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Foodie Friday: Food Around Ipoh Town

Right after we done with the food adventures in Medan Selera Kampar, my friends and I drove to Ipoh which is less than half an hour distance away. As it was still early to check-in into Le Metrotel, we didn't waste any longer of our time but for another round of food adventures. That's what suppose to do when one in Malaysia - Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan!  

Ipoh City
Ipoh Mali

Funny Mountain Soya Bean & Tau Fu Fah 
49, Jalan Theatre, Ipoh Town 

Ipoh Food 01 - Funny Mountain

As my friends and I were quite full, we decided for light meal instead and we're lucky this popular and famous soya bean and beancurd shop is only one block away from our hotel. Don't be fool by it's funny name cause their handmade beancurd was exceptionally soft and smooth. We even ordered their soya bean and it taste so good too - not too sweet and not too blend for our liking.

Ipoh Food 02 - Funny Mountain

Surprisingly, they are too popular until they have "unofficial" drive-thru lane where we saw quite number of customers were eventually stopped by their vehicle in front of the shop and the workers will deliver their orders directly to the customers. 

Ipoh Food 03 - Funny Mountain

Restoran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong
49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin

Ipoh Food 04 - Restoran Taugeh Ayam Lou Wong

I had it once but it was like almost 10 years ago and now I had it again. I believe this most famous restaurant specialised in chicken bean sprouts and kuetiau in Ipoh no longer need another introduction as it's well-known among the local as well as the tourists.

Ipoh Food 05 - Restoran Taugeh Ayam Lou Wong
Complete your meal by ordering a plate of the fat, short and crunchy bean sprouts, tender and juicy roasted chicken together with a bowl of kuetiau.

Tuck Kee Restaurant
61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin
Ipoh Food 06 - Restoran Tau Kee

Same row with Lou Wong Restaurant is another tremendously famous restaurant for its delicious fried noodles. We were there by 6.30 pm but unfortunately it was full house and just when we're about to walk away with disappointment, they arranged seats for us at the shop opposite of their restaurant.

Ipoh Food 07 - Restoran Tau Kee

Imagine that 4 people ordered 9 meals but luckily we managed to finish them all. Proved that their dishes were pretty good. We also ordered legendary salted chicken (not from Tuck Kee Restaurant) but turned out the taste was so-so only. One of their dishes which is highly recommend is the "Wat Tan Hor".

Foh Sang Restaurant
51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam
Ipoh Food 08 - Foh San Dim Sum

And so what's for breakfast? None other than the dim sum as it is quite popular whenever one in Ipoh. Everytime I visited Ipoh, most of my friends would definitely brought me to dim sum for breakfast. As I tried the one in Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum previously, hence we opted for Foh Sang which located opposite of it. As it was weekday on that particular day we arrived, hence it was not crowded.

Ipoh Food 09 - Foh San Dim Sum
Dim Sum - Simply touch your heart!

Eventually there are more list of what to eat in Ipoh but I doubt my small tummy can fit in all. Sometimes I wonder how a foodie blogger can actually have like more than 10  different meals in a day. A day seriously, not a week.


  1. Damn, now I'm hungry for some good old Ipoh foods. Hope you guys have awesome time when in Ipoh.

  2. Ipoh is so famous fo so many types of food besides the chicken rice with bean sprouts. I love their unique liver satay and caramel custard too.

  3. "unofficial" drive-thru lane really cool..haha..It is save time to find parking :D

  4. Heard so much a bout Tuck Kee and don't have chance :(

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