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Singapore Day 3 - Singapore Zoo

Date of Visited: 28th September 2011

On the third day of my Singapore short trip, I can't think of any place to go besides Universal Studio Singapore. But because I had visited it on the second day, so on the third day itself, it's like totally free and easy trip for me and my Boyfie. Plan to go Sentosa Island again but I went there before, which was like almost 5 years ago, hence lazy to repeat the same trip. Then, I remembered there was once where my lil bro suggested me to visit Singapore Zoo which he went before when he was like 8-9 years old. Damn you lucky, bro! He told me that the Singapore Zoo is totally different from any other zoo he visited and suggested to me that I should go there at least once. 

Because my sis and I haven't went there before, plus I did blog that I love to visit and watch those moving creatures (click HERE), so Singapore Zoo is my final resort to visit on the third day of my Singapore trip. I didn't know exactly how to go Singapore Zoo from the place where I was staying, therefore Boyfie and I just followed my sis and her boyfriend to a bus stop which located few stones away from our hotel and we waited for the bus services provided. 

The bus that fetch us from the bus stop was quite small and it can only accommodated less than 10 people but surprisingly on that day, there are more than 15 people required the bus services, so at the end, we had to change to a very big bus. The journey to Singapore Zoo from the city took roughly more than half an hour. Initially, I thought it was free shuttle bus but I was wrong. A single journey cost $4.50 anyway.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 01
#1: Our admission ticket with different animals printed on it. Which is your favourite?

Set in a lush tropical rainforest with its famous "open concept", this multiple award winning zoo gave us unforgettable opportunity to up close and personal encounters with those exotic wildlife. Built in the shaded boardwalks, this is where we got the chance to observe countless of animals as they frolic amidst lust surroundings that mimic their habitat in the wild.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 01-1
#2: It is better to take photo of this map cause there is no map printed on their pamphlet.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 02
#3: Once we went through, there is a phototaking with these colourful talking parrot.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 03
#4: Walking through the short distance of treetops trail that offers a view of canopy animals at eye level, we spotted this False Ghavial in the rivers. False Ghavial is a large fresh water crocodile with a very thin and elongated snout.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 04
#5: I always being "forced" to take photo with any kind of monkey families. Check out my photo which I took in Everland and also Universal Studio Singapore. By the way, this is group of fake Proboscis Monkey.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 04-1
#6: These are the real Proboscis Monkey which mostly can be found in Island of Borneo, including Sabah. The longer and bigger of the male's nose, it will attract more the females one.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 05
#7: The sleepy and lazy otter but I found this one was pretty cute and adorable.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 06
#8: Tiger Trek but I seen no tigers.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 07
#9: A flock of pink flamigos in an open spaced area where they can move and even get close to you.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 08
#10: Singapore Zoo doesn't create a zoo but more towards a like tropical rainforest environment.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 09
#11: Now I'd seen the tiger but they are not like any other normal tigers. They are the White Tigers. One of the animal you shouldn't miss when visiting Singapore Zoo.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 10
#12: This is known as "Babirusa", means pig-deer in Malay language. Mostly found in Indonesia and the species that is closest to them are Warthog, the character of Pumba in the movie of "The Lion King"

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 11
#13: You don't have to travel so far to Australia just to see kangaroo cause you can them in Singapore Zoo. I almost forgot that I'd seen them before in here before I saw them last month in Melbourne, Australia. Those kangaroo are indeed always love to do the laying down sexy pose. Do you know that the meaning behind of Kangaroo means "I don't know".

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 12
#14:Creative signboard

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 13
#15: Walia Ibex - This is one of the rare animal that I seen for the very first time. It is endangered species and can only found in Ethiopia of Africa. 

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 20
#16: Watch the elephants at work and play show in the "Elephants of Asia" area where they display their intelligence and gentleness.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 15
#17: Antarctica Penguins

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 16
#18: See! Being "forced" to take photo with the monkey again.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 17
#19: Komodo dragon, snakes, gila monster are some of the creatures that can be seen in Reptile Garden area.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 18
#20: Giant turtle that can live up to more than 100 years. It's amazingly huge if seeing them in real.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 19
#21: The male is very lucky cause it was surrounding by 4 females.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 21
#22: If you want to feel the ride of the elephant, you can do so in here but there is a minimal charge requested.

Day 3 Singapore - Zoo Singapore 22
If you just like me who loves to see many kinds of different animals, Singapore Zoo is definitely one of the place that you should visit together with your friends and family and it opens daily. Come and explore the best rainforest zoo in the world where it features more than 2,500 animals and feel the excitement of the ecological adventures.

The admission fee cost $20 for an adult and $13 for a child. You can even save on your admission ticket by taking the Park Hopper Special package:
  • 3-in-1 Park Hopper (Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park & Night Safari) for $58 per adult and $38 per child.
  • 2-in-1 Park Hopper (Singapore Zoo & Jurong Bird Park) for $32 per adult and $21 per child.
  • 2-in 1 Park Hopper (Singapore Zoo & Night Safari) for $42 per adult and $28 per child. 
1. You might need at least half or a day to cover almost all of the area.
2. Be aware of the show times by checking their notice board which located nearby the main entrance.

How To Get To Singapore Zoo
1) By Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
  • Alight at Ang Mo Kio station (NS16) and take bus service 138 from the bus interchange.
  • Alight at Choa Chu Kang station (NS4-BP1) and take bus service 927 from the bus interchange.
  • From Changi Airport station (EW29), board the train and alight at Tanah Merah station (EW4) to switch to the west-bound train to City Hall station (EW13-NS25), switch again to the north-bound train to Ang Mo Kio station (NS16) and take bus service 138 from the bus interchange.
2) By Bus
From the City, take bus service 171 to Mandai Road. Alight at the first bus stop after the bus turns off Exit 7 of the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). Transfer to bus service 927 or 926 (Do note that 926 only operates on Sundays and public holidays). 

To find out and know more about Singapore Zoo, check out on their official website HERE


  1. Wah they have kangaroos and white tigers! No panda? :P I heard many have recommended that Singapore Zoo is a must visit.

  2. Gorgeous shots! Have u been to night safari? U should try next time if u haven't, it's one of the best!

  3. The tickets are so cute, I love all four of it. The otters and penguins are adorable, love the white tigers too. How fun is this?

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  4. It has been a long time since I last visited this lovely zoo. I can't wait to go back since we are now in the process of transferring in Singapore! I love the condo from Seven Palms! So excited!

  5. Thanks for these wonderful pictures . These are outstanding . This zoo is really wonderful .
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