Time to Say Goodbye

Less than 3 days I'm about to leave Charlotte Court, leave Sheffield and most probably gonna leave my room.. I'm going to Europe for 20 days and I think will not be around to post anything at that moment. The most important thing is I'm going back to Malaysia.. I can't wait for this days. From my expression, you will realize that I'm really really really miss Malaysia. Yes, you're right! I think I not suit to study overseas but I'm proud that I able to fulfill my mom wish as she really hopes her daughter and son will able to further studies overseas. Anyway, I really enjoy my life over here although there are some bad memories left behind. Neh!! Let's forget bout that things as there still many sweet and wonderful things wait for me..

Exam is around the corner...*Ooopss* Exam is tomorrow. I'm almost finish with my revision but feels like no confident. Worry? Scare? Nervous? I don't feel so..Kind weird as everytime exam I will damn nervous.. Maybe my mind keep thinking "goin back, goin back" Hahahaha...

Best of luck to all my SHU friends and not forget to all my TARCian friends back in Malaysia for exams!!
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At Last

This time I will crap again!! No mood for this few days..Lost concentration on study (come on wake up gal, exam is around the corner, not much time), lost appetite, can't laugh loud as usual, seldom talking...What happens by the way? I really wish to know but I'm really not sure what happen to me... Feel like want go back asap!!

Anyway, I had a nice chat with my very best ji mui, friend, buddy aka sister, Kai Wee. She always by my side when I need someone to talk to and there's she is.. Today she asked me to happy as usual! When I think back, I was really foolish!! Why should I waste my time thinking of those nonsense things? Why should I care so much? None of my business by the way! Those people can't show me the right path for my future.. I'm the one who can determine my own life!

At last, I had awake after chat with her. I'm really glad to chat with her today. And today is my first time I had my supper at UK with my flatmates! I had gained my appetite back!! They always cheer my up..By the way, they don't know what happen to me coz in front of them, I just can't stop laughing! Thanks to them too!!

Today I had read new blog post by Sonia. Excellent blog by her.. Well done! Give her applause.. Should go and read her blog.. Sonia, if you read this, this things happen a lot at here.. Mostly coz of long distance relationship..But 3 months only, their heart change so fast..I just don't get it. Can't this people appreciate their love life?
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Homesick (Can't Wait...)

Since the day I reach UK, I'm getting more homesick compare the time I study at KTAR.. Sound weird, right? I was supposed get to use of my independent life as I had been away from my hometown, Sabah for almost 4 years to pursue my study at KL.. And now I only in UK for less than 4 months, I feel like I want go back Malaysia as soon as possible.. But when I was in KL, I don't even feel homesick..
The reasons behind are because less entertainment at UK. Although I like the weather over here (makes me easy to fall asleep once i lie on my bed), but not much entertainment compare to KL life..
Cosmopolitan and comic magazines, I really miss both of u as u all accompany me before I go to bed..
2. Comic books
... When back to Malaysia, the first shopping mall I will search for will be KLCC coz of Kinokuniya...My favourite bookstore where my comic books are located..9 new of comic books is in store...I can't wait to get them...Hehehehe
3. Radio
... I'm getting outdated with the latest music...
; TGV and GSC...
5. Red Box Low Yat
... This is where me and my friends hang out together
6. Zati Manis
... Our old place where everynite we will 38 and laugh as like hell..
And not forgeting,
(especially nasi lemak and pan mee at Wangsa Maju)....
I'm really can't wait to go back Malaysia...
Last but not least, my beloved one and friends....Miss u all so much
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No Idea

Well, this time my title for this post. Kind weird coz I'm run out of idea. Some more, I'm not sure what should I write for this post but I really want to write something coz I'm getting addicted with blogs. :P.. Not only getting interested in writing blogs but I also getting interested in reading blogs. Yeah!! I had found lots of blogs to read especially from currently SHU students. Although I don't know some of them, but I really like to read their blogs. Hope you all don't mind..
Currently, almost
everynite I sleep quite late. Sometimes, even after 4 am, I still awake and I will only sleep after 4 am or even 5 am. What had I done? Well, exam is around the corner and I haven't well prepared for my exam. This time, I really hope I able to finish as I don't want to repeat the same things that I done during my college life "Last minute rush for study".. Most of students do this as last minute got motivation or new t
erms that I heard from friends yesterday "momentum" to study.. How many days left to final exam? Holy gosh! If include today which means 7 days left. Although 2 subjects, but I feel a lot to study because I used to study using text books. I should start study earlier. Everytime I start to write blog, I keep telling myself, start study start study but until this "almost last minute period" only I began to start do revision. I feel like no motivation and can't pay attention when I do my revision.
Last few days, I told Joyce Tan that I miss
TARC library. I told her I only study at library over here once and I was not used to it so I study at my own room. But I also can't study at my own room since lots of disturbance. By the way, it's not disturbance should I said.. Still don't get it what where those things? People, bed, laptop etc. I can't help myself from chit chat with my flatmates.. I can't help myself from become pig on my bed and I can't help myself from spending most of my days "dating" with my laptop.. But why ca
n't I spend my date fall in love with the books and notes? *double sigh =.="*
I really miss
TARC library. When I feel hungry, all I need to do is went to the canteen and have lunch without thinking what should I need to eat for today. Haiz...Life must go on.. Suddenly, feel homesick.. Why? Next post will continue what I want to say :P.. By the way, I should entitled my this post as "Study Life"..Why I never thought of that??

Not only study hard, we do play hard too.

"I feel like I missing someone that I miss the most"
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Everything Changes

These few weeks really quite disappointed with what happened. Seems like everything change. The most obvious is human attitude. The person that I knew for 4 years plus totally change after study here. What are the reasons behind? I really wish that I knew what happens. After listen to Kai Wee and Hui Xiang advise, I realise that every human being will change. I should accept that fact as I will change too. Yes, I change a lot. My emotional become unstable compare to the moment where I study at TARC. Sometimes, I need to put a fake smile in front of my friends to hide my sadness and disappointment. I realise that friendship that being created for almost more than 4 years will fade away soon. I really sad with what happen but what can I do? All I can do just let it be. How I wish all my ji mui was by my side? At here, there is no one I can talk to even my own family members. I know it's sound silly as family members are the closest person to me but I really don't want them to worry about me. During study at TARC, I will talk with my ji mui especially Kai Wee, Jenny and purplefish about my problems. I don't know why when with them, I feel comfortable to talk with. I really miss them.

Today, when I went window shopping with Kai Xin, I told her that many things to worry about. Sometimes I just don't understand why should I worry so many things. I'm such a foolish and idiot. I keep telling myself "Diana, don't think too much. Concentrate on the study and get better result for my parents". However, I failed to do so. I keep thinking thinking and thinking. There is a moment where I forget to have my dinner and even my lunch on the next day. It's really foolish of me. But what to do, I had stupid brain that keep thinking of stupid things. Life is really hard. I even cry few times but the most probably scary moment was I cried without knowing the reason why. There is one night where I about to sleep, suddenly my tears drop and I start to cry. That moment, I try to figure out what happened by the way.

Assignments assignments, it's making my life miserable and horrible. I really hate assignments. Somemore writing reflective is like commit suicide. I hate that subject but I being forced and pretend that I like that subjects. I never study till 7 am until I met reflective writing. I really miss TAR College especially the library. There is so many things that I like to mention but due to private and confidential, I just "save" in my heart. Haiz, life life life...Hope tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks Kai Xin aka Happy for cheering me up. :D
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Birthday Celebration at UK

Happy Birthday to two lovely, adorable and nicest gals, Wei Pei and Wei Yien. Both Wei leh! Hehehe.. What such an unforgetable moments to celebrate birthday at overseas..So unlucky my birthday wasn't within the period we stayed in UK.

3 cakes were being made especially for them. Chocolate butter cake from Xue Wen, Tiramisu from Tracey and 1 lovely Mark Spenser's cake purposely bought from someone special to Wei Yien. Hehehe..
Wei Yien in red and Wei Pei in blue with 3 birthday cakes

Gals power!!
Let's rock the house!!

Suddenly feel like want to create this post when I view those UK photos.
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