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Singapore Day 4 - Merlion Park, Orchard Road & Changi Airport

Date of Visited: 29th September 2011

Finally, my Singapore short trip almost comes to its end.Spending 4 days at Singapore with Boyfie might seems pretty short but I think it would be relatively enough for me since I'd been to Singapore quite number of times. Perhaps, I might going there again, soon. *wink wink*

Talking on my final day to there last year, our flight has been delayed from 5 pm to 10 pm, therefore we had plenty of time before seriously bid goodbye to this Lion city. After done with all the check-out procedures in V Hotel Lavender and we were allowed to left our light luggage in their open storage, Boyfie and I went and visited those few famous landmarks of Singapore.

Day 4 Singapore - Merlion Park 01
#1: Merlion

Obviously one of the famous landmarks that shouldn't miss by every visitor when visiting Singapore would be none other than Merlion Park. I guess most of you who had been to Singapore must be familiar with this well-known of tourist icon that has the combination of mythical creature with the head of lion and the body of fish.
"How To Get To Merlion Park: Get off at Raffles Place MRT station on East West Line. Exit towards United Overseas Bank Plaza and from the middle of the plaza, you'll see the Fullerton Hotel. Merlion Park is just right behind it."
Day 4 Singapore - Merlion Park 02
#2: Esplanade Theater and river taxi.

On the other side of Merlion Park which near to the mouth of Singapore River, we saw Esplanade Theater, a building that commonly known by the local as "the durians". It features a concert hall and a theatre. And if you want to experience in a different approach of sightseeing, you could opt for the river taxi.

Day 4 Singapore - Merlion Park 03
#3: Art Science Museum (left) and Marina Bay Sands (right)

One of the latest grand building which can be seen from Merlion Park is the Marina Bay Sands. What I know about this building is the infinity edge swimming pool. Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort features thousands of luxury room hotel, casino, ice-skating rink, a museum, seven prominent of celebrity chef restaurants and more. One of my friend stayed at there before, after she won quite amount of money from betting in casino. How I wish I could stay here someday? (cross fingers). Boyfie and I didn't managed to visit Marina Bay Sands cause we plan to make a move to our next desired destination. 
"If you plan to visit and see Marina Bay Sands, heading to Marina Bay MRT station on North South Line and 4 minutes of walking from the station to the resort."

Day 4 Singapore - Merlion Park 05
#4: The two-metre tall cub statue standing behind the original statue.

Day 4 Singapore - Ice-cream
#5: Everytime I went Singapore, for sure I will buy this ice-cream that sandwich between two pieces of waffle biscuits and it still cost S$1.00, exactly the same amount I bought 6 years ago.

Day 4 Singapore - Fullerton Hotel
#6: The Fullerton Hotel
This is the second photo of Fullerton Hotel I took. For the first photo, I took it during at night time. Check out HERE

Day 4 Singapore - Ochard Road
#7: Colourful sculpture in front of ION Orchard

Next, we're heading to Orchard Road via MRT. Once we came out from the high-end shopping mall by the name of ION Orchard, we spotted these group of colourful sculpture standing on the stairs of ION Orchard. This is the main reason why I wanna go to Orchard Road. Many people visit Orchard Road to fulfill their satisfaction towards their shopaholic addiction but for me, I went Orchard Road cause of these colourful statues. Sounds so wrong, right? Well, eventually I also wanna hunting for the newly opened H&M outlet at there but seems that luck is not on my side. I'm fine with that anyway cause I could save my wallet from blooding. We sat on the bench somewhere around Orchard Road to see the rich and famous passing by us.
"How To Go To Orchard Road: Orchard MRT station on North South MRT line"
 Boyfie suggested that we should depart to airport earlier to confirm the delayed of our flight. So, we went back to our hotel to claim back our light luggage, then heading directly to the airport via MRT. Getting around Singapore with the MRT is really making everything pretty convenient. That's why, I rather to stay in the hotel that might be costly but convenient for us to travel around the city. 

Both Boyfie and I were stranded in the Changi International Airport for more than 5 hours after confirmed that our flight indeed has delayed. Although I brought my notebook along but unfortunately, no free access of WiFi. Only the last few hours, I found there are computers that can use for free and comes with Internet too which were placed beside the KFC on the first floor of Terminal 1. #facepalm 

Day 4 Singapore - Foods in Changi International Airport
#8: Our dinner (Wanton noodle soup and Starbucks) before flying as there is no meals included in our airfare. Alike almost all the international airports, the foods in Changi International Airport is quite pricey. Well, no surprise for me cause I used to it.

Day 4 Singapore - Changi International Airport
#9: Discover Singapore - A Gift Shop

So, that's all for my travel adventures and journey on the last day in Singapore last year. Although four days trip were pretty fast and short, but travel with Boyfie is what I always looking forward. Boyfie is the type that doesn't like travelling but throughout this trip, he did a lot of walking which he never did before back in Kota Kinabalu. I guess he must be damn tiring and exhausted for walking a lot but he never complaint at all. Thanks a lot to Boyfie for the company throughout this short but sweet trip. 


  1. I miss Singapore!


  2. will be visiting merlion this dec :) tx for the info, dear!

  3. so get any prada stuff?
    I like ice cream on the bun. :)

  4. i love singapore! i hope to revisit there again!

  5. for the first time I visited the ORchard road..i was like wow! cool! shopping complexes along green lush road! definitely will be going back there again in the future..

  6. enak ya liburan ke singapore
    kapan ya bisa kesana...

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  8. hiiii thank you for writing so detail about Singapore. It's so helpful for my first visiting this country :)

  9. hiiii thank you for writing so detail about Singapore. It's so helpful for my first visiting this country :)


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