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COEX Aquarium, Seoul

Date Visited: 25th April 2014

Right after we done with the free traditional Korean costume experience, we proceeded to Coex Mall, the largest underground shopping center in Asia containing convention centers, exhibition halls and various malls in Gangnam area. But our main purpose is not for shopping but merely for Coex Aquarium which is housed within Coex Mall. It's time for under the sea again! 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 01
#1: Coex Aquarium is housed within Coex Mall

Being recognised as one of the largest aquarium in South Korea, Coex Aquarium showcases more than 40,000 sea creatures from over 650 different species on display. Just like any other aquariums, Coex Aquarium features distinctive unique of theme areas in order for the visitors to view species of fish indigenous to the theme location. 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 01-1
#2: Took photos before start the tour 

The uniqueness of Coex Aquarium is where it has been designed according to "Water Journey" theme. Upon entering into the museum, visitors were embarking on an adventures by following the water on its journey from the high Andean mountains, through the Amazon tropical rain forest to rivers, swamps, seashores and finally reach to the depths of the ocean.

#3: The map of COEX Aquarium [Source]

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 03
#4: Story of Korean Fish 

The tour starts off by displaying the uniqueness of Korea where the exhibit area is filled with different types of Korean fish. Slowly then we proceeded into the Garden of Korea, where it reminiscent the garden of Gong, the Korean Palace. This is where I found it's pretty fascinating where they were doing their best to promote the beauty and charming of Korea eventhough it's within the aquarium.    

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 02
#5: Garden of Korea 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 04
#6: Look closely. Real fish display inside a painting 

We came upon an interesting and catchy exhibition by the named of "Fish Wonderland". It was literally blew our mind instantly where instead keeping the fish living in typical fish tank, these fish were swimming in a collection of eccentric fish tanks which one never though of, such as telephone booth, bath tub, toilet bowl, refrigerator, computer monitor and more. 

South Korea - Seoul Coex Aquarium 12
#7: Fish Wonderland where fish are keeping in a collection of eccentric fish tanks

South Korea - Seoul Coex Aquarium 11
#8: Besides fish and sea creatures, other local animals are also included in the exhibit such as birds, Egyptian Fruit bats, otters, Squirrel monkeys and more at the Amazonia World theme area.

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 07
#9: A special area for the Korean couple to display their love 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 08
#10: Ocean Kingdom where visitors can view sharks, stingrays, sea turtles and more sea creatures swim in all directions

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 09
#11: Always my favourite part when comes to aquarium - watching jellyfish

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 10
#12: We ended our tour at the Happy Feet's playground

Fun fact of penguins: Do you know that the clear line on the chest indicate that it is adult penguin whereas without clear line is a young one. 

Is it worth to visit? If you are in tight schedule over your South Korea trip, probably you could just skip this tourist attraction cause it almost similar to the rest of the aquariums. But if you have little children with you, perhaps bring them along and I believe they will having more fun here than the adults. 

How To Get To Coex Aquarium
Samsung Station - Exit 5 or 6 connected to the Coex Mall. The aquarium is located at the end of the Ocean Walk section. It is next to Megabox Cinema on the Basement 1 arcade.
Admission Fee: 22,000 won for adult and 19,000 won
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm


  1. I love to visit all the Aquariums in overseas. They alwyas have innovative displays and interesting concept like this one you just visited. I must GO!!

  2. Aquarium definitely a good place to bring kid(s) to :)

  3. wow, I like the decoration in Aquariums :D

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