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Laos: Vientiane & Surrounding Area

Laos, the 9th Southeast Asia country I went last two years when Jeff Chuah, a travel blogger told me that he is planning to go there and instantly I asked whether can tag me along and he agreed. Thanks to Jeff too for helping me to buy the airticket cause I was in Hong Kong at that particular moment. This is the first time I travelled with a travel blogger, who shares the same passion and interest - travelling.

Laos 01
#1: I didn't pre-book in-flight meal but was given by an uncle who sat next to me cause I helped him to fill in quite number of arrival cards.

For Malaysian citizens, visa is not required when entering Laos and allow to stay up to 30 days. From Kuala Lumpur, the flight to Vientiane took 1 hour and 45 minutes and without realised it, we had landed safely in Wattay International Airport.
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Capsule by Container Hotel klia2

Looking for a place to crash overnight before catching the next flight but travel alone and in tight budget, Capsule by Container Hotel klia2 is definitely the ideal place for you to have short nap and quick break.

Capsule by Container Hotel 01

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Tokyo After 5 Years

Japan - Tokyo 12
#1: Direct flight from Kota Kinabalu to Narita Tokyo with Malaysia Airlines 

I never thought I will going back Tokyo again after 5 years. Initially my plan is flying to Hokkaido which from the research I found, July will be the perfect time to visit there but because this is annual family trip and two of my brothers have never been to 'Land of Rising Sun' before, re-do, re-route and re-change my plan from Hokkaido to the capital city of Japan, Tokyo.

Japan - Tokyo Narita Airport
#2: Narita International Airport for the very first time.

Honestly speaking, I can see there is slightly changes of Tokyo five years ago and five years later. First of all, language barrier is no longer an issue as majority of Japanese can speak at least simple English nowadays. Whether we were taking buses, in restaurants, in convenience store, train ticket offices and more, unlike 5 years ago. 

But somehow there is one major issue which I didn't enjoy Tokyo is overcrowded almost everywhere. Even more crowded than Shanghai. I'm kidding not. Three trains approached but we didn't manage to jump in cause it's overpacked with working people especially. What a nightmare!

Talking about my 8 days trip to Tokyo with my family, there are number of places I went for the second times such as:

Japan - Tokyo 02
#3: Akihabara Electric Town - My brothers spent more than 7 hours here.

Japan - Tokyo 03
#4: Shibuya - For crossing street, Hachiko statue, Disney store, best ramen and more 

Japan - Tokyo 11

#5: Tokyo Tower - Came here twice but never got the chance to go up. Came here just for One Piece Store


#6: Asakusa Senso-ji Temple 

and even including Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and more. 

As for the following, it's my maiden visit to:

Japan - Tokyo 23
#7: Gundam Statue in Odaiba Park 

Japan - Tokyo 06

#8: Rainbow Bridge and Statue of Liberty

Japan - Yokohama 01

#9: Yokohama - Second popular city after Tokyo which less than an hour away

Japan - Tokyo 25

#10: Tokyo Disneyland 

Japan - Tokyo 24

#11: Hakone for Mount Fuji but unfortunately, the weather wasn't on our side

And of course, by end of this trip eventhough we're tired and exhausted, my family and I were really enjoyed each and every part of Tokyo. No wonder people said, "Once Went Japan, Almost Every Year Feels Like Going Back". This is my third times to Japan and I can't wait to look forward for another Japan Trip - prefecture such as Nagoya, Okinawa, Hokkaido and more.

Japan - Tokyo 07

#12: Look what we found in Tokyo - Super-sized soft ice-cream with 8 different flavours

Oh wait! I haven't start to blog about my 2013 Japan (Kansai Area) yet. So many outdated travelogues!
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Foodie Friday: Food Around Ipoh Town

Right after we done with the food adventures in Medan Selera Kampar, my friends and I drove to Ipoh which is less than half an hour distance away. As it was still early to check-in into Le Metrotel, we didn't waste any longer of our time but for another round of food adventures. That's what suppose to do when one in Malaysia - Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan!  

Ipoh City
Ipoh Mali

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