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2020 Recap - From Miss to Mrs

Looks like this is my first post for the month of December, and this also concludes my final post for the year of 2020. Obviously I'm getting more and more procrastinating again.

What's up everyone! So how's 2020 treating you so far? Good? Or bad? Maybe some of you had experienced the ups and downs, but always remember to be grateful and thankful that you have made it this far. By the way, can you believe that today is the last day for the year 2020 and tomorrow, we're going to welcoming another brand new year. Phew, time is indeed flies so fast without we realise it! 

Now, let me do some brief recap of what I had experienced throughout the year. It's funny to reminisce that last year was my most travelling year where I got to travel almost every month, but then who will ever thought when come to this year, everything seems to be crumbling down due to unforeseeable and unpredictable pandemic which hits the whole world. All my travel plans which I had planned earlier eventually fall apart. The only trip I managed to proceed is The Aloha State, Hawaii of USA (post here) where I went in the early of March.

#1: One and only trip for 2020 - Hawaii of USA

These are the trips that I have no choice but to cancel with a heavy heart 😫:

  • Athens & Santorini, Greece with Scoot Airline - Initially we plan to take our pre-wedding photoshooting here.
  • Dubai & Abu Dhabi with Cebu Pacific  
  • Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovenia & Slovakia for my final solo backpacking trip before settling down
Just wondering when will we able to travel again, like we used to be without worrying too much. Frankly speaking, I do miss travelling a lot, and I believe most of you do feel the same way too. But at this moment, all we can do is to always stay safe and pray hardly that everything will back to normal once again.

Since we are not able to travel abroad yet, therefore I took this chance to travel locally by supporting Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. I went and covered most of the places around Sabah like:
#2: Cuti-Cuti Sabah

And because majority of the hotels in Sabah are doing promotion including those 5-star hotels, immediately we took this opportunity to do a relax and rejuvenate staycation at these prestige and luxrious hotels:
#3: Staycations in 5-star hotels of Sabah

Besides going to Kuching for Chinese New Year early of this year, the only domestic trip we made it this far is to Kuala Lumpur in the month of July. We even rented a car and drove to Genting, Bukit Tinggi and lastly, Bentong just for the sake of fresh durian. 

#4: Trip to KL in July

Last but not least, the most important highlight for this year is where I upgraded from Miss to Mrs. Yes, I'm officially tied the knot. Our wedding reception was initially scheduled to be on 10.10.2020 but due to the sudden spike of covid-19 which caused by the state election, both my husband and I decided to postpone it. Plus, all my siblings and relatives are not around KK, we felt that no point to held the tea ceremony as well as the wedding reception. 

#5: Both of us are avid travellers. He is backpacker whereas I'm flashpacker. 
And we have been travelled together to almost 10 countries within 3 year 

And that pretty much sum up my life for the year 2020, although most of the time I was spending my precious time by staying at home. I still go to work in between, just that my time at home is more than going to the office. Despite this, I felt it's not a bad idea afterall cause I got to learn and try cook more new recipes. Frankly speaking, I have never into cooking but not until MCO, it has literally changed me and I got to cook different type of cuisines, including nasi lemak, curry chicken, chicken rice, Thai, Korean and Japanese cuisines. I even tried to bake cake and made desserts for the first time in my life. 

Talking about my resolution for the upcoming year of 2021, I wish I could shed some pounds and to blog more frequently (tons of backlog travelogues). Of course the most importantly is that I wish I could travel abroad next year - at least once perhaps. Seriously cannot tahan already. Luckily I still remember where I store my passport. Do you still remember where you place your passport? And where will be the first country you wish to visit once the border is open and safe to travel? Do share with me by leaving a comment below. 

Before I close this chapter, I sincerely wish each and every one of you to stay safe and healthy always. Let's pray together that the world will getting better and restore back like it used to be. In the mean time, be a responsible "rakyat" by complying the stipulated SOP - put on your masks when going out, keep your social distance and avoid large gathering. Take care everyone! 

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