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Singapore Day 3 - MOS Burger & Bugis Street

Date of Visited: 28th September 2011

Wandered around halfway of Singapore Zoo, I realised I lost sight of my sister and her boyfriend. I never expected that the zoo itself is incredibly huge. I did tried to call my sister but then no signal at all. Looks like we're really in the tropical rainforest instead. Since the day is getting dawn, I had no choice but to leave earlier cause the distance from the zoo back to my hotel is quite far away compare from where my sister is staying in Singapore. We were waiting for the bus services that we took earlier but it was totally full and had to wait for another half an hour. So, both Boyfie and I asked the staff whether is there any public bus that we can take to the nearest train station. Luckily there was this bus with the number 138 came right after we were being informed that it will take us to the nearest train station which is the Ang Mo Kio station.

The bus number 138 has numerous stopby before reach Ang Mo Kio Town Centre, which means the journey from the zoo took almost an hour. Ang Mo Kio Town Centre seems to be another bustling city of Singapore and there are many neighbourhood nearby. The town is well served by a multi-modal public transport system such as two MRT stations and bus terminal.

Day 3 Singapore - MOS Burger
 #1: MOS Burger

Before we took MRT back to our hotel, I spotted MOS Burger in one of the shopping mall nearby and we had again our late lunch there. Tried MOS burger in Taiwan before and I'm craving for more since it is not available in Malaysia. Malaysia, why you don't MOS burger?

Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Station
 #2: Bugis Station

From Ang Mo Kio, we went to Bugis Street since the day was still young. My sister did told me about Bugis Street before and suggested to take a look at there before leaving Singapore.

Bugis Street appeared to be the largest street shopping location in Singapore with an array of hundreds of small stores selling from assorted of foods to all kinds of clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags, souvenirs and more. In short, it's similar to "pasar malam" (night market). Like I did mentioned before in few of my posts, when comes to night market, it's where I couldn't help myself from ventured around.

Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Street 02
#3: It's so crowded that I barely took out my camera and snap photos. So my photos of Bugis Street are quite limited.

Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Street 05
#4: $10 for a long dress? Well, I still think quite expensive if we convert back to Malaysia.

Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Street 03
 #5: Colourful souvenirs

But my eyes were sparkling when seeing souvenirs like keychains and fridge magnets. I'm not sure whether souvenirs are much more cheaper in Bugis Street or the Chinatown. If you been both of these places and know the price range of these souvenirs, please share with my by comment at below box. Thank you. 

 #6: Assorted of fridge magnets
I almost wanna grab all but Boyfie stopped me from doing so. But at the end, I didn't bought any of them cause my mom did bought few from our previous visit to Singapore.

Day 3 Singapore - Bugis Street 01
#7: I Bugis Street
And because I am type of person who dislike going to pub, bar and clubbing during the night, hence I always love to check out some of the cities' night market. Bugis Street, one of the nightlife you shouldn't miss out if visiting Singapore. Next time if I'm going Bugis Street again, I will make sure go there with empty tummy to fill with all the "small eats" or finger foods.

That's conclude the third night of my short trip to Singapore. 

How To Get To Bugis Street
Bugis Station (EW12) on East West Line and follow the crowd when come out from the station.


  1. I tried Mos Burger at Taiwan as well, but I don't really like it. :/ Maybe I ordered the wrong burger. :/

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    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  2. Very sad le, didn't know you yet during your SG trip ROAR

  3. If I not mistaken, there used to be a MOS at Suria KLCC but closed already. :(

  4. I really hope that MOS Burger will come back to Malaysia :(

  5. never thought that MOS Burger is available in SG...ahh..how i miss them in Japan~~

  6. Sound like an interesting busy street. We didnt manage to visit Bugis Street during our previous trip. Maybe it's a good idea to make it a point to visit it in the upcoming vacation.

  7. Those fridge magnets are cute and affordable. Thanks for sharing. Now I know where to get some for me mum :)

  8. Thanks Diana. Puas saya cari entry yang ngam buat rujukan ni. Will be going to Sg in Feb tapi 1 pun blum sure apa mau bikin except pigi USS. Tq again ya.

  9. Bugis street is the famous place to buy souvenirs


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