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Melbourne, Australia Day 5: 1 Day Mornington Peninsula Ultimate Tour

Date of Visit: 4th October 2012

Overall from my 8 days trip to Melbourne, I booked three different full one day tours from the local tour operator - Great Ocean Road Classic Tour, Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tour and Mornington Peninsular Ultimate Tour. Honestly speaking, if I have the choice, I wouldn't choose to do so but that could consider the last resort I had. For this Mornington Peninsula tour, it was my last minute decision to book it just for the sank of these brightly colourful bathing boxes.

Mornington Peninsula is just oven an hour's drive from Melbourne city center. Eventually, there are so much to see and do, hence it is ideal for a short day trip from Melbourne or for an extended stay. 

#1: My friend gave me a box of macaroon and I had it as breakfast. Oh dear, they were so huge and most importantly, so delicious! 

#2: Our first pit-stop, the famous colourful bathing boxes in the seaside resort township of Portsea. Do you know some of these bathing boxes could eventually cost up to AUD$250,000? It's unbelievable.

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Melbourne, Australia Day 4: 1 Day Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tour

Date of Visit: 3rd October 2012

Just like Great Ocean Road Tour on the day before, the driver picked me up directly from where I stayed and once again, I was the first passenger inside the tour bus. The guests that join this tour were  not as many as Great Ocean Road one, approximately less than 20 but it wasn't a bad sign after all. Before the tour start, I bumped into a girl who was also travelling alone just like me and she was from China who is currently study in Sydney. To be honest, no offense but I kinda dislike China tourists based on my past experiences where most of them were so rude, impolite, dirty and etc but except for this one I met, she was the odd one. Unlike the typical China people, she was friendly and helpful indeed. Too bad after the trip I lost her contact.

This Phillip Island Penguin Parade tour most likely highlighted the best of Victoria's wildlife where we got the chance to get up close and personal with most of Australian animals. No wonder, the famous Malaysian travel blogger, Wilson Ng from Places and Foods claimed that Australia is a zoo without fences.

#1: Our first pit-stop after more than 2 hours bus ride from the city center, Moonlit Sanctuary  - Victoria's award-winning Wildlife Park.

#2: What can be seen in this Eco-certified santuary were angaroos, wallabies, koala bears, ostriches, lizards, dingoes, southern bettong, eastern quoalls and more.

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[ADV] New AirAsia Breakfast Combo

The most important meal of the day is none other than breakfast. Not just it gives your brain a boost but also energy to your body to kick off your day. So when you are flying, there's no more any excuse to skip breakfast as AirAsia has just been introduced the latest Breakfast Combo starting from 1st February with some of Malaysia’s all-time favourite meals such as Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai with Chicken Curry and Rice Congee with Scallops and also Pancake with butter & maple syrup.

Breakfast Combo
These new hearty Breakfast Combos are available on all AirAsia (AK flight code) flights from 5.30am – 11.00am every day, and each of them comes with Complimentary T&Co Coffee or T&Co Teh Tarik too from as low as only RM10 per set! 

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak
Combo A - Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak + Free T&Co Cofee or Teh Tarik (RM12) 

Malaysian's No. 1 favourite fragrant coconut rice served with Pak Nasser's special chilli sambal and tender chicken rendang, accompanied with half of a hard-boiled egg and crunchy bites of fried anchovies and nuts. A truly complete set of nasi lemak and this is always my favourite choice when comes to AirAsia in-flight meals especially when back from travel overseas!

Roti Canai with Chicken Curry
Combo B - Roti Canai with Chicken Curry + Free T&Co Cofee or Teh Tarik (RM10)

Another Malaysia’s favourite breakfast choice - soft and fluffy texture of paratha bread served with juicy chicken and potato curry on the side.

Scallop Congee
Combo C - Scallop Congee + Free T&Co Cofee or Teh Tarik (RM10)

Indulge for healthy and simple breakfast? This warm and savoury rice congee is an ideal breakfast meal for everyone. It served with flavourful scallop and mushroom bits accompanied with condiments such as soft groundnuts, spring onions and minced chicken.

Pancakes with Butter and Maple Syrup
Combo D - Pancake with Butter and Maple Syrup + Free T&Co Cofee or Teh Tarik (RM10)

AirAsia's Breakfast Combo not just limited to local dishes, but it also serve breakfast in Western style. A stack of 3 irresistible piping hot pancakes topped with creamy butter and sweet maple syrup is another great choice to satisfy your hungry tummy.

So while you are flying onboard, don't forget to enjoy these AirAsia's Breakfast Combo like a king!

Start off my day before going to Laos with
Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak

This post is brought to you by AirAsia.
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Melbourne, Australia Day 3: 1 Day Great Ocean Road Classic Tour

Date of Visit: 2nd October 2012

To enjoy most of Melbourne's fascinating places and attractions, most of them were located on the outskirt of the city center; such as Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula and more. So in the case where you are travelling with a group of friends and family, you can opt to rent a vehicle and plan for unforgettable road trip. But if you are travelling alone just like me, the downside was getting to those places by general public transport would be difficult. Hence, I got no choice but to book from the local tour operator and my friend recommended Bunyip Tour. From there, I bought two full one day tour packages - 1 Day Great Ocean Road Classic Tour as well as 1 Day Phillip Island Penguin Parade Ultimate Eco Tour. In return, besides the 5% off for each tour, but I was given a free admission ticket to Melbourne Aquarium, Eureka Skydeck and option between Old Melbourne Gaol or Polly Woodside. It was indeed a really great deal for me.

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road Bunyip Tours Bus 
#1: Bunyip Tours bus 

The spectacular Great Ocean Roas is one of the world's most beautiful and naturally maintained secrets. This prestigious road is built by the returned soldiers dedicated to soldiers killed during the World War I, making this road is the world's largest war memorial. Every twist and turn exposes to stretches of broad, pristine beaches, dramatic coastlines and the lush rainforests of the Otway Ranges - all of which provides an amazing postcard backdrop for all the photo memories.

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 01
#2: The first pit stop, Bells Beach, one of Australia's famous surfing beaches and world renowned for the Rip Curl Surfing Pro. We even had morning tea and watched few surfers catch waves for surfing.

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 03
 #3: Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch at Eastern View

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 04
 #4: Wye River, a popular place for Melbournians to holiday

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 16
#5: Cape Patton Lookout offers spectacular views east towards Apollo Bay and Skenes Creek

#6: For the very first time in my life, I saw wild koala bear. Not just one or two, but we spotted more than 5 koala bears. Lucky us!

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 06
 #7: The iconic Cape Otway Lighthouse, mainland Australia's oldest surviving lighthouse.

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 06-1
#8: We even had Aussie BBQ as lunch at the park nearby the lighthouse

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 07
 #9: The Twelve Apostles is a collection of gigantic limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 08
 #10: Walking down the boardwalk for this beautiful views of the coastline along The Great Ocean Road 

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 09
#11: Magnificent rock stacks that rise up from the Southern Ocean on Victoria's dramatic coastline

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 10
#12: Originally, there was 12 but then decreased over the time due to erosion and up to date, leaving eight remaining.

If you don't mind to pay extra for breathtaking scenic view over the 12 Apostles from the top, take a helicopter flight which cost AUD$95.

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 17
#13: Loch Ard Gorge, a small network of clifftop walks and there is a staircase leading down to a beach gave us the opportunity to view the fantastic rock formations all around

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 13
#14: Our final pit stop of the day, Gibson Steps

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 12
#15: Perfect place for wedding photoshoots, perhaps?

Before spending another two and half hours ride back to Melbourne city centre, we stopped by a small Chinese restaurant for dinner. As I had Asian meals for the two previous nights, I opted for fast food instead and there were two world famous fast foods nearby that particular neighbourhood - McDonald and KFC.

Day 3 Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road 14
#16: At the end, I choose KFC cause I found out it was more extraordinary compare to McDonald - Bacon & cheese burger, something which couldn't be found in elsewhere.

Note: The cost for this tour was AUD$120 which included all park entrance fees, morning tea & biscuits and also Aussie BBQ lunch. It even included pick-up and drop-off from where you stay.

This tour package I booked from Bunyip Tours.
You can book online at their website www.bunyitours.com or go to their office:
Bunyip Tours
570 Flinders Street,
Melbourne Victoria,
Australia 3000 
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[ADV] Kinabalu Guest House

Located strategically right in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, Kinabalu Guest House is one right place for budget travellers who are looking for cheap, convenient, comfort and clean with access to wide array of restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, 24 hours convenience stores, department stores, shopping mall and more. Kinabalu Guest House is just within 5 minutes walk to Handicraft Market, Esplanade, seafood restaurants, Centre Point Shopping Complex, Warisan Square and more.

It is perfectly suited for a group of families and even couples too.

Kinabalu Guest House consists of:
  • 3 bedrooms - 2 Queen-sized beds & 2 Single beds
  • Air-conditioning in spacious living room and bedrooms
  • Open plan living and dining area
  • Television
  • Kitchen equipped with cutlery, glassware,  microwave, kettle, toaster and refrigerator 
  • Hot heater bathroom with basic toiletries
  • All linen and towels are provided
  • Drinking water
 #1: Air-conditioning spacious living room with television 

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Melbourne, Australia Day 2: Eureka Skydeck 88

Date of Visit: 1st October 2012

From the oldest stream train in Australia, Puffing Billy, my next destination was Eureka Skydeck 88, the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere. But somehow, I stuck in Belgrave Station for almost an hour before reach back to the city town due to my clumsiness and it was indeed waste a time.

After an hour of waiting and an hour train ride from Belgrave Station, finally back to the Flinders Street Station and from there, I walked to Eureka Tower without the help of any maps. All I did was keep looking and heading through to this highest tower instead. The walking distance from Flinders Street Station to Eureka Tower was not really that long, roughly around 10 minutes. As the tower itself is located adjacent to the beautiful Yarra River, I didn't even feel boring at all but turned out, I was pretty enjoying myself eventhough I was walking alone along this river. Some were enjoying their cup of coffee at the cafe nearby the river, cycling, jogging, walking with their cute and adorable dogs, and more. 

#1: I don't mind walking everyday with this kind of view. Will you?

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 01
#2: Tadaa... Finally, I reached Eureka Skydeck 88 after almost 10 minutes walk

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Melbourne, Australia Day 2: Puffing Billy, Australia's Favourite Steam Train

Date of Visit: 1 October 2012

Second day in Melbourne mark the official day where I wandered alone. Nervous? Scare? Worry? Apparently, I wasn't cause I ever wandered around London alone few years back. But somehow, being a solo traveller wasn't really my favourite type of travelling at all. Just read "Runaway Juno - Sometimes, I Don't Really Care for Solo Travel" and you know why I dislike of solo travel. I still prefer to travel along with my friends or even with my family better.

As I was alone, I decided to go to those famous spots that easily accessible by train. Coincidentally, I came across this Puffing Billy from Kaki Berangan's blog and even my friend highly recommended me to go to this place too. Without thinking any longer, packed my bag with some snacks and water and ready to explore Melbourne alone.

So, what is this Puffing Billy anyway? Puffing Billy is the oldest stream train in Australia and one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. With the open-sided carriages, one will be amazed and mesmerised with the stunning views and beautiful forests throughout the journey when the train travels through the forests, fern gullies and farmlands of the magnificent Dandenong Ranges.

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Puffing Billy 01
#1: From Flinders Station, wait at the Platform 4 heading to Belgrave Station, it's where Puffing Billy's primary starting point is located. 

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