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Cat Playground Cafe Myeongdong, Seoul

Date Visited: 26th March 2014 

As it was our last day in Seoul, we decided not to travel further and just loitering around Myeongdong Street, which not far away from Namsan Guest House. Oh well, it's another last minute shopping activity again especially for my mom. In the midst of wandering around, we spotted a cute orange colour mascot, to be precise it's a cat looking mascot with a signboard hanging around his/her neck. Approached the cat mascot closely and we saw it's written Cats Cafe and the rest were in Hangul. 

All these while I knew about this interesting themed cafe existed but never in my life visited this before. Hence, we're thinking why don't give a try since we still have plenty of time before our departure time. 

#1: Cats Cafe in Myeongdong 
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Foodie Friday: My Favourite Korean Local Delights

Kimchi - Nay!
Bibimbap - Nay!
Tteokbokki (Spicy Korean rice cakes) - Nay!

Although I dislike the above food which are indeed authentic Korean dishes but thank goodness for their diverse cuisine, Korea has wide array of food to explore ranging from traditional dishes, Korean BBQ to finger licking good street food. So what were my favourite local delights when I was in Korea two years back? 

1) Korean Spicy Chicken 
South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 08 Haeundae Market
#1: Street food in Haeundae Market - Korean spicy chicken, my favourite

I'm so addicted to Korean spicy chicken lately. Probably I love the spicy and sweet sauce coated with chicken. One bite and you want more! 
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COEX Aquarium, Seoul

Date Visited: 25th April 2014

Right after we done with the free traditional Korean costume experience, we proceeded to Coex Mall, the largest underground shopping center in Asia containing convention centers, exhibition halls and various malls in Gangnam area. But our main purpose is not for shopping but merely for Coex Aquarium which is housed within Coex Mall. It's time for under the sea again! 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 01
#1: Coex Aquarium is housed within Coex Mall

Being recognised as one of the largest aquarium in South Korea, Coex Aquarium showcases more than 40,000 sea creatures from over 650 different species on display. Just like any other aquariums, Coex Aquarium features distinctive unique of theme areas in order for the visitors to view species of fish indigenous to the theme location. 
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Free Traditional Korean Costume Experience in Seoul

Date Visited: 25th March 2014

Have you ever thought of experience the traditional local costume whenever travel foreign countries? What's more when you can experience it for free, without any additional charge? Yes, you can do so when you're in South Korea.  

My family and I got the opportunity to experience Hanbok, the traditional outfit for the Korean when we're in Seoul and it's absolutely free of charge. Thanks to Kampungboycitygal, one of my favourite blog when relating to travel for sharing this, or else we will going back Malaysia with regret and disappointment. 

South Korea - Seoul M Plaza
#1: M Plaza of Myeongdong Street 

Where to experience this? It is located at Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center on the 5th floor of M Plaza in the hustle and bustle of Myeongdong Street. It is easily to spot M Plaza once you saw Zara and Forever 21 in between. Although the center starts at 10.30 am, but it is advisable to go early for registration purpose. First come, first served basis and advanced registration is not available. 

South Korea - Free Hanbok Experience 01
#2: Registration counter. First come, first served basis. Advanced registration is not available

For each time slot which takes about half an hour, only two groups (maximum 6 per group) are allowed to enter for free hanbok experience and phototaking. Luckily us as we got the second time slot, which was at 11 am or else, we might need to wait for another few hours before our turn. Like they said, the early bird gets the worm. 

South Korea - Free Hanbok Experience 02
#3: Not just for free hanbok experience, there are also traditional art classes available here

South Korea - Free Hanbok Experience 03
#4: Various of hanbok to choose from 

Now, let the photos do the talk:

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 07
#5: Love the combination of these hanbok colours adding with simple accessories

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Free Hanbok Experience
#6: Yours truly and baby sister

Although it was kinda rush for the phototaking, but I glad and delightful to see both my mom and sister enjoyed this fun moment experience to the fullest. Do we wanna try for second time again? Of course yes! Afterall, it's free. 

How To Get Here
Myeong-dong Station - Exit 6. Walk straight until you see M Plaza on right side. Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center is located on the 5th floor of M Plaza. 

Korean Culture Experience: 10:30 am to 6:00 pm daily 
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The Day I Wandered Alone in Seoul

Date Visited: 24 March 2014

It all started when my sister and her boyfriend intended to visit Everland Resort, so I brought them to Gangnam Station where the bus station to Everland is situated. Since I went before, I decided not to go and wandering other places with my mom along. However when the bus approaching, out of sudden my mom jumped into the bus together with my sister and her boyfriend and bid me goodbye. I was indeed in state of shock but then, that indicate Seoul is a safe place for a lady to travel alone and my mom believe I could wander independently. 

Since I was alone, hence I took this opportunity to visit the places I've never been before.

Ewha Womans University
Ewha Womans University was Korea's first educational institute for women and the largest in the world. Surprisingly, Ewha Womans University area is also well-known to be one of the popular shopping districts in Seoul. Once I got out from the nearest station and on my way leading to the university, I found myself surrounded by various clothing stores, accessory shops, cafes and hair salons. Most of the items there are pretty cheap and affordable.  

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Ewha Womans University 03
#1: Shopping district of Ewha Womans University 

Talking about the university, it seems like anyone whether local or foreigner are allowed to enter into the university without any restrictions. Although it's a private women university, but I spotted some handsome guys within the university. *wink wink* I even went and visited the campus and oh boy, how I wish I could be back to university again. University life is one of the best moment of my life, to be honest.

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Ewha Womans University 01
#2: Ewha Womans University - I wish to be back to university again! 
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Bukchon Hanok Village & Insadong Street, Seoul

Date Visited: 23rd March 2014

Not far away from Changdeokgung Palace, we found that we are not far away from Bukchon Hanok Village by looking at the street map. This district is packed with more than nine hundreds Korean traditional houses known as "hanok".

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village 03
#1: Bukchon Hanok Village, not far away from Changdeokgung Palace 

The meaning of Bukchon literally means Northern Village, came about as the neighborhood lies north of two significant of Seoul landmarks, the Cheonggyechoen Stream and Jongno. This is probably the ideal place to experience and see the truly Korean traditional houses. It's widely claimed as the living museum preserving much of Seoul's tradition and culture. Of course you are not allowed to access any of these hanok unless you booked with any of these hanok which had been converted into guesthouses.
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Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul

Date Visited: 23rd March 2014

When comes to travelling, there are two things I love to do and coincidentally, both start with the letter of "S" - sightseeing and shopping. And when in Seoul, a visit to any of these royal palaces is like stapler itinerary for most tourists and travellers. Since I've been to Gyeongbokgung Palace back in 2011 with my friends where I got to experience free trying on hanbok (Korean traditional costume), I decided to try my luck once again by visiting the other royal palace with my family - this time I opted for Changdeokgung Palace

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 01
#1: Admission fee for Changdeokgung Palace is 3,000 won for an adult 

Literally means Prosperity Virtue Palace in Hangul, Changdeokgung Palace is listed as one of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site for its outstanding example of oriental palace architecture and garden design. It was the second royal villa built following the construction of Gyeongbukgung Palace during the Joseon Dynasty. 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 03
#2: Injeongjeon, Mall Hall - It was used for major state affairs including the coronation of new king and receiving foreign envoys. 
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