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First Flight in 2021

 Initially I thought that I'm not going to fly anywhere for the year 2021,

#1: Oh well! I guess no one knows what future holds

It's been more than a year since my last flight to Kuala Lumpur end of July last year and you know what, there were few nights I kept dreaming of packing my luggage bags and catching flights. Obviously, I miss the feeling of flying and travelling until it kept appearing in my dreams. But when comes to travel abroad, although our government allows those who have been fully vaccinated to travel overseas now, somehow for me I'm still pretty skeptical about it. What if I fall ill abroad? How it might affect my subsequent travel plan and so. Lots of these uncertainties keep appearing in my head. Travel has somehow become so foreign to me and frankly speaking, I'm not ready yet to travel abroad at this moment. How about you? Would you dare to take the risk to travel abroad now? 

As for now, I choose to travel domestically first and last week, both of my husband and I went to Tawau. Trying to recall when was my last trip there cause previously, I kept focusing to travel out of Malaysia. Feeling good to be back again and our journey don't end here as we continue to Semporna

#2: One of the sights I miss the most - The airport board 

#3: Time to dig out my backpack from the store room 

Sometimes, flight cancellation is not a bad thing afterall. Originally, our trip to Tawau and Semporna was supposed to be 4 days 3 nights but due to the flight cancellation by AirAsia, both of us decided to extend for another day for our trip. And because of that, we splurged a bit by staying overnight on Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort which dubbed as Maldives of Malaysia. 

#4: Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort (will blog more about this)

#5: Checked-in to paradise 

Besides snorkelling for me and diving for the husband, one of the most popular activities that shouldn't miss out by any visitors when comes to Semporna is hike up to Bohey Dulang

#6: Not an easy hike up to Bohey Dulang but once you get to the top, it's worth all the sweat. 

#7: Thank goodness for the perfect weather cause once it's raining, visitors are not allowed to hike

That's a quick sneak peak of my trip to Semporna and Sipadan - short and brief. I will try to spend some time to blog in more details soon.
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