Friday, June 26, 2015

Foodie Friday: Medan Selera Kampar of Malaysia

Date Visited: 28th May 2015

Travel and food are interrelated, it's hard to separate them apart apparently. And when travel in Malaysia, hunting for food has always indirectly been part and parcel of the itinerary. So when my friends and I were in Kampar last month, my local friend's parents brought us to Medan Selera Kampar (Kampar Food Court) for breakfast.

Medan Selera Kampar 06
#1: The bustling of Medan Selera Kampar

Medan Selera Kampar is indeed one of the best place to have variety type of food for breakfast in Kampar. With more than 50 hawker stalls selling different type of food under one roof, for sure we were spoilt for choices. But thanks to my friend's parents for helping us to decide and order the food which the local think are the best one.

Medan Selera Kampar 01
#2: This uncle is famous among the local who sits on a stool while frying char kuey teow. 

Once we stepped in the food court,  the first thing came into our sight was this uncle who sat on the stool while frying char kuey teow and we were truly intrigued with the way of his cooking style. My friend's parents told us that his char kuey teow is too popular to the extend that you need to wait for more than half an hour just for the sake of a plate of char kuey teow.
Medan Selera Kampar 02
#3: Verdict: This plate of char kuey teow (Stall #32) is full with the amount of "wok hei" as charcoal is being used for frying. Taste wise, it's still acceptable but nothing to shout out somehow. 

Next to the char kuey teow stall is another popular stall among the local, Curry Chu Cheong Fun (Stall #30). Yes, you heard it right - it's chu cheong fun dipped in curry sauce instead the sweet sauce.

Medan Selera Kampar 03
#4: Somehow most of my friends preferred the sweet sauce than the curry sauce but for me, this is something unique. 

Medan Selera Kampar 04
#5: Kampar version of Lou Shu Fang (literally means rat's tail noodles) - Not a fan of this type of noodle but I tasted the broth and it's taste good.

Medan Selera Kampar 05
#6: We supposedly order Ice Blended White Coffee which claimed to be the popular one but as it was too early for freaking cold drink, we substituted with Ice White Coffee instead. 

Another food gained fame in Medan Selera Kampar is the glutinous rice from Stall #42 but unfortunately it closed by the time we were there. Sad, luck wasn't on our side.

Frankly speaking, without the help of my local friend's parents and family who helping to order all the food above, for sure we will miss out the best food in Kampar town. Another thing I love to try is the Curry Chicken Bread but blame our small sized tummy. Perhaps Kampar town again for food adventure?

Medan Selera Kampar
Address: Between Jalan Masjid & Jalan Ampang,
Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.
Operating Hours: 7.30am – 2pm, 7pm-12am


  1. This is my wife's hometown and we always frequent these stalls too. I like their Laksa.

  2. It's been a while since the last I had Lou shu fun. Hehe

  3. Hi Diana,
    I wish I had come across your blog a few days ago because I just made my trip to Macau for research purposes but I also ended up visiting many tourist attractions. I found a lot of useful and important tips in your blog. You truly are a master of Asian travelling.


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