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Melbourne, Australia Day 7: Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Date Visited: 6th October 2012

One of the main reason I choose to visit Melbourne during spring season was for the colourful and heavenly Tesselaar Tulip Festival. Since I didn't have the luck to visit the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam from my previous visit, so no matter how, I was so eager to visit this Tesselaar Tulip Festival. Hence, I spare the whole day of my last day in Melbourne before flying back by visiting this timeless beauty of the tulip festival together with my friend.

Tesselaar Tulip Festival is held once every year from middle of September to middle of October and the location is situated in Monbulk Road, Silvan which less than an hours drive from Melbourne city center. Don't worry if you do not have any access to a vehicle, there will always be an alternative method to get to Tesselaar Tulip Festival by taking the public transport. (Refer below on how to travel by public transport) But then, it is advisable to pre-plan your public transport trip to ensure your day is hassle free.

#1: After more than 2 hours train and bus ride, finally we reached Tesselaar Tulip Festival

The entrance to this festival is not free, if you are wondering. It cost AUD$18 (approx. to RM60) but the admission fee will be revised every year. From the official website, the admission fee for this year is AUD$20. Looks like the luck wasn't on our side cause by the time we arrived, it was raining heavily and it won't stop for the rest of the day.

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Seoul & Busan, South Korea Trip 2014 (Sneak Peek)

Going Korea for the second time wasn't really part of my plan but my mom and sis really love to go there and hence, they assigned me to become their personal tour guide. It was kinda last minute decision that I don't even have the time to do a well-preparation. Simply amended my itinerary which I did for the previous trip.

South Korea 2014 - Korean Air
#1: So here we off to South Korea with Korean Air and the flight duration from Kota Kinabalu directly to Seoul only took 5 hours, comparing with AirAsia X from Kuala Lumpur which took 7 and half hours. 

Initially we plan to fly with Asiana Airlines or Cathay Pacific but Asiana Airlines was too expensive whereas Cathay Pacific required transit in Hong Kong for few hours. After comparing both fares between Cathay Pacific and Korean Air, we chosen Korean Air since we never flew before with them. It was a pleasant flight and we really enjoyed it. 

South Korea 2014 - Busan Korail
#2: Once we landed Incheon International Airport, we took commuter train to Seoul Station for the Korail exchange bound to Busan city, South Korea's second largest metropolis after Seoul.

#3: Sun & Fun at Hauendae Beach - the most popular and well-known beach in South Korea. But too bad the weather in Busan is so cold and windy.

South Korea 2014 - Busan 01
#4: Exploring the colourful and cherry alleyways of Busan's Gamcheon Culture Village. It's also known as "Korea's Santorini". My most favourite attraction comparing the rest.

South Korea 2014 - Busan 02
 #5: Another Busan famous attraction, Taejongdae Resort Park which located 20 minutes away from Busan Station. The thing must see here is the Yeongdo Lighthouse. 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 02
 #6: The second gong or palace I visited in Seoul - Changdeokgung Palace. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 03
 #7: When my mom and sis went to Everland Resort Park, I decided not to join and wandered around Seoul alone. I went to Ewha Womans University and oh man, it's so enchanted and beautiful making me wanna return back to uni life again.

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 04
#8: Since I missed out Itaewon during my maiden trip, so for this time around I must go.

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 05
 #9: Took bus alone to N Seoul Tower

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 06
 #10: A day before we left, we went Coex Aquarium. Again, another of my travel wishlist accomplished.

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 07
 #11: Can't believe I got to try free hanbok experience for the second time. Thanks to Kampungboycitygal's blog (one of my favourite blog when relating to travel)  for the sharing this.

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 08
#12: I'm not really fond of Korean cuisines but then these were the best meals I ever had in South Korea - jjim dalk, budae jjigae, Korean BBQ and dak-galbi. The one on the bottom right, dak-galbi seems halal cause I saw many Muslims were eating there.

We went South Korea seems to be pretty early for spring season but then we bumped into sakura (eventhough it was few) in Seoul. This is the third time I stumbled upon sakura or known as cherry blossom (after the first one in Japan last year and in Inle Lake, Myanmar early of this year)
South Korea 2014 - Seoul 10

Till then, hope to see you soon, South Korea. Wish I could go back for the third visit. Perhaps I should plan to go during middle of April next year for sakura. #daydreaming again

Guess I love East Asia countries so much (Hong Kong, Macau, China, South Korea, Japan & Taiwan) than South East Asia countries that I don't mind to do another repeating visits.

P/S: Might not able to blog my latest Seoul & Busan travelogue at this moment cause catching up to blog my outdated and overdue travelogues. However, if you have any enquiry regarding this trip of mine, you are welcome to leave me a message at dtdianateo@gmail.com, or you can even check my first ever trip to South Korea (Seoul & Jeju Island) travelogue - Summary of 8 Days of Seoul & Jeju Island Travelogue
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Melbourne, Australia Day 6: Fitzroy Gardens, Cooks' Cottage & DFO South Wharf

Date of Visit: 5th October 2012

A visit to Melbourne Aquarium was kinda rush cause I promised to meet my friend in front of Flinders Street Station. It was due to my poor time management for spending too much time in Queen Victoria Market. After met my friend, we went to Fitzroy Gardens again by hopping into the free city circle tram. In one day itself, I lost count how many times I hopped in and off the circle tram.

 Conservatory of Fitzroy Gardens

Fore over 80 years, Conservatory has providing spectacular and magnificent floral displays. The Building imitated the Spanish mission architectural style. 

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Post The Card (Part 4)

This is another entry of the postcards which I received from my fellow friends as well from the humble and friendly bloggers.
Previous posts:

Hanoi, Vietnam from #travelholicawesome
I was supposed joining them for the 14 days trip via overland from China to Vietnam but due to work commitment, I couldn't made it. So glad that they were so kind to send a postcard to me.

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Melbourne, Australia Day 6: Melbourne Aquarium

Date of Visit: 5th October 2012

Basically, there are two reasons why I choose to visit Melbourne Aquarium. First of all, it was because I love to visit any kind of zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks and anything that relate to animals. It's just simple as that. Then, the other reason was because I got another free admission ticket to visit the aquarium itself. Again, it was given when I bought the two full one day tour packages (Great Ocean Road and Phillips Island) from a local tour operator which recommended by my friend.

#1: Melbourne Aquarium is located in between Flinders Street and Kings Street

Actually, Melbourne Aquarium is just a short distance away from Flinders Street Station. But since I saw the free city circle tram was stopped right in front of Flinders Street Station, instantly hopped on to the tram without any second thought. To be frank, I not sure which station should I hop off but I was very confident that the tram will passed by the aquarium. Unfortunately, the tram didn't stop right exactly in front of the aquarium and it still required few minutes walk from where it stopped. Luckily it just required less than 3 minutes walk.

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Melbourne, Australia Day 6: Queen Victoria Market & Flinders Street Railway Station

Now, let's me share with you what can you do and see in the heart of the city of Melbourne. In case, time constraint is the main reason that pull you off from travel so far away from the city center such as to Great Ocean Road, Phillips Island and Mornington Peninsula, you still can enjoy as much as you want. From art galleries, museums, sporting complexes to aquarium and zoos, you will definitely find something unique and fascinating about Melbourne.

One of my favourite would be infamous Queen Victoria Market. A trip to Melbourne is not complete without a visit to this market which has been the heart and soul of Melbourne for more than a century. It's not just the city's market that host an impressive range of fresh produce but it's also a historic landmark, a popular tourist attraction and a Melbourne institution.

Also known affectionately as 'Vic Market' or 'Queen Vic'

This is where the where Melburnians shop for everything from Australian fruit and vegetables, and local and imported gourmet foods, to cosmetics, clothing and souvenirs.

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