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Singapore Day 2 - Fruits Paradise Cafe

Date of Visited: 27th September 2011

After done with all the fun-packed and excitement at Universal Studio Singapore, we didn't went back our hotel immediately. My sister suggested to have movie and because boyfie and I are movie freaks (both of us love watching movie at cinema so much), hence both of us agreed with my sis's plan. We had our late lunch at Food Republic which located once we came out from the Sentosa Express. In case you haven't heard of Food Republic, it is a food court chain and it's quite famous in Singapore. And if you happen to visit KL Pavilion, you might stumble upon one at the basement level. No photo was taken cause 4 of us were so hungry to the max - imagine having our breakfast around 10 am and having fun until 5 pm plus, then only we had our late lunch.

Since our movie time was at 9.30pm, therefore we ventured around VivoCity Shopping Mall in order to kill our time.

Day 2 Singapore - Uniqlo 07
#1: Spotted Uniqlo but came out with nothing cause they are preparing for winter wear. No suit for Malaysia weather.

Round and round VivoCity for few times, I told my sis that this cafe with interesting interior caught my attention. Hence, we decided to settle down here. Besides bored, we actually also look for some place to sit down.
Day 2 Singapore - Fruit Paradise Cafe 01
#2: A dessert shop and for a sweet tooth person like me, how could I resist myself from enter here.

Day 2 Singapore - Fruit Paradise Cafe 02

Day 2 Singapore - Fruit Paradise Cafe 03
#4: Look how gorgeous their fruit tart display. By just looking at the display, it already makes our saliva drooled.

Day 2 Singapore - Fruit Paradise Cafe 04
#5: So many fruit tarts to choose from and we're hardly to decide which to have. 

Day 2 Singapore - Fruit Paradise Cafe 05
#6: After a lil discussion with my sis, finally we picked Chocolate Banana tart. Well, actually I am the one who pick this cause I think banana always goes well with chocolate. And we only picked one cause we're still full from our late lunch plus, both of our boyfriend were not really into dessert. So basically, this one is sharing among my sis and I only.

Day 2 Singapore - Fruit Paradise Cafe 06
#7: But then, they cut into such a very thin slice. Luckily my sis and I can consider are small eater and it was enough for us. Relating to the taste of this tart, it was pretty delicious with the freshness of banana and tart itself. The tart is firm and sweet filled with generous amount of banana.

Not a bad experience actually. Might plan for another visit if I am going Singapore again. Besides VivoCity Shopping Mall, Fruits Paradise cafe also available at other area of Singapore city such as in Raffles City, Ochard Central and Plaza Singapura.

Day 2 Singapore - Golden Village Cinema 08
My second day in Singapore ended by watching Johnny English. Until now, I still laugh out loud especially the part where Johnny was being controlled by the villain and waved his hands up part. Damn funny! Oh ya! Regarding Singapore's cinema, I'm not sure whether it is same or different, but the one I went was the cinema hall is so freaking huge and they even have plenty of seats for the disabled person. Malaysia's cinema has too but only two seats in each of the hall for them. Malaysia oh Malaysia!

Fruits Paradise Cafe
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-59 Vivo City

By the way, it's Halloween Day today. Has any of you dress up yourself in spooky and scary costume? Frankly speaking, I'm not interested with that cause I'm more interested with Baskin Robbins 31. Too bad KK doesn't has any Baskin Robbins outlet. =(


  1. gosh! i miss going singapore so much! i love shopping in vivo city cause its very huge :D

  2. Just like what you said, banana + chocolate will never goes wrong, good choice!

  3. I love vivo city too! nice place to shop!!! btw, the dessert looks yummylicious! :D

  4. all that food..gosh...makes me super hungry now

  5. not creative art though but nevertheless, they have managed to make it beautifully and of course looks delicious..


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