as we just did one earlier in House of Läderach. Therefore, we spent most of our time (as well as our money too) at their shop, which claimed to be the largest chocolate shop not just in Switzerland but in the world too. I have to admit that I was more attracted to its colourful packaging. 

#7: Lindt - Home of Chocolate

#8: Over nine meters tall chocolate fountain with 1,500kg of chocolate flowing through it  

How To Get To Lindt - Home of Chocolate:
From Zurich Hauptbahnhof (HB), catch the train to Kilchberg ZH. Then 9-10 minutes on foot to Lindt - Home of Chocolate.
Opening Hours: For more info, you can check our their official website here

3) Exploring the city of Zurich 
Since our flight was scheduled to depart in the evening, we still have extra spare of hours to spend by exploring around the Zurich city centre on our last day.

#9: Lake Zurich 
#10: Limmat River Waterfront 

#11: St. Peter, one of the four main churches of the old town of Zurich 

#12: Lindenhof, where you can get a bird's eye view of Zurich Old Town 

#13: Altstadt (Old Town of Zurich)

#14: Altstadt (Old Town of Zurich)

4) Half day trip to Vaduz of Liechtenstein 
We even managed to do a half-day trip to the capital city of Liechtenstein, Vaduz from Zurich as this route is covered under Swiss Travel Pass. I will blog and share more in the next upcoming post. 

#15: Vaduz, the capital city of Liechtenstein 
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8-Hours Train Ride from Zermatt to St Moritz With Glacier Express

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Though a trip to Zermatt might seems unrewarding one as we're unable to peek a single glimpse of the notable mountain of Matterhorn, but we'll love to return to this lovely village again someday. After spending 3 days 2 nights in Zermatt, we then on board with Glacier Express's journey, the world's slowest express train where it takes more than 8 hours to travel between Zermatt and St. Moritz.  


1) Advance Booking Is Required 
Glacier Express is quite popular, especially among the foreign visitors. Hence, it is advisable to purchase the tickets up to two months in advance. Thankfully, this Glacier Express journey is included in the Swiss Travel Pass, or else it's will break your wallet. However do take note that, the seat reservation is mandatory and you need to pay additional fee for it

You can select your preferred seat from this website

2) Which Side of Train Seat Is Better?
Oh well, this is kinda a tough question and it's really hard for me to justify which is better cause I personally think, both side offer exceptionally beautiful view as Glacier Express features enormous panoramic side windows with glass skylight. 

The seat configuration for 2nd Class is arranged 2+2 with a table in between whereas 1st Class car seats are 2+1. Therefore, try to grab the window seat immediately once the reservation is opened to the public for booking.    

3) Pack Food and Drinks On Board
Unless you don't mind paying the hefty price for the food and drinks served in the train, then don't forget to pack and bring some food, snacks and drinks (including beers too) before getting on board for the long journey train ride. 

4) Board The Train Early
This is because the luggage space is pretty limited and if you have huge luggages, you might find difficulty in putting your luggages if everyone is ahead you. Another perk of getting on the train early is where you can shamelessly take hundreds, or even thousands of photos of yourself without anyone photobombing it. 

5) Glacier Express Doesn't Run All Year Round
There is no Glacier Express service at all from mid of October to early of December. Fret not, you still enjoy the exact same view from normal regular regional train - just that you can't experience in the 180-degree glass view. 

Now, come and join me on board together on this magical train ride across over 290 bridges and through 91 tunnels. With fascinating glimpses of idyllic mountain ranges, the train winds its way through remote valleys, past sheer rock faces and through the deep Rhine Gorge, the Grand Canyon of Switzerland. 

Details of the train display board 

Glacier Express Second Class

Free headphone is given for each passenger for audio guide and radio too

Audio guide is available in different languages such as German, French, Italian, English, Chinese and Japanese

Finally after 7 and half hours, we have reach St. Moritz but we didn't intend to overnight here. We then continue our train ride to Zurich.  

Commemorative certificate for complete the almost 8-hours train ride
(You can get this for free from the sales counter in Zermatt and St. Moritz)

My next post is about Zurich as both of us decided to skip St. Moritz. 
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