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Foodie Friday: October Coffee House, Kota Kinabalu

Lifestyle cafes in Kota Kinabalu are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. There are more and more options of these cafes opened lately and honestly to say, it's kinda hard for me to chase up sometimes. Just when you notice there was one just newly opened in Lido Plaza, but the reality there are three cafes within the vicinity. And so far, I have only been to few of them and hopefully more to come in future.

Out of few cafes I visited previously, October Coffee House is the one recommended by majority of the netizens. They said October Coffee House serves the best and finest coffee in Kota Kinabalu town and without hesitation, I decided to give a try.

Up to date, October Coffee House has three outlets located at three different location; first one in Peak Vista, second one located in Wisma Merdeka Food Court but only for take-away and for the latest one located in Jalan Gaya.

October Coffee House - Peak Vista
The Peak Vista
Lorong Puncak 1, Tanjung Lipat,
88400 Kota Kinabalu,
Opening Hours: 11am until 10 pm (Closed on every Wednesday)

KK October Coffee House - The Peak 02
#1: Menu written on the blackboard

KK October Coffee House - The Peak 03
#2: Love the way they decorated these colourful mugs

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Reasons Why I Revisit Taiwan for Third Times

Hello blog readers! I just came back from my recent trip to Taiwan!

Taiwan 2015 Instagram
Before I embarked my journey to Taiwan, my dad asked me, "How many times already you've been Taiwan?". I know I went not once but twice before but I love to return Taiwan again for more. Frankly speaking, comparing to almost all South East Asia countries I've been with East Asia countries, I prefer the latter one. Countries like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan especially, never failed to amaze me eventhough I went more than once. 

9D8N Taiwan Itinerary
Customised 9D8N Taiwan Itinerary by yours truly

Forget about the language barrier, here are few of the reasons why I love Taiwan so much that I went back for third times:

1) Colourful & Unique Themed Accommodation
The experiences of staying in minsu and motel are completely different and unique comparing staying in a conventional hotel. I love the way how majority of these accommodation in Taiwan are decorated in varierty and colourful themes and decor to light up the atmosphere. Check out my post on
Minsu (民宿) I Stayed in Taiwan
Taiwan - Sato Castle Motel Taipei
Our room on the first night for recent trip - Superman!

2) 7-Eleven & Family Mart Almost Have Everything
If we can't figure out what and where to eat, convenience stores would always be our choice. Their convenience stores, especially 7-Eleven are like everywhere within our sight. Just grab whatever you want, from bento to spaghetti, we never worry of being hungry whenever we're in Taiwan. Not just foods, you can even buy stamps, purchase train tickets, photocopy documents in the middle of odd hours. Absolutely convenient! Check out my old post on 7-Eleven in Taiwan.
Taiwan 7-Eleven

3) Creative Postcards
I love postcards so much and majority countries I went would probably with photo captured from the camera as cover. Unlike in Taiwan, they are not only printed in typical hard cover cards but their postcards are designed and printed on wood, fabrics and even metal license plate.
Taiwan Postcards

4) Chop & Stamp Like A Child
When I was in Taiwan, I felt like I was like a young gal. I bought a mini notepad, solely just to collect all those cute chop and stamps whenever I saw around Taiwan. Even Boyfie joined me for this so-called childish activities. Majority of these stamps can be found in train stations, information counters and shops selling postcards. I was indeed a happy gal whenever I saw them.
Taiwan - Chop & Stamps

5) Night Markets
Imagine enormous variety of authentic Taiwanese food, tasty snacks and drinks popped up from no where when the day turns to night. A visit to Taiwan is incomplete without a visit to any of their night markets, which believed there are more than three hundred of them. Almost every nights, I spent most of my night time wandered around the night markets, regardless in which townships including Kenting. Check out my old post on Taiwan's Night Markets & Foods.
Taiwan - Night Market
Ruiefong Night Market in Kaohsiung

6) Milk Tea Overdosed
Coffee or tea? Of course, I choose the latter as I'm not a coffee lover. I rarely visit Starbucks or Coffee Bean but when comes to order any drinks, tea would always be on top of my choice. I had milk tea in Taiwan more than I drank mineral waters. Imagine milk tea for breakfast, lunch and even during the dinner time. But no worries, milk tea in Taiwan is definitely less sugar and yet, they are so tasty and delicious. Most importantly, there are even cheap. I got a bottle of milk tea from 7-Eleven for only NT$19, that's like less than 2.50 in Ringgit Malaysia. 
Taiwan - Milk Tea

7) Sushi For Only NT$10
I'm huge fan of Japanese cuisines and I could have sushi almost every week. Surprisingly in Taiwan, the sushi there is only selling as low as NT$10, roughly around RM1.20 for a fresh piece, including the salmon one. Tell me, how could I ever resist from having them? For cheap sushi, do check out Sushi Take-Out or even at the 7-Eleven stores.
Taiwan - Cheap Sushi for NT$10

8) Bookstores, Watson, Carrefour Open for 24 Hours
It's like the city of Taipei never sleep. I knew there are few bookstores open for 24/7 but only until my recent trip, I was surprised when I asked the security guard of Watson what time does the shop close and he told me it's opens for 24/7. Even Carrefour in Ximending too.
Taiwan Taipei Ximending Watson 24

9) Celebrated My Birthday
Two years ago, Boyfie had his birthday celebration in Taiwan, Two years later, I want mine in Taiwan too. I don't mind for not having a birthday cake, even a small piece but as long as I could celebrate abroad is what I wish for my birthday wishes every single year.
2015 Birthday in Kenting, Taiwan

Actually there are even more reasons than the above of why I love Taiwan so much. Seriously, I don't mind going back Taiwan for the 4th time. Anyone been to Taiwan more than once?

2015 MAS Taiwan
Last but not least, thanks to Malaysia Airlines for the amazing flight to Taiwan. We flew directly from Kota Kinabalu to Taipei for return only RM650. Thanks for the upgraded to Business class too! #mas #malaysiaarilines
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Siem Reap, Cambodia (2013) Day 3: Apsara Dance

Date Visited: 3rd March 2013

On the third day we woke up in Siem Reap, it was a drizzly morning and we informed our driver to cancel our plan for sightseeing cause majority of them are involved outdoor. After we had our scrumptious breakfast provided by the guest house, we went back to our slumberland again to continue our sweet dreams. 

Once we awoke, the rain stopped and we took tuk-tuk to a nearby shopping complex for lunch. Did nothing much on that day except for lunch and scouted around for souvenir shopping.

Because we have plenty of time to spend in Siem Reap, our guest house suggested to watch traditional Khmer Apsara Dance. The show is performed daily in a large-sized dining hall which I believe can accommodate more than hundreds of people at the same time. The walk-in price for the show is US$12 but we got the discounted ticket from our guest house for only US$8 per pax (approx. to RM26), which comes along with buffet feast, which we think it was pretty affordable and great bargain. 

Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 3 - Buffet Dinner 01
#1: The Apsara Dance show was held at Angkor Mondial Restaurant. Our guest house even arranged tuk-tuk to pick us up from the guest house to the restaurant itself.

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Sharing Saturday: Seven Great Reasons To Travel With An Auditor

NOTE: Eventually, I came across this article shared by Kaki Berangan and being as ex auditor myself, I found out majority of the points here are indeed so true. After granted permission from the owner herself - Phebe Bay, hereby are the "Seven Great Reasons To Travel with An Auditor". 


Mention the word “auditor” and the image of a number-loving office worker punching numbers into the calculator until the wee hours of the night comes into mind. You would think that the hectic schedules of auditors would make them less than ideal travel partners, compared to marketing folks who have the chance to wine and dine all over the world while pushing out their regional marketing campaigns.

But I had the good fortune of travelling with two auditors on multiple trips, and I must say, they’re a big asset to travel with. If you have the chance, do acquire them immediately.

With my unqualified opinion on this topic, I hereby present you, seven great reasons to travel with an auditor.

1. Travel with an auditor and you’ll never fear getting cheated by money changers. 
I’m not sure about you, but I’m a klutz when it comes to counting foreign currency denomination bills. It takes me a good three minutes to re-count the amount of money the moneychanger has given me, and it has been proven that my auditor travelling buddies effectively take half the time.
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