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Cuti-Cuti Sabah BAH: Road Trip To Kudat

On the second weekend of June, we head for a road trip from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat, also known as "Tip of Borneo" due to its location poised on the northernmost tip of Borneo Island. Kudat is another popular short weekend getaway for the local, apart from the island hopping and road trip to Kundasang for the majestic Mount Kinabalu. It's not my first time to this slow-paced town but because I didn't get to explore much previously, hence I took this opportunity to stay for a night in order to discover more of this town.  

There is a small airport in Kudat and the only airline serving this airport is MAS Wings, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. There are three flights in a week from Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan with flying times for Kota Kinabalu are 40 minutes whereas for Sandakan are 50 minutes. 

The ideal option would most probably by self-driving from Kota Kinabalu which takes nearly 3 hours, or more depending the conditions of the road. I personally prefer this cause while on the way to Kudat, we came across the marvellous view of Mount Kinabalu on the right side of the vehicle. You even will passby few towns like Tamparuli, Tuaran, Kota Belud and can stopby at any village markets for food, fruits, flowers, plants and more. Planning to rent car in Kota Kinabalu? I would recommend Haruka Holiday for the best car rental services. Lazy to drive? Then you can sign up for day trip with them too. 

Another reason why I would suggest to self-drive is because majority of the attractions in Kudat are quite spread out from each other. I'm not sure how convenient is the Grab in Kudat but what I know that the phone coverage, especially Internet connection is pretty bad there. I believe you don't want end up to risk it by climbing the tree in order to get Internet Connection so that you can book the Grab, right? So, better grab a car and do self-driving.

2020 Kudat Roundabout

1) Sumangkap Gong Factory Village
This village is well-known for producing and making gongs, an important instrument for the Rungus tribe. Here, you can watch the gong makers at work, try your hand at making or playing one yourself, and even, you can customise gong using your name and symbol as a memento. The Sultan of Brunei bought his gongs from here, so do make sure to dropby here when you are in Kudat. 

2020 Kudat Sumangkap Gong Factory 1

2020 Kudat Sumangkap Gong Factory 2

Entrance Fee: RM5 for adult and RM3 for children

2) Kampung Bavanggazo (Rungus Longhouse)
Traditionally, the Rungus ethnic tribe reside in longhouses built on stilts, but the shift to modern living has meant that the sight of such longhouses is getting more rare. The longhouse at Kg. Bavanggazo has been constructed entirely of traditional materials but with added modern comforts like toilets and showers. Here, you can get a taste of real Rungus traditional lifestyles through their food, daily rituals and music on a day trip. Last but not least, don't leave this place without supporting their handmade jewelry which crafted using antique beads.  

2020 Kudat Bavanggazo Rungus Longhouse 1

2020 Kudat Bavanggazo Rungus Longhouse 2

Entrance Fee: RM3 for Malaysian and RM5 for non-Malaysian

3) Honey Bee Farm
Apparently the famous one is Gombizau Honey Bee Farm but unfortunately it was closed when we're there. So we found another one which is the Borneo Honeybee Centre. This is where you get to see the traditional bee farming techniques and get a taste of pure rainforest honey. You can even take some home for a reasonable price. Rubber tapping is also done on site, as is the harvesting of traditional medicinal herbs, which can also be bought as a medicine.

2020 Kudat Borneo Honeybee Centre

Entrance Fee: RM5 for adult and RM3 for children

4) Kacang Kudat (Kudat Ground Nut)
Prepared in the unique traditional method, Kudat ground nut is one of the most popular local food that you must grab few packets before leaving the town. The ground nuts are being dried up under the sun prior to being fry-grilled and this make the nuts to be more crunchy and tastier. Trust me, it's so good that you almost finish the whole pack while watching the TV and regret for not getting more. 

2020 Kudat Kacang

5) Tip of Borneo (Tanjung Simpang Mengayau)
Being the northernmost point of the third largest island in the world, Tip of Borneo is the meeting point of the Sulu and South China seas. Your trip to Kudat is incomplete if you didn't dropby this place cause this is the most visited attractions here. This is one of the favourite place for sunset viewing and even the Sunset Music Fest which is Sabah's biggest open air concert that held annually organised at here. 

2020 Kudat Tip Of Borneo 3

2020 Kudat Tip Of Borneo 2

6) Beaches in Kudat
Kudat has few isolated beaches that you will make you jaw-dropping for its stunning crystal clear water and glittery white sand. One of them is Kelambu Beach, located at north-west of Kudat town and at the south of the Tip of Borneo is the local's most favourite beach to relax, picnic and enjoy the beauty of nature's best. Due to its location so close to Tip of Borneo, this is also one of the best spot to capture the perfect moment when the sun decide to give way for the night. There are even some resorts and hotels have their own private tranquil and quiet beaches - just like our stay in Hibiscus Beach Retreat (post here). 

2020 Kudat Kelambu Beach

Hibiscus Beach Retreat Kudat 11

Don't rush your trip to Kudat and try to spend at least a night there. You don't have to worry about the accommodations cause there are plenty of options for you to choose from, such as: 

BorneoTip Beach Lodge & Tommy's Place which are very close to Tip of Borneo
2020 Kudat BorneoTip Beach Lodge

2020 Kudat Tommy's Place

If you are adventurous type, you can camp at Secret Place Cafe & Catering.
2020 Kudat Secret Place Cafe & Camping

Have extra budget and don't mind to splurge for your stay? Hibiscus Beach Retreat is the one you're looking for. I stayed here before and I really fall in love with it. Wish to return for the second time. 
Hibiscus Beach Retreat Kudat 04

If you are travelling with big group of families or friends, you can opt for Hibiscus Villa Borneo and Kudat Riviera. Prefer the city area, then you can consider Kudat Golf and Marina Resort which sits along the seafront of downtown Kudat and Mozart Hotel which located in the center of Kudat town.

Food wise, we didn't manage to try any fresh and cheap seafood which they are famous for in Kudat cause our main focus is along the stretch to Tip of Borneo. We had our lunch at Tampat do Aman and Secret Place Cafe where both of them serve Western and local meals. I would highly recommend to try their pizza cause they are baked in wood-fired oven. That's so cool!

2020 Kudat Tampat Do Aman &Secret Place Cafe

2020 Kudat Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Do you know that Kudat is well-known as one of the top spots in Sabah for stargazing. Here's another reason that you should overnight in Kudat instead of doing a day trip there. However, it also depends on the weather conditions and little bit of luck. Too bad during our stay, it was raining and no sign of the milky way. Guess it's a sign that I need to return Kudat once again.

[Photo Credit to The Star] 


  1. Kudat sounds interesting and its laid back environment is what I love. I remembered going to Belitung Islands and the guide pointed out to me that the visible mainland across the ocean is Borneo Islands! I am not sure if that was this Northern most part of Borneo.

  2. Wow!! Look at the stars!! I would love to do that.

    Will take notr, now I know more about Kudat. The kacang Kudat is very nice?? I am not so into nuts but my man sure love, I guess he would grab some hone if in Kudat.

  3. Cantiknya pemandangan di Sabah...


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