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Art of Old Town, Ipoh

I may sucks at arts and don't even understand at the sophisticated art but that doesn't stop me from loving arts especially the art street. I have to admit that I admired the beautifully painted art street by London-trained Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic which I found they are exceptionally meaningful and interesting, especially across the heritage area of George Town city of Penang. You can't imagine how much fun and trilled I was for hunting down all these colourful art street and wall paintings within the inner city two years ago right after I attended my best friend's wedding in Penang (click here for Penang's Art Street, Wall Paintings & Steel Sculpture)

So when I was in Kampar, Perak last month for another best friend's wedding of mine, besides hunting for the best food in Ipoh town, the first thing to do in my mind was scouting for another art street collection by Ernest Zacharevic himself in Old Town of Ipoh. 

Collaboration together with OldTown White Coffee which is the leading white coffee manufacturer in Malaysia, currently there are 8 unique murals within Old Town of Ipoh:

Ipoh Mural 04
#1: An Old Uncle Drinking Coffee

Location: On the side wall of OldTown White Coffee and opposite of Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh.

Ipoh Mural 05
#2: Two Kids on A Paper Plane

Location: Walk further down the road from the first mural which just next to Standard Chartered Bank to be precise. 

Ipoh Mural 07
#3: Huge Packets of Kopi O

Location: At the car park opposite of Maybank branch in Jalan Tun Sambanthan

Ipoh Mural 02
#4: Yellow Hummingbird

Location: At the car park in Jalan Panglima (Both #3 and #4 are located nearby to each other)

Ipoh Mural 01
#5: Tin Mining Town With Chinese-Style Painting

Location: Jalan Bijeh Timah

Ipoh Mural 08
#6: Old Man with Trishaw

Location: At the small alley of Jalan Bijeh Timah

Ipoh Mural 09
#7: A Bag of Coffee

Location: Jalan Bandar Timah

Ipoh Mural 03
#8: Little Girl with Bird Cage

Location: Jalan Bandar Timah

To ease your search looking for all the above arts, I have included map as the following:

Frankly speaking, these 8 art streets are located not far from each other but because my friends were too lazy to walk around and plus, it was raining in the middle of scouting around, we travelled by car instead. Thanks to my friend in black shirt (photo #8) for bringing us around Ipoh.

Oh wait! I heard the latest addition of Ernest Zacharevic's collection is in Kuching town. Can't wait to be back Kuching again.

[Credit To: Ipoh Tourism Board Official Website, Always Travelicious]


  1. besar-besar arts wall dia kan

  2. Very nice...very2 nice... i didn't know about the existence pf these murals until i read this post...:) And the map u provided, very useful in case one wants to locate the murals...

  3. yup one of my favourite place to visit....but i go for their food

  4. I had received "A Bag of Coffee" postcard, it looks nice. Ipoh is in my travel list because of the street art and food :D

  5. I am good at painting too although I am not working as an artist but I respect this guy cos his canvases are all so huge walls. It is not easy!!!


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