Thursday, September 12, 2013

Post The Card (Part 3)

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You know how much I love to receive postcards from my fellow friends as well as from the kind and friendly bloggers eventhough I only know them via online.

Hoi An, Vietnam from Dan Arif
Postcard 17 - Vietnam Hoi An
Postcard from another member of #travelholicawesome, who is soon going to step into another new stage of life. Congratulation to him and his pretty bride-to-be, MasZuber. By the way, Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the cities in my travel bucket list that I wish to go.

 Athens, Greece from Boyfie's Best Friend
Postcard 18 - Greece Athens
Boyfie's best friend went Athens for company trip and when he asked Boyfie whether want a postcard or not, instantly Boyfie told him that I want. I really wish to go Greece for it's serene and mesmerizing Santorini especially.

Jogjakarta, Indonesia from 
Postcard 19 - Indonesia
Both of them knew through blogging and because of sharing the same passion, they're constantly travel together.

Laos from Lily Riani
Postcard 20 - Laos
She never fails to send me a postcard whenever she travelled. Too bad until now I never get the chance to meet her when she came to Kota Kinabalu for media trip with Malindo Air. She went Laos during Christmas last year.

Taiwan Wooden Postcard
Postcard 21 - Taiwan
Among all the postcards I received, seriously this is the most special and unique one and so far as I know, it only available in Taiwan. This wooden postcard was send by my best friend's sister who was previously studying in Taiwan.

South Africa from Hannah
Postcard 22 - Africa
A collegemate of mine who went South Africa alone for two weeks. Gosh, how I wish I have the courage to travel alone just like her.

Kota Bahru from Lily Riani
Postcard 23 - Kota Bahru
See, I told you! Even within Malaysia she is so kind to send to me. Thank you so much, Lily! Don't make me fall in love with you. xP

Finland from Joan Tang
Postcard 24 - Finland
My unimate friend who went honeymoon around Europe for 50 days and this is their second visit to Europe after theirs first visit last few years for 35 days. She even has a blog to blog mostly on her travelogues but she wrote in Chinese. [Even I need to rely on Google translate to read her blog] This is the most valuable postcard with Santa Claus stamp.

Belgium from Jack
Postcard 25 - Belgium
Not one but two postcards send by this close friend of mine. He went Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland for his company trip.

Hong Kong Disneyland from Tracey 
& Jeju Island from Kaki Berangan 
Postcard 26 - HK & Jeju Island
Not just Lily Riani, but I also received almost all the postcards from Kaki Berangan whenever he travelled. Check out his award-winning travel blog that provide lots of helpful and detail information. As for the Hong Kong Disneyland postcard, send by another close friend of mine who went Hong Kong for the very first time and travel alone.

Dubai & South Africa from Dr. C Wern Hong
Postcard 27 - Dubai & South Africa
He went South Africa for working holiday and before that, his stopped by Dubai for transit. During his transit, he managed to visit Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper of Dubai.

Actually there are plenty of postcards I received recently but got no time to take a pitcha of them. So stay tune for the part 4. If you're interested to exchange postcards with me, just leave a comment. Cheers!

P/S: Again, this is another scheduled post cause I'm currently away for another short weekend getaway. Cuti-Cuti Malaysia again and this place is famous as food haven!

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  1. Diana, i would like to exchange postcard with you and hope that i will be same like you that always travelling :)

  2. wow beautiful post card from borobudur, i love sunset :)

  3. Waaa.. Wooden Postcard..???? wondering how it feel.. u very lucky to have so many people sending postcard to u..

    Baru nak kasi poskad dari South Africa.. sekali u dah ada.. if u nak i ada poskad from other africa countries..

  4. How I wish I have so many postcards like you, it is as if you have travelled to those countries yourself.

  5. I am interested to exchange postcards with you.

  6. I've seen wooden postcards on sale in Tongli (China). ^^
    I don't collect postcard specifically but do love them, nothing beats getting a mail in the mailbox :)
    Could send you some when I go travel if you want.. cheers.

  7. that Taiwan postcard is amazing! Gonna get that one...

    and Athen...aww, Europe, when can I visit you???

  8. I like the Taiwan postcard best, even tho' I don't collect postcards. I would love to see the Aurora some day...... Have fun, dear!

  9. wahh...i am honored to be mentioned by you as 'dr' need la..just hong as usual..actually it's not working holiday is real work..i wish i can still go for working holiday..huhuh T.T


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