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Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul

Date Visited: 23rd March 2014

When comes to travelling, there are two things I love to do and coincidentally, both start with the letter of "S" - sightseeing and shopping. And when in Seoul, a visit to any of these royal palaces is like stapler itinerary for most tourists and travellers. Since I've been to Gyeongbokgung Palace back in 2011 with my friends where I got to experience free trying on hanbok (Korean traditional costume), I decided to try my luck once again by visiting the other royal palace with my family - this time I opted for Changdeokgung Palace

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 01
#1: Admission fee for Changdeokgung Palace is 3,000 won for an adult 

Literally means Prosperity Virtue Palace in Hangul, Changdeokgung Palace is listed as one of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site for its outstanding example of oriental palace architecture and garden design. It was the second royal villa built following the construction of Gyeongbukgung Palace during the Joseon Dynasty. 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 03
#2: Injeongjeon, Mall Hall - It was used for major state affairs including the coronation of new king and receiving foreign envoys. 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 04
#3: Royal throne in Injeongjeon Mall Hall 

Majority of the buildings were heavily damaged during the Japanese invasion. Up to date, only 13 buildings remaining on the palace grounds and 28 pavilions in the gardens. Despite the major damages, Changdeokgung Palace is the most well-preserved among the five remaining royal Joseon palaces. 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 05
#4: One of the hall entrance roof - Certainly fine and outstanding architecture  

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 06
#5: Despite the major damages, almost all the buildings are well-preserved  

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 08

Right after done with the phototaking, I looked around to see whether they provide any free trying of the hanbok but unfortunately I have no luck in here. Just when we about to leave this place with disappointment, we were in state of shock to spot cherry blossoms, or commonly known as sakura. Well, at least we didn't go back with empty handed. 

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 07
#7: Although it's not in full bloom, but I glad to catch a glimpse of sakura once again

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 10
#8: The pink sakura

Due to time constraint, we missed out to visit the Secret Garden Tour which lies behind the palace. Guess this gives me another excuse to return to South Korea once again.

How To Get To Changdeokgung Palace
Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station - Exit 6; or
Anguk Station - Exit 3.
From the station, walk straight about 5 minutes to the palace entrance.

Admission Fee: 3,000 won for Changdeokgung Palace only and 5,000 for Secret Garden Tour. 
However, if you are interested to visit all the Grand Palaces except for Gyeonghuigung Palace , you are advisable to purchase the Integrated Ticket of Palaces which cost 10,000 won only.


  1. Visited it in 2010. Love the tour around the palace.

  2. I went on a ski trip to South Korea but the tour didn't bring me there. So I must jot down this interesting place. No more tours as they took me to see more factories than touristy sites.

    1. I know right? That's why I decided to travel by myself rather than joining organised tour agents after my Taiwan not so good experience. They tend to bring tourists to factories, shops more often than doing sightseeing.

  3. If have chance to Korea sure will pay a visit to palace because it is not far from station.

  4. Beautiful sakura.... For me, I like "S" too, shopping that is !

  5. Its so beautiful place. I wish to again here.

  6. This a Place where I feel relax. Its so amazing place and beautiful also. :)

  7. Just got hooked on korean drama...so have a bit of idea about the palace. Too bad so many had been damaged during the Japanese invasion

    Good that you managed to see the sakura flowrs. Sharp eyes

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