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Crash Landing on You in Iseltwald

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I guess one of the reasons why Switzerland tends to be so popular among the visitors lately is due to "Crash Landing On You", which has officially claimed to be the second highest rated drama in Korean TV history. Apart from South Korea, majority of the shooting scenes were filmed in Switzerland and this causes the TV fans all over the world to fly in Switzerland and travel various locations in order to recreate the scenes from the show.     

#1: Small village of Iseltwald on the southern shores of Lake Brienz 

One of the most renowned shooting scenes is in the small village of Iseltwald, roughly around 20 minutes from Interlaken. Right after we done with the paragliding, we took bus 103 towards Iseltwald, Dorfplatz (you can catch this bus from both Interlaken OST and Interlaken West station) and drop off at Iseltwald Dorfplatz, the last bus stop.  

#2: Bus 103 towards Iseltwald Dorfplatz 


Ri Jeong Hyeok's sorrowful, yet mesmerising piano scene (played by Hyun Bin) was filmed in front of a private residence which is just right next to the port of the Harbour Iseltward. But no worries as the landing pier is a public place and all visitors are free to walk pass through it. Just that you might need to wait patiently if you want to take photos cause there are some people who never satisfied with their photos (if you know what I mean).  

#4: Image credit to tnV

One more thing - do not expect the piano will be there cause, it's not. Luckily both of us didn't put any higher expectations prior to this trip, or else, for sure we will be disappointed for it. Thankfully too by the time when we're there, the queue was kinda short and less than 10 minutes, we managed to shoot few photos. 

#5: CLOYing in Switzerland 

Apart from taking the bus, you can even hop on the ferry to get back to Interlaken and this is what we did. This ferry ride is covered under Swiss Travel Pass and both of us were trying hard to utilise the pass as maximum as we can. No regret for taking the ferry ride back to Interlaken cause we're rewarded with awesome and breathtaking scenery.

#6: Hop on the ferry to get back to Interlaken and this ride is covered under Swiss Travel Pass

#7: Every ride in Switzerland is rewarded with this kind of amazing view 

#8: You will not easily get lost in Switzerland cause almost everywhere is with a clear signboard

#9: Before we check-in into our accommodation in Interlaken, dropby at Coop supermarket right opposite of Interlaken Ost station to prepare our dinner for the night. 

In case you want to know more of Crash Landing on You filming locations in Switzerland, you can check out here


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