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Last Day in Belgium

Our Europe trip ended at the historical city of Bruges, one of the small cities of Belgium before heading back to London. Belgium is not only famous for delectably sweet chocolate, but it also known for the land of waffle and beer. 

However due to the long trip, my friends and I were actually pretty exhausted by the end of this trip. That's explain why we not just didn't explore further, we even didn't have that much energy to take endless photos. One click on the shutter button seems like consuming all of our energy. 

Here are few photos of this small medieval town we managed to capture:

Looking back, it's kinda regret that we decided to give up on this city cause there are plenty of things waiting to discover here, such as chocolate tasting, strolling along the beautiful canals, quays and bridges in Bruges. Probably we're broke too, spending all of our Euros previously and left nothing for this one. Sorry Bruges for not appreciating you. 
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