Hiatus Mode For Third Time

And I pray hardly this will be my last and final time that I set my blog for hiatus mode again for a week from today onwards for a well preparation of my external accounting paper exam - my final and last paper. I did plan to do few pre-scheduled posts but I was too busy for becoming the host for 3 group friends of mine who came to Kota Kinabalu for holiday throughout this whole month; from early of November until yesterday morning, was so busy bringing and showing them around Kota Kinabalu. 

Study at resort where I can enjoy the sea view - Helps to relax my mind when I overstress

Therefore, there will be no any post update until my exam ends on next week Monday, 3rd December, then my blog will resume as usual after that. More of these in Travel & Living Journal of DT once the active mode is back:

Bandung Trip 2011 03
My final trip in 2011 - Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia

Whereas for the rest, I guess I might only able to blog it next year
2012 DT Travel
DT's 2012 Trips
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Manila, Philippines,
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Hong Kong & Macau
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Bangkok, Thailand 
And more to come once my blog is in active mode...
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Foodie Friday: Playground Cafe @ CityMall KK

After the successful of this lifestyle cafe by the name Party Play which I blogged before HERE and HERE, here is another newly opened sister lifestlye cafe by the name of Playground which located on the first floor of CityMall Kota Kinabalu. Both of these lifestyle cafe are well-known for serving wide variety of great and creative foods including the desserts too. 

Playground CityMall 01
Creative interior design and comfortable ambiance

Playground CityMall 02
Not a typical menu that you can see in other eateries; magazine-style menu.

Sometimes when I wanna visit new eateries, I will prefer to go with a big group of friends but not too many; at least four would be better. This is because we can order different kind of meal and try them. Don't you think so? So when one of my bestie back from Malacca, hence we brought her here. These are what we ordered during our ladies gathering night.

Playground CityMall 03
SignatureBBQ Chicken Chop served with rice and fried egg. 
I love the sauce of the BBQ. Makes me wanna lick the plate too. Neh! I won't do that in public.

Playground CityMall 04
Linguini Beef Bacon Carbonara

Playground CityMall 05
Smoked Duck Aglio Olio

Playground CityMall 06
Double Decker Orea Cheese Cake

Playground CityMall 07
Tiramisu served in the jar - another creative way of serving

Playground CityMall 08
Belgium Waffle with Chocolate Banana

Playground CityMall 09
This is their signature dessert and everybody's favourite; Dark Chocolate Fondant with Milk Ice-cream

A lifestyle cafe that serve fusion cuisine; from western delights to Asian meals. Perfectly to have a nice foods, great fun while enjoy the green environment at the same time. 

Playground Cafe
M-1-1 & M-1-2, First Floor,
City Mall, Jalan Lintas,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

NOTE: Unfortunately, they closed down the business. 
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Tip of Borneo at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat

If you have plenty of time when visiting Kota Kinabalu or even plan for another trip again, why don't make a day trip to Tip of Borneo as part of your visit? Shame to say that this place has been existed for so long but only early of this year, I managed to visit Tip of Borneo with my mom, Boyfie, my sister and her boyfriend during on the 6th day of Chinese New Year.

Located in Kudat district which require at least approximately of 3 and half hours drive from Kota Kinabalu town centre, this theatrical island is situated in the northern part of Sabah. Throughout the 3 and half hours drive, it's kinda gave pain for the butt especially due to some part of the road are so bumpy and some are not being repaired or improved yet, but once we reached Tip of Borneo, we knew that the journey is worthwhile even we visited for a very short period of time.

Tip of Borneo – Simpang Mengayau 01
#1: Need to walk at least 250 meters away from where we parked our car before reach the landmark.

Tip of Borneo – Simpang Mengayau 02
#2: Despite the scorching hot weather, we were blessed with vivid and pristine blue ocean as well as the sky while walking on the pathway.

Tip of Borneo – Simpang Mengayau 03
#3: This is the highlighted and famous icon of Tip of Borneo, Giant Bronze Globe.

Tip of Borneo – Simpang Mengayau 04
#4: At the behind of the Giant Bronze Globe, there is a map featured the Borneo Island embossed in bronze and laid on a flat surface at an angle with inscriptions to mark the Tip of Borneo. From the map, it showed that Tanjung Simpang Mengayau is located exactly where South China Sea lingers and meets Sulu Seas flowing from the east.

Tip of Borneo – Simpang Mengayau 05
#5: Not just the view itself, we enjoyed the cool and windy ocean breeze here.

Tip of Borneo – Simpang Mengayau 08
#6: Visitors are only allowed to go beyond this point or else, it will be on visitor own risk.

Tip of Borneo – Simpang Mengayau 
#7: Steep cliff to the rocky outcrop that forms the Tip of Borneo

Tip of Borneo – Simpang Mengayau 09
#8: One of the Sabah's attraction that promise will give you a tranquility and breath-taking view.

Admission is free anyway.

How To Get To Here:
Can go either by taxi, with a tour agent or self-drive. Taxi would be expensive option, whereas with a tour agent you might need to pre-booked. I would recommended rent a car if you like to discover this place by your own and it would be much cheaper compare book with tour agent, if travel in a big group.

And if you have extra time, you can consider to overnight here for a spectacular sunset as well as sunrise view at one of the nearest and convenient that I highly recommended, Tommy's Place. You can check out HERE for more details. 

[Credit To: Ben's Slice of Life, Sabah Tourism Board Official Website, Wikipedia]
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4D3N Singapore Trip with Boyfie (2011)

Here is the compilation for all the post relating to my trip to Singapore last year for 4 days and 3 nights. 

Day 1 (26th September 2011)

- JetStar, Clarke Quay & The Fullerton Hotel

Day 2 (27th September 2011)

    Day 3 (28th September 2011

      Day 4 (29th September 2011)

        Extra Features

        So, this post concludes the final travelogue of my Singapore 2011 trip. Next, will be Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia travelogue. Wait! Or maybe continue with my 2008 UK & Europe trip which I had been abandoned for quite some times. Too many travel, too much travelogue to blog about!
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          My Travel Haul & Expenses of Singapore (2011)

          Unlike the other previous trips of mine, you might came across where I tends to shop a lots especially in terms of souvenirs and foods. But for my Singapore trip, my aims was just to visit all those attractions which I missed out from my previous Singapore trip. Plus, I just shopped a lot from Seoul & Jeju Island, South Korea which I just back less than 3 weeks before flew off to Singapore.

          Here is my travel haul from Singapore:
          Singapore Haul
          Left photo: Keychains and fridge magnets from Universal Studio Singapore and Singapore Zoo.
          Right photo: T-shirt from Universal Studio Singapore.

          And this is my sharing of the full details of my travel expenses that Boyfie and I had spend throughout the 4 days and 3 nights trip around Singapore. [All except the one I marked with * are the expenses incurred by two persons.]
          Singapore Expenses 2011
          (The rate as at the time I changed; RM2.47 : S$1)

          1. For seats selection. Afraid from sitting too far away from Boyfie eventhough it was just an hour flight.
          2. Stayed for 3 nights. For more information about this hotel, click HERE.
          3. EZ Link Card costs $12 for the first time being which included $5 for non-refundable and the remaining value of $7 for own use. We topped up another $10 in case we might travel more than that.
          4. The original admission fee is S$68 but because my sister's boyfriend is Singaporean, hence we bought for S$52.80 per pax only. 
          5. We just took the package for Singapore Zoo itself only. You can even save on your admission ticket by taking the Park Hopper Special package.
          6. Exactly what I spend as the photo above.
          7. My sister and I bought and shared this birthday present specially for our mom. Definitely not for myself. 
          Looks like I had overspend especially in terms of the accommodation but once in a while, I also like to pamper myself staying in the comfort boutique hotels as long as it still within my flexible budget. After all, I'm a flashpacker, not a backpacker.
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          Singapore Day 4 - Merlion Park, Orchard Road & Changi Airport

          Date of Visited: 29th September 2011

          Finally, my Singapore short trip almost comes to its end.Spending 4 days at Singapore with Boyfie might seems pretty short but I think it would be relatively enough for me since I'd been to Singapore quite number of times. Perhaps, I might going there again, soon. *wink wink*

          Talking on my final day to there last year, our flight has been delayed from 5 pm to 10 pm, therefore we had plenty of time before seriously bid goodbye to this Lion city. After done with all the check-out procedures in V Hotel Lavender and we were allowed to left our light luggage in their open storage, Boyfie and I went and visited those few famous landmarks of Singapore.

          Day 4 Singapore - Merlion Park 01
          #1: Merlion

          Obviously one of the famous landmarks that shouldn't miss by every visitor when visiting Singapore would be none other than Merlion Park. I guess most of you who had been to Singapore must be familiar with this well-known of tourist icon that has the combination of mythical creature with the head of lion and the body of fish.
          "How To Get To Merlion Park: Get off at Raffles Place MRT station on East West Line. Exit towards United Overseas Bank Plaza and from the middle of the plaza, you'll see the Fullerton Hotel. Merlion Park is just right behind it."
          Day 4 Singapore - Merlion Park 02
          #2: Esplanade Theater and river taxi.

          On the other side of Merlion Park which near to the mouth of Singapore River, we saw Esplanade Theater, a building that commonly known by the local as "the durians". It features a concert hall and a theatre. And if you want to experience in a different approach of sightseeing, you could opt for the river taxi.

          Day 4 Singapore - Merlion Park 03
          #3: Art Science Museum (left) and Marina Bay Sands (right)

          One of the latest grand building which can be seen from Merlion Park is the Marina Bay Sands. What I know about this building is the infinity edge swimming pool. Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort features thousands of luxury room hotel, casino, ice-skating rink, a museum, seven prominent of celebrity chef restaurants and more. One of my friend stayed at there before, after she won quite amount of money from betting in casino. How I wish I could stay here someday? (cross fingers). Boyfie and I didn't managed to visit Marina Bay Sands cause we plan to make a move to our next desired destination. 
          "If you plan to visit and see Marina Bay Sands, heading to Marina Bay MRT station on North South Line and 4 minutes of walking from the station to the resort."

          Day 4 Singapore - Merlion Park 05
          #4: The two-metre tall cub statue standing behind the original statue.

          Day 4 Singapore - Ice-cream
          #5: Everytime I went Singapore, for sure I will buy this ice-cream that sandwich between two pieces of waffle biscuits and it still cost S$1.00, exactly the same amount I bought 6 years ago.

          Day 4 Singapore - Fullerton Hotel
          #6: The Fullerton Hotel
          This is the second photo of Fullerton Hotel I took. For the first photo, I took it during at night time. Check out HERE

          Day 4 Singapore - Ochard Road
          #7: Colourful sculpture in front of ION Orchard

          Next, we're heading to Orchard Road via MRT. Once we came out from the high-end shopping mall by the name of ION Orchard, we spotted these group of colourful sculpture standing on the stairs of ION Orchard. This is the main reason why I wanna go to Orchard Road. Many people visit Orchard Road to fulfill their satisfaction towards their shopaholic addiction but for me, I went Orchard Road cause of these colourful statues. Sounds so wrong, right? Well, eventually I also wanna hunting for the newly opened H&M outlet at there but seems that luck is not on my side. I'm fine with that anyway cause I could save my wallet from blooding. We sat on the bench somewhere around Orchard Road to see the rich and famous passing by us.
          "How To Go To Orchard Road: Orchard MRT station on North South MRT line"
           Boyfie suggested that we should depart to airport earlier to confirm the delayed of our flight. So, we went back to our hotel to claim back our light luggage, then heading directly to the airport via MRT. Getting around Singapore with the MRT is really making everything pretty convenient. That's why, I rather to stay in the hotel that might be costly but convenient for us to travel around the city. 

          Both Boyfie and I were stranded in the Changi International Airport for more than 5 hours after confirmed that our flight indeed has delayed. Although I brought my notebook along but unfortunately, no free access of WiFi. Only the last few hours, I found there are computers that can use for free and comes with Internet too which were placed beside the KFC on the first floor of Terminal 1. #facepalm 

          Day 4 Singapore - Foods in Changi International Airport
          #8: Our dinner (Wanton noodle soup and Starbucks) before flying as there is no meals included in our airfare. Alike almost all the international airports, the foods in Changi International Airport is quite pricey. Well, no surprise for me cause I used to it.

          Day 4 Singapore - Changi International Airport
          #9: Discover Singapore - A Gift Shop

          So, that's all for my travel adventures and journey on the last day in Singapore last year. Although four days trip were pretty fast and short, but travel with Boyfie is what I always looking forward. Boyfie is the type that doesn't like travelling but throughout this trip, he did a lot of walking which he never did before back in Kota Kinabalu. I guess he must be damn tiring and exhausted for walking a lot but he never complaint at all. Thanks a lot to Boyfie for the company throughout this short but sweet trip. 
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          Snapshot Sunday: The Awesome Bloggers Gathering 2012

          For my previous post under "Snapshot Sunday", it was where it served as a showcase of the photo I took from my previous trip and also serve for the purpose to reminiscence my old travel post, especially for the new readers. But for this post, I would like to blog something extraordinary from my usual posts. 

          Last year, both Armstrong and Rexs aka Aki organised Cute Bloggers Gathering (CBG) but I didn't managed to attend cause I was sick. Actually, for the past few days, I was being "attacked" by flu, cough and sorethroat again but I tried my best to attend for this time around. No regrets of attending this year The Awesome Bloggers Gathering 2012 (#TABG2012) cause I really have fun and at the same time, got to know more new friends/bloggers


          #TABG2012 took place at Party Play Lintas yesterday night, and during the four hours of gathering, we did ice-breaking, exchange gift, makan-makan and last but not least, phototaking is a must-do-things for all the bloggers. 

          I got to meet few of the bloggers where I stumbled their blog before but never got to meet in real person but yesterday night, I did; Aemy Nadira, Beaty John (so coincidentally, she is colleague of my very best friend), Wendy Wong and of couse, both of the organisers, Armstrong and Rexs aka Aki (his Afro hair is damn real for sure) met them for the very first time. Not forgetting to the four lovely and gorgeous ladies, Dyana Reds, Edith Joimin, Elwyna Hansel and Flo Nara, you gals don't mind to share a table with me eventhough we never know each other at all but you gals never stop from making that I was felt all alone by sharing with tons of interesting and funny conversation. Thank you, gals! And also to the organisers, thanks for organised this awesome and meaningful event/gathering. 
          "Don't just blog and hide behind of this cyber world, come out to the real world and have some fun with some new friends!"
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          Singapore Day 3 - MOS Burger & Bugis Street

          Date of Visited: 28th September 2011

          Wandered around halfway of Singapore Zoo, I realised I lost sight of my sister and her boyfriend. I never expected that the zoo itself is incredibly huge. I did tried to call my sister but then no signal at all. Looks like we're really in the tropical rainforest instead. Since the day is getting dawn, I had no choice but to leave earlier cause the distance from the zoo back to my hotel is quite far away compare from where my sister is staying in Singapore. We were waiting for the bus services that we took earlier but it was totally full and had to wait for another half an hour. So, both Boyfie and I asked the staff whether is there any public bus that we can take to the nearest train station. Luckily there was this bus with the number 138 came right after we were being informed that it will take us to the nearest train station which is the Ang Mo Kio station.

          The bus number 138 has numerous stopby before reach Ang Mo Kio Town Centre, which means the journey from the zoo took almost an hour. Ang Mo Kio Town Centre seems to be another bustling city of Singapore and there are many neighbourhood nearby. The town is well served by a multi-modal public transport system such as two MRT stations and bus terminal.

          Day 3 Singapore - MOS Burger
           #1: MOS Burger

          Before we took MRT back to our hotel, I spotted MOS Burger in one of the shopping mall nearby and we had again our late lunch there. Tried MOS burger in Taiwan before and I'm craving for more since it is not available in Malaysia. Malaysia, why you don't MOS burger?

          Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Station
           #2: Bugis Station

          From Ang Mo Kio, we went to Bugis Street since the day was still young. My sister did told me about Bugis Street before and suggested to take a look at there before leaving Singapore.

          Bugis Street appeared to be the largest street shopping location in Singapore with an array of hundreds of small stores selling from assorted of foods to all kinds of clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags, souvenirs and more. In short, it's similar to "pasar malam" (night market). Like I did mentioned before in few of my posts, when comes to night market, it's where I couldn't help myself from ventured around.

          Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Street 02
          #3: It's so crowded that I barely took out my camera and snap photos. So my photos of Bugis Street are quite limited.

          Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Street 05
          #4: $10 for a long dress? Well, I still think quite expensive if we convert back to Malaysia.

          Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Street 03
           #5: Colourful souvenirs

          But my eyes were sparkling when seeing souvenirs like keychains and fridge magnets. I'm not sure whether souvenirs are much more cheaper in Bugis Street or the Chinatown. If you been both of these places and know the price range of these souvenirs, please share with my by comment at below box. Thank you. 

           #6: Assorted of fridge magnets
          I almost wanna grab all but Boyfie stopped me from doing so. But at the end, I didn't bought any of them cause my mom did bought few from our previous visit to Singapore.

          Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Street 01
          #7: I Bugis Street
          And because I am type of person who dislike going to pub, bar and clubbing during the night, hence I always love to check out some of the cities' night market. Bugis Street, one of the nightlife you shouldn't miss out if visiting Singapore. Next time if I'm going Bugis Street again, I will make sure go there with empty tummy to fill with all the "small eats" or finger foods.

          That's conclude the third night of my short trip to Singapore. 

          How To Get To Bugis Street
          Bugis Station (EW12) on East West Line and follow the crowd when come out from the station.
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          Singapore Day 3 - Singapore Zoo

          Date of Visited: 28th September 2011

          On the third day of my Singapore short trip, I can't think of any place to go besides Universal Studio Singapore. But because I had visited it on the second day, so on the third day itself, it's like totally free and easy trip for me and my Boyfie. Plan to go Sentosa Island again but I went there before, which was like almost 5 years ago, hence lazy to repeat the same trip. Then, I remembered there was once where my lil bro suggested me to visit Singapore Zoo which he went before when he was like 8-9 years old. Damn you lucky, bro! He told me that the Singapore Zoo is totally different from any other zoo he visited and suggested to me that I should go there at least once. 

          Because my sis and I haven't went there before, plus I did blog that I love to visit and watch those moving creatures (click HERE), so Singapore Zoo is my final resort to visit on the third day of my Singapore trip. I didn't know exactly how to go Singapore Zoo from the place where I was staying, therefore Boyfie and I just followed my sis and her boyfriend to a bus stop which located few stones away from our hotel and we waited for the bus services provided. 

          The bus that fetch us from the bus stop was quite small and it can only accommodated less than 10 people but surprisingly on that day, there are more than 15 people required the bus services, so at the end, we had to change to a very big bus. The journey to Singapore Zoo from the city took roughly more than half an hour. Initially, I thought it was free shuttle bus but I was wrong. A single journey cost $4.50 anyway.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 01
          #1: Our admission ticket with different animals printed on it. Which is your favourite?

          Set in a lush tropical rainforest with its famous "open concept", this multiple award winning zoo gave us unforgettable opportunity to up close and personal encounters with those exotic wildlife. Built in the shaded boardwalks, this is where we got the chance to observe countless of animals as they frolic amidst lust surroundings that mimic their habitat in the wild.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 01-1
          #2: It is better to take photo of this map cause there is no map printed on their pamphlet.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 02
          #3: Once we went through, there is a phototaking with these colourful talking parrot.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 03
          #4: Walking through the short distance of treetops trail that offers a view of canopy animals at eye level, we spotted this False Ghavial in the rivers. False Ghavial is a large fresh water crocodile with a very thin and elongated snout.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 04
          #5: I always being "forced" to take photo with any kind of monkey families. Check out my photo which I took in Everland and also Universal Studio Singapore. By the way, this is group of fake Proboscis Monkey.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 04-1
          #6: These are the real Proboscis Monkey which mostly can be found in Island of Borneo, including Sabah. The longer and bigger of the male's nose, it will attract more the females one.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 05
          #7: The sleepy and lazy otter but I found this one was pretty cute and adorable.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 06
          #8: Tiger Trek but I seen no tigers.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 07
          #9: A flock of pink flamigos in an open spaced area where they can move and even get close to you.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 08
          #10: Singapore Zoo doesn't create a zoo but more towards a like tropical rainforest environment.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 09
          #11: Now I'd seen the tiger but they are not like any other normal tigers. They are the White Tigers. One of the animal you shouldn't miss when visiting Singapore Zoo.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 10
          #12: This is known as "Babirusa", means pig-deer in Malay language. Mostly found in Indonesia and the species that is closest to them are Warthog, the character of Pumba in the movie of "The Lion King"

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 11
          #13: You don't have to travel so far to Australia just to see kangaroo cause you can them in Singapore Zoo. I almost forgot that I'd seen them before in here before I saw them last month in Melbourne, Australia. Those kangaroo are indeed always love to do the laying down sexy pose. Do you know that the meaning behind of Kangaroo means "I don't know".

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 12
          #14:Creative signboard

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 13
          #15: Walia Ibex - This is one of the rare animal that I seen for the very first time. It is endangered species and can only found in Ethiopia of Africa. 

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 20
          #16: Watch the elephants at work and play show in the "Elephants of Asia" area where they display their intelligence and gentleness.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 15
          #17: Antarctica Penguins

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 16
          #18: See! Being "forced" to take photo with the monkey again.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 17
          #19: Komodo dragon, snakes, gila monster are some of the creatures that can be seen in Reptile Garden area.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 18
          #20: Giant turtle that can live up to more than 100 years. It's amazingly huge if seeing them in real.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 19
          #21: The male is very lucky cause it was surrounding by 4 females.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 21
          #22: If you want to feel the ride of the elephant, you can do so in here but there is a minimal charge requested.

          Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 22
          If you just like me who loves to see many kinds of different animals, Singapore Zoo is definitely one of the place that you should visit together with your friends and family and it opens daily. Come and explore the best rainforest zoo in the world where it features more than 2,500 animals and feel the excitement of the ecological adventures.

          The admission fee cost $20 for an adult and $13 for a child. You can even save on your admission ticket by taking the Park Hopper Special package:
          • 3-in-1 Park Hopper (Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park & Night Safari) for $58 per adult and $38 per child.
          • 2-in-1 Park Hopper (Singapore Zoo & Jurong Bird Park) for $32 per adult and $21 per child.
          • 2-in 1 Park Hopper (Singapore Zoo & Night Safari) for $42 per adult and $28 per child. 
          1. You might need at least half or a day to cover almost all of the area.
          2. Be aware of the show times by checking their notice board which located nearby the main entrance.

          How To Get To Singapore Zoo
          1) By Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
          • Alight at Ang Mo Kio station (NS16) and take bus service 138 from the bus interchange.
          • Alight at Choa Chu Kang station (NS4-BP1) and take bus service 927 from the bus interchange.
          • From Changi Airport station (EW29), board the train and alight at Tanah Merah station (EW4) to switch to the west-bound train to City Hall station (EW13-NS25), switch again to the north-bound train to Ang Mo Kio station (NS16) and take bus service 138 from the bus interchange.
          2) By Bus
          From the City, take bus service 171 to Mandai Road. Alight at the first bus stop after the bus turns off Exit 7 of the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). Transfer to bus service 927 or 926 (Do note that 926 only operates on Sundays and public holidays). 

          To find out and know more about Singapore Zoo, check out on their official website HERE
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